All about LED light bars

Every light that carries the Super Bright LEDs name must meet strict quality standards. Our fully-equipped in-house test lab uses the latest equipment necessary for photometric/electrical testing, long-term lumen maintenance testing, and stress-testing for environmental conditions to ensure our customers receive the highest quality products.
Super Bright LEDs, Inc. warrants that products carrying a Lifetime Warranty will be free from defects in the material and workmanship for the lifetime of the product. If an LED or other internal component fails, return the product to Super Bright LEDs, Inc. for inspection. If, after inspection, Super Bright LEDs verifies that the defect was not caused by negligence, abuse, unauthorized repair or disassembly, we will replace the product with the same product. In the case the exact product is no longer available, a product of equal value may be substituted.
Lifetime Warranty
Assault test
Real world use of off-road lights can be brutal. To see just how our lights will respond in the most extreme conditions, and for a little fun, we use assault testing methods to make sure the lights you buy will hold up to the most abusive punishments. Through drilling, cutting, freezing, dropping, crushing, and burning, our lights not only hold up, but continue to operate. These tests have generated such exceptional performance in these products, that we confidently back them with a Lifetime Warranty.

We recommend that a customer purchases a wiring harness if the vehicle is not already equipped with a relay controlled light. An experienced technician can create and install a custom wiring system, but a harness offers many benefits that a wiring system may not:

  • The harness is fitted with a relay to insure proper load switching is available for our light bars and work lights. The relay is designed to take the current load instead of feeding the full current to the dash switch. It is also replaceable, so you do not have to replace the harness if the relay fails.
  • The harness has a in-line fuse holder, to protect the vehicle's circuits.
  • The harness comes with direct connectors matching our light bars, negating the need for using the pigtails and weather proofing the connections.
  • The harness has low current switches to reduce the foot print on the dash of the vehicle. The gauge of wire needed for a low current switch also allows for easier routing.
  • The switch wiring has a disconnect to make installation easy.
  • For more detailed instructions on how to wire your light bar or work light, see our Installation Instructions section.
ATP connectors are designed to handle a larger current draw when required. DT connectors are designed for lower current draw light bars and work lights.
No, our bars are designed to be used with low voltage DC systems and require the proper voltage and current levels to operate correctly. Connecting the lights to any other power source may not work and will void the warranty. Stationary setups are not recommended due to the high power design of the LED light requiring air flow across the heat sink to properly dissipate heat and will void the warranty.
The light bars are capable of using the wattage listed in the title. However, doing so would result in shorter life span, much like constantly driving your vehicle with the accelerator to the floor would shorten the life of your engine. There is a balance between LED wattage and LED lifespan; other components, such as the heatsink, allow for maximum operating efficiency and light output, while prolonging life expectancy. Driving the light bar at a lower wattage will also cause a difference between raw lumens and effective lumens.
Raw lumen output is a theoretical value rather than an actual measurement of useful, or effective light. Raw lumens are calculated by multiplying by the theoretical output rate of the LEDs by the number of LEDs in the lamp.
raw lumens

Effective lumen output is the actual measurement of light output that takes into account thermal/optical loss, and the power level at which the LEDs are being driven. This is accomplished by using high-tech photometry equipment that measures the effective lumen output of a light.
effective lumens
No, our light bars are designed to operate in a wide voltage range but not designed to be dimmed. Attempting to do so could damage the driver and void the warranty.
Flood Beam Pattern
Wide light pattern for illuminating close areas at short distance.
Spot Beam Pattern
Narrow beam of focused light for long range visibility.
Combo-Beam Pattern
Both Spot and flood beam patterns for illuminating distance, as well as, close areas in one lamp.
Selectable Multi-Beam
User may select Spot, Flood, or both beam patterns in one lamp.

The IP Rating is the protection of electrical equipment in a given environment. All of our off-road light bars, work lights, and mini-aux's are waterproof IP67 or IP68 rated. The higher the numbers, the greater the level of protection.

IP67 indicates the lamp is protected from dust and capable of withstanding water immersion up to 3 feet for 30 minutes.
IP68 indicates the lamp is dust tight and can be continously submersed in water without damage.
Depending on your local and state laws you may want to choose a light bar with optional covers. Light color can also be modified with optional covers. Our light bars are extremely durable and can stand up to the harshest of conditions. However, some laws require light bars to be covered when not in an off road setting. Check your local and state laws before ordering.
Every one of our light bars has a detailed specification drawing to help you find the perfect bar for your application. Simply click the specifications tab on the product page and scroll down to find the specification drawing for each product.

All of our light bars come with standard universal mounting hardware included. For specific applications, we offer a wide array of additional mounting options for our light bars to fit most applications: ATV/UTV brackets, universal roll bar, brush guard, and bumper mounts, and even vehicle specific mounting options for the best mounting solutions.

Check out our Light Bar Installation Guide Page for instructions on how to mount any of our light bars or work lights.

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