Emergency Vehicle & Strobe LED Lights

Mini Strobe Lights

Strobe LED light head typically used with marked or unmarked police cars, ambulances, fire trucks, rescue vehicles, water patrol boats, roadside assistance trucks, wreckers and tractors.

LED Strobe Beacons

LED beacon lights provide 360° illumination for fire, rescue, and police vehicles as well as snow plows, security golf carts, tow trucks, warehouse order pickers, and other industrial and utility vehicles. The warning beacons are available in a variety of styles and sizes with various strobe and wiring options as well as color combinations.

Emergency LED Light Bars

When being seen is crucial, this amber emergency LED light bar provides the perfect solution on police, fire, EMS, public safety, roadside assistance, waste removal, tow, tractors, utility, and DOT vehicles.

LED Safety Flares

LED road flares are perfect for vehicle breakdowns and accidents. With visibility of up to one mile and run times of up to 60 hours, these LED safety flares help to protect drivers and vehicles in any roadside emergency situation. Other uses include farm or industrial equipment identifiers, work zone markers, hiking lights, and novelty lights.

LED Strobe Modules

To enhance visibility on the road, strobe modules make LED warning or brake lights flash quickly, then remain constant until brake pedal is released. Installs inline.

LED Forklift Safety Lights

Red, green, and blue LED forklift lights add warning light functions to all sides of your order pickers, forklifts, or other warehouse vehicles. The safety lights project arrows, squares, arcs, or lines on the ground to alert others of approaching warehouse vehicles.

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