How to Customize And Control Your Lighting with the Wireless MiBoxer Smart Lighting Ecosystem
May 3, 2022

How to Customize And Control Your Lighting with the Wireless MiBoxer Smart Lighting Ecosystem

Advances in smart lighting technology give you new levels of flexibility, customization and control over your residential and commercial lighting systems. This allows you to set and adjust the lighting in a variety of ways to provide the ideal color and brightness for the moment. You can easily do all of this using the MiBoxer smart lighting ecosystem.

The MiBoxer Gateway and remote systems help you automate your home with an assortment of light fixtures, bulbs, and strip controllers. A Gateway or remote is required to make full use of any MiBoxer products. This gives you control over color, brightness, saturation, and more!

Follow the steps below to achieve the aesthetic you want in no time at all.

Advantages to using a WiFi Gateway

If you are someone that wants the convenience of having everything at your fingertips, hands-free controls, and the option to adjust your lighting from any location, the Gateway is the way to go. The Gateway allows you to use your smartphone or tablet to control the lighting from anywhere via the MiBoxer app, and can be connected to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant enabled devices for handsfree control.

Steps for Using the MiBoxer WiFi Gateway

  1. Have your Gateway along with the power adapter plugged in, and the smart device you would like to connect
  2. Download the MiBoxer app from the App Store or Google Play
  3. Open the app and Log in or Register
  4. Connect to a 2.4 GHZ WiFi Network on your mobile device
  5. Check The Product Page For The Remote That Works Best
    1. Follow the on-screen instructions to the product
  6. Once you’re connected you can use the app to control the lights, set a timer, or connect your virtual assistant for easy control

Advantages to using an RF Remote

If you want something simple and straightforward, the remote gives you an easy no-fuss solution for controlling all your MiBoxer products by just pressing a few buttons to get up and running. Just grab the remote and directly adjust the settings in multiple zones, without relying on WiFi access, app access, or dealing with Internet connectivity issues.

Steps for Using a MiBoxer RF Remote

  1. To pair your remote with the MiBoxer product, continually tap on the “Zone On” button on the remote while restoring power to the MiBoxer product. 
  2. If it flashes slowly twice, you’re connected to the product and are good to go!

Need More Information?

If you would like to shop all of our MiBoxer products, feel free to do so at If you have questions about MiBoxer products or LEDs in general, please reach out to one of our product support team specialists. Chat, phone, and email support hours can be found on our contact page.

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