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LED Strip Lights and Bars

Shop our wide variety of LED strip lights to enhance your home, commercial space, or more! The compact size, low power consumption, and reliability make strip lights a top choice for contractors, homeowners, and business owners.

Select from a range of voltages, color temperatures, and lengths to bring your lighting projects to life. Our LED tape lights are flexible, easily customizable, and compatible with a range of accessories. Want more? Shop our rigid LED light bars or flexible neon strips for even more ways to enhance your space!

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Shop by Color

White LED Strip Lights

Designed For User Convenience– Everything You Need

Complete LED Strip Kits

Our all-in-one strip kits come with everything you need for your own complete strip lighting installation. Available in various color options and control types. Shop our extensive line of kits for indoor and outdoor applications.

Set The Mood

Explore our variety of energy-efficient and low-maintenance indoor strip lights. Constructed with a compact design and long lifetime, these tape lights are cost-effective and reliable. Easy to use with a wide range of compatible accessories.

Bold, Brilliant, Illumination

Rated IP64 and higher, these strip lights are specifically constructed to be safely exposed to the outdoor elements. With reinforced waterproofing, the strips maintain their flexibility and high-quality LED lighting. Compatible with a wide range of accessories.

Shop By Type and Location

Underwater Underwater

With ratings of IP68 underwater strips can withstand being submerged in water for extended periods of time. Great for swimming pools or landscape features prone to pooling and flooding.

Under Cabinet Under Cabinet

A large selection of flexible strip lights and bars perfect under cabinet lighting and workbenches.

High CRI High CRI

Display colors accurately with high-CRI LED strip lights. They're perfect for any application where color depth is critical.


COB Strip Lights create a totally smooth, seamless line of light. The superior design will not show visible dots or hot spots, making it ideal illumination for reflective surfaces.

Rigid Light Bars Rigid Light Bars

A variety of LED drivers and LED power supplies are available to suit any LED lighting need.

Strip Light Remote Strip Light Remote

Here you'll find a selection of the most commonly used accessories that would be useful in the vast majority of installations.

Shop By Voltage

12 Volt AC 12 Volt AC

Compatible AC landscape lighting systems.

12 Volt DC 12 Volt DC

Works with vehicles and legacy installs

24 Volt DC 24 Volt DC

Longer runs than 12-volt strips, which is great for coves, paths, pools, and more.

36 Volt DC 36 Volt DC

Economical solution for commercial applications where longer max runs are required.

48 Volt DC 48 Volt DC

Best solution for commercial applications and provides the longest max run.

120 Volt AC 120 Volt AC

Eliminate the need for external drivers, capable of plugging directly into standard wall outlets.

Other Flexible Lighting Solutions

Illuminate Commercial Signage

Customize signage and channel letters using LED modules. Powerful and versatile, modules can be used for backlighting, accent lighting, and so much more!

Customizable and Dynamic

Our thin, flexible light sheets can be cut in any direction along the cut lines to match the shape or length you need. The versatile sheets are flexible enough to be folded over edges or wrapped around columns and other curved surfaces  

Bold and Brilliant

Update traditional rope lights for a modern, energy-efficient alternative. Flexible neon strip lights are available in an array of bright colors.

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