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Comparison of landscape spotlight and flood light
August 18, 2023

Spotlights Vs. Floodlights: The Difference Explained

What is a spotlight? What is a flood light? Knowing the characteristics of these two lights is important when choosing light bulbs and fixtures for landscape, off-road, and interior lighting applications.

How to Plan for a Landscape Lighting Installation
July 21, 2023

How to Plan for a Landscape Lighting Installation

In order to be fully prepared for installing an LED landscape lighting system, you’ll need to know how to plan for it. Planning will help you choose landscape lights as well as the correct transformer, wire, and accessories needed for your particular installation.

Warm white hardscape lights on stone patio
July 12, 2023

Create a Landscape Lighting Design in 3 Easy Steps

As you make plans to spend time in your yard each spring, make sure that your outdoor space provides enough light for you to enjoy it. These three easy steps will help you to design your landscape lighting and create the perfect outdoor oasis.

The benefits of outdoor solar landscape lights
June 9, 2023

Why You Need Outdoor Solar Lighting: 6 Benefits of Solar Landscape Lights

If you are asking yourself why you should use LED outdoor solar lighting, here are the top six benefits of solar landscape lights!

Outdoor wire lays in a trench to be buried
June 4, 2023

Understanding the NEC Code for Outdoor Buried Electrical Wiring

The National Electrical Code (NEC) is a set of standards created by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) for safe electrical installation. This guide details the various NEC requirements for outdoor receptacles, transformers, and buried electrical wires.

Path and backyard illuminated by landscape lights
May 2, 2023

The Do’s and Don’ts of Landscape Lighting Techniques

Adding lights to your landscape improves both the look and feel of your outdoor space. However, many people struggle with where to place landscape lights and how to achieve the desired look. We’ve outlined the main landscape lighting techniques and gathered tips used to help you create the perfect landscape lighting design.

Person sits on hammock in a campsite
April 28, 2023

The Best Campsite Lighting Ideas to Liven Up Your Camping Experience

Campsite lighting is essential for your safety, comfort, and overall camping experience. Therefore, we’ve outlined the best campsite lighting ideas to help you enjoy your next camping trip.

String Light Wedding Ideas and More!
April 18, 2023

String Light Wedding Ideas and More!

7 ways to use different LED string lights and more for your wedding, reception, or any special event!

Warm, neutral, and cool white light comparison
April 4, 2023

Choose the Best Color Temperature for Your Outdoor Lighting

Correlated color temperature, or CCT, measures the color of light in Kelvin (K) with lower temperatures referring to warm or yellower light and higher temperatures referring to cool or bluer white light. In this guide, we discuss which CCT is best for certain outdoor lighting applications.

Large house illuminated by porch and landscape lights
March 15, 2023

LED Landscape Lighting Design: What Lights to Use and Where to Use Them

Adding outdoor lights to your landscape helps dress up your yard and highlight important features. There are many different options for landscape lights, but how do you know which types to use to achieve your desired effect? Take a look below to see how and where you can use outdoor lights to create the perfect landscape lighting design.