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Green Infrared LED
August 23, 2023 9 min read

How Do LED Infrared Lights Work?

An Infrared (IR) LED light emits light not visible to the naked human eye. Infrared lights detect and emit infrared rays depending on the amount of ambient light available to increase visibility. Infrared LEDs are used with night vision optics or infrared cameras and often used for security cameras, hunting, and other stealth applications and nighttime operations.

The most common wavelengths of infrared light are 850nm and 940nm. 850nm may have a slight glow to it compared to 940nm because it is closer to the wavelength visible to the human eye.

What IR LEDs are Available?

We offer off road light pods and a light bar with IR LEDs. Our IR light pods are available in either 850nm or 940nm, with flood and spot beams available. IR light pods are available individually or in a two-pack. Our infrared LED light bar is 10.75 inches long and available as a flood beam and 850nm.

Which IR light should I use: 850nm or 940nm? 

The wavelength of the infrared light you choose to use depends on your intended use. 940nm wavelength IR LED lights are typically used for stealth and surveillance purposes. 850nm wavelength IR LED lights are used for hunting.

How Do I See with IR LED Lights?

In order to be able to use IR LED lights, you will either need a night vision optic such as a scope or a camera. The IR light will be visible when looking through the camera or other night vision optic tool. You will be able to see your surroundings as if you were shining a typical light. However, the view will look monochromatic with a green glow.

Are IR LED Flood and Spot Lights Safe?

Yes, IR LED flood and spot lights are safe. However, just as with any light source, you should avoid looking directly at the source or the light. In terms of IR flood and spot lights, if used properly, there should be no need to be concerned about eye damage or other harm.

What is the Best IR Light for Hunting?

IR lights with a wavelength of 850nm are best for hunting over 940nm. 850nm IR lights offer a longer range of vision by throwing more light out. You will be able to see a slight red glow when looking at the light directly, but that shouldn’t affect your encounters with wildlife. Our LED light pods come in spot and flood beam patterns. For hunting, a flood beam may be best because of a wide area of illumination compared to a more focused spot beam.

What is the Difference Between Infrared Night Vision and Night Vision?

Traditional night vision simply uses existing light, such as moonlight or starlight, and amplifies it for a brighter image when viewing through a lens or camera. Infrared LED night vision emits a beam of light that is not visible to the naked eye and illuminates the view through a night vision optic.

by Lauren Scott

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Lauren Scott is an SEO Copywriter for Super Bright LEDs.  She enjoys writing about off-road and power sports and indoor residential lighting. When she's not writing about LEDs, Lauren enjoys watching horror movies and spending time with family, friends, and her cats.

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