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Uplight - Underwater Lighting

Capable of being permanently and fully submerged in water these underwater LED light fixtures are perfect for lighting fountains, ponds, or other water features. Many underwater lights are also capable of being used out of water as well allowing for a consistent look among all your lights in and around your pond. All our underwater lights feature waterproof connectors and operate on either 12 volt DC, AC, or both. If you need a power supply for your installation browse our low voltage landscape transformers to find the correct one for your installation.

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    LED In-Ground Well Light - 0.3 Watt - Stainless Steel Housing


    LED In-Ground Well Light - 1 Watt - Stainless Steel Housing

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    Color Options
    Natural 4800K
    Cool 5200KWarm 2800K

    Correlated Color Temperature is the hue, or tint of white to expect from a light source and is measured in kelvin. Lower numbers give off a warmer white that is closer to candle light, and is good for relaxed and cozy spaces. Higher numbers give off a cooler white light that will appear more blueish. While values to the middle of the spectrum give off a more neutral or natural white light that is similar to daylight. Natural and cool white are considered ideal for task lighting.

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    Comparable Wattage
    5 Watt Incandescent
    Beam Angle
    Beam angle is used to express the width of the light emitting from the source. The narrower the beam angle the more focused the light energy is. Comparing two 40 watt lights one with a beam angle of 30(a) and another with a beam angle of 90(b), They both produce the same amount of light output but (a) will appear brighter in the beam angle compared to (b) at the sacrifice of light spread.
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    Power Consumption
    0.3 Watts
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    $9.95 ea.
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    2 Years
    2 Years

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