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Super Bright LEDs is proud to be a certified supplier of Signify. Signify is the world leader in conventional lighting for professionals and consumers. They manufacture a wide range of high-quality LED lighting products with enhanced energy efficiency. With over 125 years in the lighting industry, Signify has been a pioneer in new and improved lighting technology in consumer and professional markets. Signify has a presence in over 70 countries and oversees a variety of top lighting brands!

Day-Brite CFI

Day-Brite CFI specializes in affordable commercial and industrial lighting. They offer a wide range of general-purpose lighting for a variety of applications. Day-Brite CFI is an industry leader in industrial-grade high-performance lighting that specializes in functionality and dependable performance throughout the product lifestyle. Shop our catalog of Day-Brite CFI lighting products here!


Lightolier offers environmentally friendly indoor track and downlighting solutions. Lightolier is recognized for its reliability, visual appeal, and its innovative LED lighting technology. The products blend aesthetics and high performance, giving you the best quality for professional and commercial spaces. Browse our variety of Lightolier downlights here!


For over 125 years, Philips has been providing innovative lighting solutions to businesses and residential homes. Phillips provides high-quality energy-efficient light bulbs, lamps, and luminaires to help you save money on retrofit projects or in new constructions. Browse our selection of Philips LED light bulbs here! 


Stonco manufactures a variety of reliable general-purpose outdoor lighting fixtures. The contractor-friendly lighting solutions are easy to install, energy efficient, and provide long-lasting exterior lighting. Stonco is recognized for its wide range of affordable commercial lighting products. View Stonco lighting products here and upgrade your exterior lighting today!