Color Temperature Comparison

Kelvin Color Temperature Comparison Of Lights

Correlated color temperature, color temperature, and kelvin color temperature are a few of the many terms used to describe the characteristics of how "cool", or "warm" a light appears to the naked eye. Light on the lower end of the kelvin scale will appear much more orange or yellow which can help give lights a decorative or vintage feel.

At the other end of the kelvin scale you've got your "cool" white lights which have a more bluish tint to them. These lights are typically a bit beyond the 5100K mark and are popular for use in commercial, industrial, and retail applications.

Towards the middle of the scale you will find natural white lights, which are sometimes refered to as soft white lights. These lights output a more pure, or natural light tone. They are perfect for living spaces, task lighting, and sometimes are used in commercial, industrial, or retail applicaitons as well.

Finally it should be noted that the CCT of a light is not an indicator of heat output by the lamp. CCT is purely a cosmetic value to determine the color tone of light output.

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