Single-color LED strip lights produce an energy-efficient, appealing, and long-lasting lighting solution. Our single-color strip lights come in a variety of colors: choose from Red, Amber, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Purple, and UV strips. We also offer strips in a variety of LED densities, lengths, and weatherproof ratings to match any need indoors or outdoors. Use these lights for under-cabinet lighting, patio/deck lighting, accent lighting, and more. All of our low-voltage LED strips are easily mounted with their adhesive backings, making any installation simple and quick. For a streamlined installation, choose our complete strip light kits, which include everything required for installation.

Amber - Single Color LED Strip Lights


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    5m Single Color LED Strip Light - HighLight Series Tape Light - 12V / 24V - IP67 Waterproof 5m Single Color LED Strip Light - HighLight Series Tape Light - 12V / 24V - IP67 Waterproof

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    Wattage per Foot
    3.6 W/ft (11.8 W/m)
    16.4ft (5m)
    IP Rating
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    UL Listed
    UL Listed
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What to Consider When Choosing Single-Colored LED Strip Lights


The most popular way to dim solid-color LED strip lights is to use a controller with dimming capabilities and a compatible smartphone app, remote, or smart lighting hub. You can also use a dimmable power supply and compatible dimming switching, but the installation will be slightly more complicated.

IP Rating

Single-color LED strip lights are available in various water resistance levels. Select a weatherproof strip (IP64 and up) for strip lights in damp locations. For strips that regularly come into contact with water or are submerged, choose waterproof or submersible strip lights (IP68 and up).

Color Options

Flexible single-color strip lights are available in a wide selection of vibrant color options. For a classic lighting solution, choose from our single-color CCT strips spanning from warm white to cool white. Or, for colorful lighting, choose between red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, purple, and UV strips. Our UV blacklight strip lights are perfect for glow-in-the-dark lighting effects.


The density of your strip light will determine how continuous your strip lighting will look. Low-density strip lights have fewer LED chips per foot, whereas high-density stripes have more. While higher-density strip lights emit more light, they will require more power to run. For an even, continuous line of light, choose a COB strip light.

12V vs 24V

Single-color LED strip lights are most often found using 12 VDC and 24 VDC. The application where you plan to use your strip light may determine the voltage needed. 12V strips work best in cars, boats, and RVs. If you need a longer run, 24V strips will reduce excessive voltage drop, or the gradual dimming of LED chips at the end of the run.

Single-Row vs Multi-Row

Most strip lights have one row of LED chips, but multi-row strips are available with 2 or 4 rows of LED chips for more powerful illumination. This is a great option if you want to take advantage of all the benefits of strip lighting but require brighter light for your application.

Easy Customization and Installation

There are many advantages to choosing single-color LED strip lights, one of the most notable being how easy it is to customize and install them. Most LED strips can be cut at designated cut marks, meaning you can easily adjust the length of your lights depending on where you wish to install them. Their flexible nature allows for strip lights to be bent and curved around your installation site for seamless, continuous illumination.


Solderless connectors also offer a painless way to connect sections of strip lights together, eliminating the need for soldering wires so virtually anyone can complete their strip light installation. We also sell a variety of easy to use aluminum channels that allow for a modern, professional mounting option.

Custom Length Strips

Super Bright LEDs makes finding the right length strip light easy. Our custom-length colorful LED strip lights are perfect for unique applications and custom projects that require longer or shorter strips. These sections are cut from a larger reel and require the use of solderless connectors or soldered wire leads. We offer custom-length strips in a wide variety of color temperatures and colors, along with full dimming capabilities.


For longer runs, we suggest choosing a 24V strip light to avoid excessive voltage drop. Contact our customer support team if you have any questions about your custom strip light order.

Where Can You Use Single-Color LED Strip Lights?

Colorful LED strip lights are an extremely versatile lighting solution. They are suitable for a variety of applications, including, but not limited to, the following:

Residential Use: In your home, use solid color strip lights in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, entertainment center, and basement. These lights are perfect for under-cabinet lighting, task lighting, DIY projects, backlighting/bias lighting, cove lighting, and bookshelf lighting.

Commercial Use: LED strip lights are used in restaurants and retail stores to provide reliable display case lighting, sign lighting, bar lighting, and more.

Outdoor Use: Waterproof and weatherproof single-color strip lights can be installed on boats and vehicles for colorful accent lighting. They can also be installed around decks, steps, pools, and railings for outdoor landscape lighting.

What Power Supply and Controller Do I Need?

When choosing the right power supply, you’ll need to know these four things:

  1. The power consumption (in W/ft) of your strip
  2. The length of your strip light
  3. The voltage of your strip light
  4. If you want a dimmable or non-dimmable power supply

Using our power supply calculator, you can plug in this information to find a compatible power supply.

To find the right controller, ensure it is compatible with your LED strip light. For single color strip lights, you must use an RGB controller to make sure it has the capability to control the RGB diodes. If you have a single CCT strip light, you can use a single-color controller, PWM dimmer, or dimmable power supply. You must also consider whether you prefer a remote or smart app-controlled strip light and choose a controller that is compatible with either option. Read more about strip light controllers here.

LED Strip Light Power Supply Calculator

Calculate the minimum power supply capacity needed for your installation. Minimum wattage is calculated as estimated wattage / 0.80 to give you the 20% wattage overhead necessary to improve power supply longevity.



Minimum Power Supply Wattage:
xx watts.

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We've pre-filtered compatible power supplies for you based on voltage and weatherproofing requirements. Double check your wattage selection based on the calculation above before adding to cart. Many of our power supplies are offered in multiple wattages.