Low Beam Headlight Bulb
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LED Color
1900 lm
Base Type
H7, 64210
Beam Angle

Dimensions: 9.471cm(3.73") x 5.5cm(2.17") x 5.5cm(2.17")

LED Headlight Kit gives your headlamps a clean, Cool White (6000K) look with 1900 Lumen output and low 1.5 Amp current draw; extra long life for less maintenance time; side-firing chip; wide input voltage range for a large range of vehicles; and copper core thermal technology to maintain cooler operating temperatures. Easy to install kit comes with a lifetime warranty, 2 LED headlights, 2 360 degree heat sink, 2 connectors and 2 drivers. Price per kit.
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$89.95 / kit
$89.95 / kit
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