LED Light Box Panels - How It's Made

LED Light Box Panels

Our hands-on printing process allows our trained technicians to transform your artwork into an eye-catching display that's perfect for trade shows, exhibits, offices, event companies, homes, and more! Each image is printed directly on the panel lens. Using Even-Glow® technology and the diffused optical lens, each panel delivers a smooth, flawless wall of illumination without visible bulbs or hot spots.

Step 1 - Preparation

To ensure a printing surface free of streaks and fingerprints, each lens is wiped with isopropyl alcohol on both sides and around the edges. The lens is then loaded into the printer where a sensor is activated that lowers the feeding rollers and engages a suction mechanism, which prevents the lens from moving during printing. When the lens has been properly loaded, the media type is selected on the printer control panel allowing the machine to align for the appropriate dimensions.


Step 2 - Design

Once the printing preparation is complete, the image file is chosen and matched to the lens size selected on the printer control panel during preparation. The image is then electronically transferred to the printer to begin the printing process.


Step 3 - Printing

Using interweaving print technology, each image is printed on a panel lens using eight rows of 180 ink nozzles that prevent any horizontal banding or visual imperfections. While the lens is being printed, a UV light cures and dries the image as it exits the printer. Printing time varies per lens size; a 2-foot-by-4-foot lens typically requires 15-17 minutes from start to finish.


Following the printing process, each lens is inspected before being installed into the light panel and shipped to the customer. For more information, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

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