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Off-road pod lights are a great way to add additional spot, fog, flood, and driving lights to any off-road vehicle for increased nighttime visibility. Mount these lights on trucks, Jeeps, ATVs, and UTVs with ease. We carry a wide variety of shapes, sizes, intensities, and color temperatures to match your off-road adventure needs. We also offer a variety of beam angles including spot, medium, flood, combo beam, combo + side shooter, and selectable multi-beam. All of our light pods have been tested in-house for durability and longevity. The majority are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Amber - Off-Road Pod Lights


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    Amber Off-Road LED Work Light - 4.5" Rectangular - 10W - 500 Lumens

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    500 lm

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    This Product 500 lm
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Super Bright LEDs, Inc. warrants that products carrying a lifetime warranty will be free from defects in the material and workmanship for the lifetime of the product. If Super Bright LEDs verifies that the defect was not caused by negligence, abuse, unauthorized repair or disassembly, we will replace the product with the same product. In the case the exact product is no longer available, a gift card for the value of the original purchase price will be provided. Super Bright LEDs administers all warranty claims in-house. Read More

Why choose a light pod?

LED pods lights for off-road and power sports vehicles provide reliable lighting for navigating rugged terrain and low-light conditions. They are highly versatile due to their small size yet bright illumination. You can use a single led pod light or pair them up to match your needs and your vehicle’s size.

Can I use pod lights as fog lights?

Yes, we have options for fog lights in white and yellow. If you plan to be using them on the road instead of for off roading and power sports, be sure to check that they are DOT-compliant and follow the regulations for your area. For our list of DOT-compliant pod lights that can be used as fog lights, check here.

What beam angles are available for LED pod lights?

We offer spot lights, driving lights, fog lights, flood lights, rock lights, and side shooters. For more information on beam angles read our “The Different Types of Beam Patterns for Off Road Light Bars and Pods”.

Where can I mount LED light pods?

This depends on the vehicle you are mounting the light pods on but there are a variety of options. However, in general, with the proper mounting hardware you can mount light pods on the bumper, roof, roll cage, hood, cowl or grille.

Are LED light pods street legal?

Most LED light pods are intended for off road and power sports uses. However, DOT-compliant light pods can be used on the road as long as they follow local regulations.

What are the applications for the different colors of LED light pods?

We offer white, amber, and yellow light pods. 

White light pods are the brightest of the three colors. They provide bright illumination for the road ahead but can be harsher on the eyes over long periods of time. Amber light pods tend to be more of warning or indictator lights, alerting other on the road to your vehicle or as a safety precaution.Yellow light pods tend to provide higher visibility in hazardous conditions such as rain, snow, fog, and more.Yellow lights are less harsh on the human eye and provide less glare.