Indoor Commercial LED Lighting

Learn how commercial LED lighting improves your indoor environment for better sales, productivity, operating costs, safety, employee satisfaction, and more.

Indoor industrial LED lighting helps organizations save money and create a more productive and appealing environment for their teams. It makes a big difference in how the space feels, which has a ripple effect across the workforce. 

Determining how much light you need is only one of several factors to consider. Commercial indoor lighting is a significant part of the lifecycle cost of the building. In addition to designing your facility for efficiency, you’ll want to ensure that your solutions reduce light loss, which can create problems over time. 


Few environments require the precision of a warehouse. Your teams need to be able to work according to tight schedules, find what they need quickly and easily, and move throughout the space without worrying about whether or not they can see clearly.

Having enough light to provide the correct illumination (but not so much it tires out your employees’ eyes) is a delicate balance, one that is also impacted by the color temperature you select.

Properly lighting the warehouse with LEDs leads to several key benefits, including:

  • Reduced mistakes
  • Increased alertness
  • Avoided accidents 
  • Safer vehicle operations
  • Lower energy costs

Warehouses need light to reach across wide floors, at the top elevation where products are stored and shelved, and even in stairwells, where a significant number of workplace accidents occur. The required foot candles level for each part of your warehouse depends on the specific activities that will be taking place in there.

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Not only is lighting a core part of your operating costs, it is a critical ingredient to your ambiance, to creating a sense of space that makes people want to eat with their friends and family. You need to set the right mood and set yourself up for energy savings and easy maintenance.

Color temperature is always important, but it is absolutely imperative that you be strategic and consistent. Using dimmable lights allow you to create the look and feel perfect for different parts of the day–high energy and bright for early morning or relaxed and intimate for late evening, not to mention patio lighting. Restaurants can use light to improve their profitability in all kinds of ways.

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There are specific strategies you need to know about for retail settings, as well as special little touches you can add to boost the emotions in your customers. Properly lighting merchandise, either in cases or with accent lighting, helps you guide customers’ eyes where you want them to go, and ensure that the decorative lighting you use creates a sense of delight or desire. Ensuring that your lights have strong Color Rendering Index (CRI) means colors will be reflected as accurately as possible under your light. A CRI of 80+ is considered good, and a score of 90+ is “high CRI.” Recessed lighting, light bars, strip bars, and commercial downlights are popular choices for retail environments.

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Food and Beverage Processing

The FDA and USDA lay out stringent requirements for sanitation and safety for facilities in the food and beverage industry. NSF International lays out similar requirements for the lighting and other appliances for these facilities. This is in order to ensure that light fixtures do not become a source of germs or bacteria that can contaminate the area or products. 

NSF compliant lights have different requirements, based on whether or not the space in your building is designated as a non-food zone, splash zone, or food zone, based on the expected contact with food. NSF compliant lights are dustproof and able to withstand the rigorous washdowns necessary.

Notoriously unsafe, the food and beverage industry ranks last nationally for occupational injury and illness incidence rates. This leads to lost time, low morale, and immeasurable loss. Uniform light with high color accuracy makes it easier for workers to spot spills, correctly identify materials, and correctly interpret safety information. Reach out today to learn more about how we can help your organization provide safe, compliant light for food and beverage processing


For many years, offices were synonymous with fluorescent lights and dark cubicles. However, natural light can reduce worker headaches and eye strain, enhance moods, enhance alertness and increase quality of work. LED lights can create a gentle light that gives office employees visibility, without clashing with computer screens. Panel lights, troffer lights, or linear lights all work to replace outdated and unpleasant fluorescent office lights that chip away at morale and productivity. You can also replace your fluorescent T8 tubes with energy saving LED retrofit tubes or kits for an easy win. 


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Architecture & New Construction

When designing or building a new project, your owners are counting on you to get it right the first time. All our LED products come with a warranty. Learn more here. With ease of installation and minimal maintenance in mind, LED lights offer the most value across the lifecycle of the building through reduced energy use (and long-term savings) and long lifespan. LED lights are an excellent resource if a building you’re working on will need LEED accreditation. Meanwhile, our vehicle lights help you keep your construction site safe and moving on schedule. 

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LED lights are popular in schools, because they lower costs (freeing up resources to invest in other programs and resources), and they have the ability to help improve student performance. In fact, the right lighting solution has been shown to improve standardized test scores. With products available that can easily be dimmed or adjusted to a different color temperature, LEDs offer flexibility to ensure that schools can best meet their students’ needs any time of the day or year.

Our team is familiar with the best choices for schools, including selecting the products that are the best fit for campuses with active children, who may inadvertently damage the lights on your campus. We can help you pick out the easiest to install or replace products, with your budget and maintenance needs in mind.

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Museums use light to bring the past into the present by lighting artifacts and artwork, but also to create the best guest experience for each exhibit. Sometimes that means using track lights to create sharp contrast between the foreground and background, and other times it means infusing an exhibit with light that blends in naturally with the daylight. The latter approach can be tricky, and require lights that have adjustable dimmability and color temperature, to keep up with how the light changes throughout the day and different seasons of year.

Starting from the parking lot, light can make a huge difference in how museum-goers move through the space. Not only that, the light products need to minimize glare, and illuminate items behind panes of glass. The curators will want ease of maintenance. And of course, the lighting solution must be fiscally sound and a good use of your organization’s resources.

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