Low Beam Headlight Bulb
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LED Color
2000 lm
Base Type
Beam Angle
Increase your safety and visibility with this H7 LED headlight kit. The single-intensity LED headlight bulbs emit 1,300 lumens (each) of cool white illumination and can be easily installed in your factory headlight housings using the attached H7 plugs. Each bulb features fanless, braidless 3rd generation cooling technology. Because the bulbs have internal drivers, they allow for easier installation without mounting additional parts. LED arrays in each bulb are designed to mimic the filament in halogen bulbs—creating a closely matched beam style. These waterproof, CAN Bus compatible bulbs operate within a wide 9-32 VDC range. This long-lasting kit includes 2 LED headlight bulbs and 2 adapter plugs. Price per kit.
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$79.95 / kit
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