LED Light Bar Comparison

The Right Light Bar for the Job

When Super Bright LEDs decided to create a series of light bars for the off-road market, we studied the competition. What we found were limited choices; high-end, high-priced bars, or low-end, inexpensive bars. No one offered a well rounded series of quality light bars that would fit any need or budget. Instead of creating a single line, we created multiple series that would meet any need and budget. Each series offers a unique set of options in a wide variety of sizes. Each light bar is backed by our Lifetime Warranty; no matter which you choose, we've got you covered.
Every SBL Light Bar is made from 6063 aluminum with a durable powder coat finish. These light bars feature 304 stainless steel hardware and a virtually indestructible polycarbonate lens. Learn all about LED Light Bars on our Information Page.
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Lumen Range 2,568 - 21,400 2,520 - 16,200 7,200 - 21,600 9,600 - 23,040 510 - 6,552 2,100 - 9,648 1,350 - 5,400
LED Wattage 5W CREE 3W CREE 5W / 10W CREE 3W CREE 3W CREE 3W / 5W / 10W 3W High Power
LED Array Single Row Dual or Quad Row Single Row Dual Row Single Row Single or Dual Row Single or Dual Row
IP Rating
IP68 IP68 & IP67 IP67 IP67 IP67 IP67 IP67
Connection Type DT Pigtail DT / ATP DT / ATP DT DT Pigtail
Beam Pattern Combo Flood or Multi-beam Combo or Flood Spot Flood Spot Spot
Voltage Range 9~36V 9~32V 12~24V / 9~32V 10~30V 9~32V 10~30V 12~24V
Pressure Equalization Vent Yes No No No No No No
Standardized unit of of measurement of the total amount of light that is produced from a light emitting source. The higher the number, the brighter the light.

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