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MICRO-ALU LED Strip Channel - Universal

Part Number: B1888
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6.6ft (2m)
3.3ft (1m)
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Use this KLUS MICRO-ALU Series LED channel to surface mount LED strip lights. The low-profile LED channel provides a professional mounting solution for flexible or rigid LED strip lights that measure up to 11 mm wide. The 3.3' (1m) or 6.6' (2m) silver, black, or white LED profile is constructed of sturdy anodized aluminum. A clear lens is available, or choose a frosted lens for smooth lighting with less visible hot spots. See similar TAMI-ANODA Aluminum Surface Mount LED Channel or premade LED Linear Light Bar Fixture.

4 Years
Super Bright LEDs, Inc. offers a 4-year warranty to protect against manufacturer defects and malfunctions. If you experience failure of an LED or other component not caused by negligence, abuse, unauthorized repair or disassembly, we will replace the product within the warranty period. If the same product is no longer available, a product of equal value may be substituted. Read More


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Part NONumber of LEDs in UnitTotal LengthLumen Per FootBrightness
Beam Angle
Operating VoltageMax Run
Power ConsumptionCurrent Draw
Wattage per FootCurrent Draw Per FootCRI
Color Temperature
Price Ea.Constant Current
B1888ANODA_1-39.4 in-----------$11.95-
B1888ANODA_2-78.74 in-----------$22.95-
B1888NA_1-39.4 in-----------$9.95-
B1888NA_2-78.74 in-----------$19.95-
B1888K7_1-39.4 in-----------$13.95-
B1888K7_2-78.74 in-----------$27.95-
B1888ANODA_1-C-39.4 in-----------$21.90-
B1888ANODA_1-F-39.4 in-----------$21.90-
B1888ANODA_2-C-78.74 in-----------$41.90-
B1888ANODA_2-F-78.74 in-----------$41.95-
B1888K7_1-C-39.4 in-----------$23.90-
B1888K7_1-F-39.4 in-----------$23.90-
B1888K7_2-C-78.74 in-----------$46.90-
B1888K7_2-F-78.74 in-----------$46.90-
B1888NA_1-C-39.4 in-----------$19.90-
B1888NA_1-F-39.4 in-----------$19.90-
B1888NA_2-C-78.74 in-----------$38.90-
B1888NA_2-F-78.74 in-----------$38.90-
B1888L9010_1-39.4 in-----------$14.95-
B1888L9010_2-78.74 in-----------$28.95-
B1888L9010_2-C-78.74 in-----------$38.90-
B1888L9010_2-F-78.74 in-----------$47.90-
B1888L9010_1-C-39.4 in-----------$24.90-
B1888L9010_1-F-39.4 in-----------$24.90-
Product Characteristics
The extrusion made from high quality aluminum (also available in a double-anodized version) is designed for flexible or rigid LED strips that are 8 - 10mm wide. One of the accessories offered for the extrusion are covers that shade and protect LEDs inside the profile. There are few types of covers: cover K (frosted or transparent), HS (frosted or transparent) or clear focusing covers, which allow you to obtain a 60 degree light angle. Covers are made of polycarbonate. Standard polypropylene end caps, electricity -conductive end caps, and mounting brackets (made from steel, zinc or chrome finish) can be used for the extrusion as supplementary accessories. End caps protect the extrusion from dust and other undesirable elements, which can make LED strips dirty and consequently deteriorate the quality of their light output. The extrusion can be mounted to surfaces with the use of double sided adhesive tape or mounting brackets. The mounting bracket guarantees easy and secure mounting of the extrusion surface. They can also work as connector between two extrusions.
The extrusion with the LED light source is mostly used as interior lighting, especially to light cabinets, stairs, glass cases, or as a decoration light for a niche in drywall ceilings.
Product Dimensions
Small dimensions allow the profile to fit in a variety of locations such as housings interiors, exhibits, shelving units, and stair cases. They are lightweight, easily release heat, and environment friendly.
B1888 - Low Profile Aluminum LED Strip Channel - Surface Mount LED Extrusion - KLUS MICRO-ALU Series
Low Profile Aluminum LED Strip Channel - Surface Mount LED Extrusion - KLUS MICRO-ALU Series



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Perfect for my application

I ordered a 6' strip for an outdoor RV lighting project I am working on and could not be happier with it. I installed a 5050 white led strip and fitted the lens and then used Seal-All to seal the end caps in. Very professional looking outcome.

I will order more for future projects.

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nice package

very convenient, small size fits anywhere, however i chose the angle brackets they sell for another model with a small mod to make them fit, wish they had the same size width for all the 11mm housings so the angle brackets would fit all their models. I chose the frosted lenses but when used with the led strip i noticed the overall brightness was lessened too much for my tastes, so i ordered the clear lense which shows full brigthness of the led i chose. If you have led strips where people's eyes would see the led strip then you should go with the frosted lenses etc.

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LED Profile Housing - MICRO-ALU - Black Aluminum

Excellent quality, and easy to install and remove lens, although a little pricey for my particular application. One point on the packaging,, one end was a little bent, as the very rugged packaging was 6ft long whereas housing was 2m, I managed to straighten and hid the bend wave.

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Strip channels worked great. Only reason I did not give it a 5 star was the clear cover was very difficult to snap into place. The hair dryer tip in one of the reviews works!

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The solderless LED clamp on is not made to insert into the channel.

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