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reseller account

Business Solutions Reseller Account

Whether you are a Distributor, Retailer, Electrical Supplier or Industrial Supplier, you can be overwhelmed with choices. But working closely with one of our Reseller Account Managers can help you choose the best LEDs for your projects and applications – while maximizing your bottom line.
We are here to provide LED lighting solutions and will work with you to deliver tailored products and services to ensure your business is a success.

Reseller Account Benefits

We offer competitive pricing structures for Reseller account customers. Our Reseller customers receive pricing based on EAU (estimated annual usage) per product.

Our Account Managers will work with you to make sure you get the perfect LED product or products for your application.

Our knowledgeable technical support staff is available to help your installations go smoothly.

We can offer samples for many of our products, so you can see them firsthand before you offer them to your customers.

We strive to offer the best quotes and bids for small to large scale projects.

We can customize many of our products to fit your application. Speak with one of our account managers for details.

We can offer shipments of products on a schedule to make sure you always have product for your customer's needs.

Upon request, we can update you via email with our new and upcoming products.

Upon approval, we can offer credit terms 30 days from time of invoice and a credit limit based on your order volume. We offer 1% discount for accounts paid 10 days after the order is placed. Credit terms are available for United States and Canada only.

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