What to Consider Before Purchasing Vapor Tight Lights

What to Consider Before Purchasing Vapor Tight Lights

Vapor tight light fixtures are designed to prevent moisture and water from entering the fixture, and prevent damage. Vapor tights also provide better illumination than conventional fluorescent lights. Vapor tight light fixtures increase safety in application areas. These lights are beneficial to businesses because of their low maintenance and versatility. Here are a few things to consider before making your purchase:



What are Vapor Tight Light Fixtures?

Vapor tight lights are reinforced and sealed units that provide illumination for indoor and outdoor areas exposed to water and dust. These lights come in a variety of sizes but are most commonly found to be linear-shaped and two feet to eight feet in length. At Super Bright LEDs, we also feature a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 80+, which is great for use in most commercial spaces. LEDs are more efficient because they convert up to 95% of their energy into actual light.   


LED vapor tight light fixtures’ ability to adapt to their climate is incredible. This makes them the best lights for wet, dry, and dusty environments such as warehouses, cold storage, and industrial kitchens. Vapor tight lights hold either an IP65 or IP66 rating. An IP65 rating means the fixture can withstand water jets and keeps out dust. Fixtures with the IP66 rating also keep out dust and protect against washdowns from water jets. All vapor tight LEDs can be surface mounted or hung, and are used in warehouses, gas stations, car washes, and more.

What are the Different Types of Vapor Tight Lights?

Linear Strip Fixtures are rated IP65 or IP66 for protection against moisture and dust. 

Jelly Jar Lights are best for outdoors and provide great protection against vandals. 


Issues with Fluorescents

A few disadvantages that remain constant with fluorescents are the need for more frequent replacements, failing ballasts, and flickering.  


Bulbs can burn out quickly, due to several reasons. These could include cold temperatures, temperature and power fluctuations, poor contact with the base, and even vibrations.


Ballasts that have gone bad can also burn out bulbs. A few signs of a bad ballast include a buzzing sound from the ballast, dim light, flickering, or even the light delaying before it illuminates. 


Vapor Tight Light Safety

Organizations such as the UL and the Design Light Consortium (DLC) are associations buyers can depend on to provide standards and testing procedures to certify a variety of products. DLC requires lighting products to meet specific standards in the areas of light distribution, color temperature, and operational settings such as brightness and dimming. You can also receive rebates from electrical companies for purchasing DLC approved lighting solutions for your business. In the end, UL and the DLC are all established to keep your home and business safe.


At Super Bright LEDs, all of our wet location lights are either listed by ETL or UL for safety. 

Fluorescent bulbs have an average lifespan of  12,000 - 15,000 hours, while vapor tight LED lights can last upwards of 50,000 hours. This means huge savings in maintenance costs and the reduced need to frequently replace your lights. 


LEDs Reduce Maintenance

Maintenance is reduced by the LEDs being integrated into the fixture, eliminating changing bulbs, and keeping the fixture tightly sealed from dust and water intrusion. Also, vapor tight lights are made to be impact and vibration-resistant, which makes them difficult to damage.


Inventory Storage Benefits

Since you will now be able to brighten your environment at a lower lifetime cost, you will even be able to reduce surplus inventory, which will free up storage space from those replacement bulbs.


Vapor Tight LEDs in the Cold

When it comes to performance, vapor tight LED lights are far better for cold storage. Fluorescent lighting requires heat to be powered on and is best suited for warm areas, making them less versatile than LEDs. LED lights do not need excessive heat to power on, and unlike fluorescent bulbs, they excel in cold conditions. 


Questions about Vapor Tight Lights?


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November 29, 2022
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