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LED Mother's Day Gifts to Brighten Her Day

From all of the great LED gift options available, we’ve put together a list of products that will make this Mother’s Day a little brighter. These LED Mother’s Day gifts are designed to last approximately 250 times longer than the roses she’s used to getting, and they’re brighter, too! If you use these ideas to create something homemade for your mom, bonus points! All of these lights are simple, affordable ways to show her you care. They will brighten up her life the way she brightens up yours!

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes and with multiple base types, these long-lasting LED bulbs are perfect for an elegant, vintage look. Chips-on-board (COB) LEDs imitate the look of thin filament wire in antique-style bulbs and emit a rich, warm white or ultra-warm white color. The decorative bulbs are great for many applications, such as chandeliers, wall sconces, ornamental fixtures, and light strands, and they consume only a fraction of the energy consumed by incandescent bulbs.


These LED bulbs are the solution to blinding vanity light without sacrificing brightness. With a chrome silver tip, the bulbs create a well-lit atmosphere without harsh, direct glare. Linear chips-on-board (COB) LEDs imitate the look of thin filament wire in antique-style incandescent bulbs while lasting 25 times longer and consuming 10 times less energy. Available individually or in six-packs, these LED filament bulbs provide warm white or ultra-warm white color for many other applications, including chandeliers and decorative light strands.

A Strip Light kit is a versatile gift, giving a polished look to interior or exterior spaces and adding the finishing touch to home improvement projects. Can be used for cabinet lighting, under-cabinet lighting, cove lighting, bookshelf lighting, and any other hard-to-light space. The waterproof kit comes with everything needed for installation: a plug-and-play 16-1/2′ LED light strip with peel-and-stick adhesive backing, dimmable controller, hand-held IR remote, power supply, and connection accessories. Designed to last 30,000 hours, the LED light strip is available in cool white, natural white, or warm white colors.


Illuminate anything from vases and centerpieces to ice sculptures and fountains with these LED color-changing lights (floralytes). Both RGB LED lights have hand-held IR remotes for static and dynamic color mode control. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery or three AA batteries power the non-submersible centerpiece light, and the submersible vase light uses three AAA batteries. The LED floralytes can last up to 25 hours depending on the chosen mode and color.


These RGB LED lights provide bright, long-lasting illumination in a variety of colors. Submersible LED tea lights (floralytes) are perfect for illuminating vases and table settings. These LED lights slowly cycle through red, green, and blue color combinations and are designed to provide 150 hours of light.


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April 1, 2021
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