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XPEWHT-L1-0000-009E7115° 3.5mmx3.5mm 3000 K36000 mcd81 lmQty:
(Qty 1-9)
XREWHT-L1-0000-00B0190° 7mmx9mm 6300 K38000 mcd85 lmQty:
(Qty 1-9)
XREWHT-L1-0000-00C0190° 7mmx9mm 6000 K38000 mcd100 lmQty:
(Qty 1-9)
VL-H03W5500380D12170° COB 5500 K36600 mcd210 lmQty:
(Qty 1-99)
XPEGRN-L1-0000-00A01100° 3.5mmx3.5mm 527 nm39000 mcd88 lmQty:
(Qty 1-9)

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