Field Selectable CCT Light Fixtures

What is a Field Selectable CCT?

Field selectable CCT LED light fixtures offer multiple Correlated Color Temperatures (CCT) choices in a single fixture. This new LED technology allows the user to choose a CCT, ranging from warm to natural to cool, to match the surrounding environment or to preference.

The Benefits of Field Selectable CCT Light Fixtures

What are CCT and Kelvin Temperature?

Correlated color temperature (CCT) will tell you what hue and tone of white to expect from a specific bulb or fixture. CCT is measured in Kelvin (K) and different temperatures on the Kelvin scale represent different colors of light. For example, a fixture at 2500K will produce an orange/yellow color; and at 5000K a blue/white. As the Kelvin temperature increases the CCT goes from a Warm White, to a Natural White, and finally a Cool White.

Different CCTs can provide a range of benefits depending on the application of the light fixture or bulb.

In relaxed environments such as a bedroom, living room, or decorative patio a warm white (2500K-3500K) is recommended because it gives off a more relaxed and inviting environment. However, in an office, classroom, or lobby a natural white (3600K-4500K) is recommended as it is better for tasks and staying active. For hospitals, warehouses, and commercial exteriors where visibility and alertness is necessary a cool white (4600K-5500K) is recommended.

Select Your CCT When You Go To Install

Field selectable CCT allows the user to easily select a certain CCT at installation. Before the fixture is fully installed move the switch located on the fixture to the desired CCT. These fixtures are beneficial as they give a way to visualize what CCT will work best for their application. They also provide the flexibility to acquire multiple CCT selections in one fixture, which will ensure matching fixtures throughout a project.

It is recommended to select the preferred CCT at installation, but that doesn’t mean the CCT can’t be changed at a later time. Field selectable CCT fixtures can be changed after installation by the flick of a switch, but this may require that certain fixtures be opened or removed to be changed.

Some field selectable CCT fixtures also feature field selectable wattage. Field selectable wattage allows the user to change the lumen output or brightness of the fixture at installation. Field selectable wattage works the same as field selectable CCT where the output of the fixture is changed by the flick of a switch on the fixture.

Benefits of Field Selectable CCT Light Fixtures


Stock different configurations with 1 SKU

Fewer orders from factory

Increase inventory turns


1 SKU for multiple applications

Easier to keep stock & fewer trips to distributors

On-site CCT selectability

End User

Customizable to space

Change CCT over time

Great for multiple projects

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