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Tunable White LED Panel Lights Mimic Natural Light Cycles
May 7, 2020 2 min read

Tunable White LED Panel Lights Mimic Natural Light Cycles

Tunable White LED Panel Lights give businesses the option to implement more human-centric lighting into buildings. With the ability to change white temperature with the simple control of remote or switch, these fixtures can mimic natural daylight cycles. Tuning the white color in a room to the time of day can help promote productivity and alertness, while reducing glare and strain.

Available in 2×2′ or 2×4 sizes, each panel uses Even-Glow® technology and an optical diffuser to emit smooth illumination. With an output of up to 4,200 lumens, this totally integrated fixture has brightness equivalent to the output of two 32-watt fluorescent T8 tube light bulbs.

These 54-watt Tunable White LED Panel Lights are designed to last five times longer than fluorescent panels. Each fixture is constructed of a sturdy, slim aluminum frame with a white finish. They can be installed in suspended grid ceilings and can also be used with a hanging kit.

For increased appearance and benefits of nature, LED Skylight Panels are also available with tunable white capabilities.

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