Finding The Right Replacement Bulb For Your Vehicle
October 5, 2021

Finding The Right Replacement Bulb For Your Vehicle

Whether you’re searching for replacements for burned-out or dim incandescent bulbs, or if you simply desire the brighter, longer lasting, instant on features of LED bulbs for your car or truck we’ve got you covered.

Vehicle bulbs come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and most importantly base types. There are a number ways you can find out which bulbs your vehicle needs. However the best way to ensure compatibility is to remove the existing bulb and compare its socket, shape, and size to the options presented online.

The bulbs used by any given vehicle can vary between trim packages, and other modifications made by the manufacturer or after market. This is why our Vehicle Bulb Finder is a great resource to quickly find compatible bulbs for your vehicle but should always be verified by physically matching your existing bulb.

To Find A Matching Bulb You’ll Need To…

STEP #1 Get the bulb you need or want to replace out of your car

STEP #2 Check the base type to make sure it matches the photo on the site

STEP #3 Check the size of your bulb against our bulb to make sure it will fit

Note: Pay extra attention to Steps #2 and #3 when selecting your bulb. Some base types will look similar but have a variety of different filament options which can affect the functionality of the bulb. Comparing bulb sizes is also important as some vehicles may or may not support oversized bulbs or LEDs that are larger than the original incandescent.

At Super Bright LEDs nearly all our products have dimensional drawings attached in their image galleries in order to help you easily determine the shape and size of the light you’re getting. Additionally, many of our vehicle bulbs have comparison images showing the size of the LED bulb to that of an incandescent.

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