10 Frequently Asked Questions About Fairy Lights

10 Frequently Asked Questions About Fairy Lights

Fairy lights consist of several small bulbs on a metal wire (either copper or silver) that are highly flexible and provide you the opportunity to place them anywhere. They come in battery-operated, USB, or solar options. Either way, you are in for a delightful time with these highly versatile, amazing lights.   

1. What are fairy lights?

Fairy lights are short or long strings of lights that are connected by either USB, battery pack, or solar panel. LED fairy lights are usually constructed of either copper or silver wire wrapped around the lights. They can come in a variety of options including warm or cool white,  single-color, or multi-color. 

2. How long do fairy lights last?

LED fairy lights last up to 50,000 hours. This is the equivalent of almost 6 years.  

3. Can you cut fairy lights?

Yes! You can cut any of our battery-powered, USB, or solar-powered fairy lights to whatever length you desire.

4. Can you put fairy lights in resin?

Yes, battery-operated fairy lights can be placed inside resin and displayed properly. When creating a mold, simply add the resin to your mold to create a base. Then apply your fairy lights and arrange them as you see fit. Pour the final layer of resin and let it dry. You now have a resin mold filled with fairy lights!

5. How long can you leave fairy lights on?

Fairy lights can be kept on for 24 hours a day and still work perfectly fine. LED Lights emit very little heat and are safe to the touch. They are also less prone to catch fire. LEDs generally do not emit infrared radiation (what heats the enclosures), which allows the lights to be placed in several locations with very low risk.

6. How do I hang fairy lights without damaging my wall?

Easy! Simply use command hooks. These hooks quickly and easily adhere to your wall. When you’re done, simply remove the backing of the hook and remove it from the wall. If you wish to avoid damaging your walls, you could place fairy lights on items that are already hanging on your walls, such as picture frames. Mini light holders with suction cups and mini light clips are also an option. If you have a brick wall, you can purchase brick clip hangers. These clips grip onto the bricks so you do not have to drill holes in your brick to hang lights.

7. How do I hide my fairy light's battery pack?

If you are using wine bottles, check out our cool wine bottle fairy lights. The top is the actual battery pack, leaving the inside of the bottle with nothing to hide. If you are looking for other options, use flowers, or frost the bottom of the bottle or container so that the battery pack is not visible. An additional idea would be to tape the battery pack to the top of whatever is containing the light. For instance, if you are using a mason jar, the pack could be taped to the top, so no one can see it.

8. Do solar-powered fairy lights need direct sunlight?

Yes, our solar-powered lights will require some sunlight in order to be charged.

9. Can I use fairy lights in the cold? 

Please keep in mind that If your lights are not rated for outdoor use, keep them indoors. Our fairy lights have an IP44 rating, meaning that they will work fine during rainfall but with added cover. They are also resilient in the cold, with the ability to withstand frigid temperatures.

10. Where can I purchase fairy lights?

Well, you’re in luck! Super Bright LEDs has a variety of fairy lights available for purchase today. 

For more tips on fairy lights and all things residential or commercial lighting, contact Super Bright LEDs today for all of your lighting needs!

November 30, 2022
Posted in: Home Lighting