Off-Road and Power Sports LED Lights

LED lighting for off-road and power sports vehicles provides reliable lighting for navigating rugged terrain or riding in low-light conditions.

Various LED pod lights and light bars can be used as fog lights, off-road daytime running lights, work lights, ATV lights, tractor lights, UTV lights, etc. Select from curved LED light bars, amber light bars, slim LED light bars, quad-, dual-, or single-row light bars, and a variety of pod lights with many different lengths and diverse beam patterns for your off-road and power sport vehicles. 

The type of light you choose will vary depending on your use. Important factors to consider are lumens, light color, and beam pattern. In addition, you will need to consider the type of off-roading you'll be doing. You’ll want a wide beam pattern for widespread light distribution for slow-speed activities such as rock crawling. You'll want a focused beam pattern with narrow light distribution for fast-speed activities such as trail running to see upcoming turns and obstacles.

When selecting LED lights for off-road and power sports activities, it's essential to consider factors such as brightness, durability, and light distribution patterns. The lights must also be compatible with your vehicle's electrical system and meet relevant safety standards.

Why Choose an LED Pod Light Or an LED Light Bar?

If you are beginning your search, knowing how you will use your lights is important.  Are you simply looking to brighten curvy, dark roads, navigate trails in an off-road vehicle, rock climb with an ATV, etc.?

Our LED light bars range from 4 to 50 inches in length. They can have single or multiple rows of LEDs and are designed to provide a wide, far-reaching beam of light. They are often mounted on the front or roof of a vehicle, such as a truck or SUV, and are used for off-road driving, camping, and other outdoor activities.

LED pod lights are smaller, compact lights that are designed to be mounted on bumpers, roof racks, a-pillars, or roll cages. They have smaller groupings of LEDs and produce a focused beam of light that can be adjusted to suit the user's needs.

When it comes to choosing between LED pod lights and LED light bars, it depends on your specific needs and preferences. An LED light bar may be better if you need a broad, far-reaching beam of light for off-road driving or other outdoor activities. However, an LED light pod may be the better option if you need a compact light that can be mounted in various places.

LED POD Lights

LED pod lights add spot lights, fog lights, daytime running lights, and driving lights to your off-road or power sports vehicles such as trucks, SUVs, jeeps, ATVs, and dirt bikes. 

Unlike light bars, pod lights are between 2 and 9 inches, allowing for more customizable lighting. We carry various shapes, sizes, lumens, and colors. We also carry a variety of pod lights with different beam angles, including spot, medium, flood, combo beam, combo + side shooter, and selectable multi-beam.

POD Lights come in various designs ranging from single to quad-rows of LED lights. Based on your environmental needs, we carry pod lights between 900-18,020 lumens. 

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LED Light Bars

LED light bars are typically long, rectangular-shaped lights that contain multiple LEDs arranged in rows and are used on trucks, SUVs, and ATVs, to provide additional lighting for driving in low-light or off-road conditions. We offer LED light bars with single to quad rows of lights ranging from 500 to 23,040 lumens. 

LED light bars are popular because they are highly efficient and durable. They produce a radiant, sharper beam of light than traditional headlights or halogen lamps, making them useful for driving on dark roads or trails. With off-road driving and power sports, you need high-quality, waterproof LED lights with vibration resistance that can endure rough terrain, harsh weather, and difficult environments.

Various types of LED light bars are available, including single-row and double-row bars and curved and straight bars. They also come in different sizes to suit different applications. Some LED light bars also have additional features, such as adjustable brackets and wiring harnesses, to make installation and use easier.

Select from curved LED light bars, amber light bars, slim light bars, and quad-, dual-, or single-row light bars with diverse beam patterns and special features. Check out our blog “How to Install a Light Bar” to get a better idea of how to implement these into your vehicle.

Kit Type Kit Type

Straight LED Light Bars

When selecting a straight LED light bar, factors to consider include the size and shape of the bar, the number and type of LEDs used, and the mounting options available. Ensuring that the light bar is rated for outdoor use and has appropriate safety certifications is also important.

Overall, straight LED light bars offer a versatile and reliable lighting solution for a variety of off road applications.

Path Light Finish Path Light Finish

Curved LED Light Bars

Curved LED light bars fit more flush when mounted on some off-road and power sport vehicles, making them a preferred choice for some vehicle owners. The curved design is sleek and fits more form fitting to the vehicle while aiding in distributing light evenly, allowing for a broader and more uniform spread of light.

Our LED light bars are known for their durability, energy efficiency, and bright illumination, making them popular among off-road enthusiasts and commercial users alike.  

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Beam Patterns

Examine the types of beam patterns and uses to determine the best beam pattern for your vehicle. This will be largely dependent on how you intend to use the light.

Spot beams are great for long-range visibility, while flood beams provide a wider spread of light for better peripheral vision. Combination beams offer a balance of both spot and flood beams.

You can read about beam patterns in our knowledge base article "The Different Types of Beam Patterns for Off-Road Light Bars and Pods."

Spot Lights

Off-road and power sport spot lights are narrower light beams better suited for higher-speed driving. The more focused beam allows you to prepare for upcoming obstacles and long-distance visibility. 

Driving Lights

Driving lights accent a vehicle’s existing beams, extending the light further ahead. Unlike spot lights, driving lights illuminate a broader area. They’re great for off-roading and used to provide greater visibility on paved roads after dark.

Fog Lights

Fog lights increase visibility in harsh conditions like fog, rain, snow, or even dust and dirt. Fog lights are typically installed and used in combination with your vehicle’s existing headlights. 

Flood Lights

Flood lights only direct a beam a short distance but provide a wide area of light and are great for use on vehicles performing tasks at night, such as roadwork, harvesting, or driving on curvy roads and side roads.

Combo Beam

A combo beam can be the best of both worlds. Combo beams have LED lights that supply spot and flood beams with a single light for widespread and long-distance illumination and brightness. 

Rock Lights

Rock lights are meant to be installed underneath vehicles so that rocks and debris that might potentially cause damage to the vehicle are visible. They are rugged and made with durable materials to withstand damage, dust, water, and other extreme conditions. 

Side Shooter

Side shooter LED off-road lights illuminate 180 degrees or more of the vehicle’s terrain. These expand even further beyond a flood light’s standard field of view. 

Lumens Required for Off-Road and Power Sports Vehicles

Lumens measure the total amount of visible light emitted by a source. When it comes to off-road LED lighting, lumens are an important factor to consider when selecting the right lights for your vehicle.

Lumens determine how much light is produced. The optic is what is responsible for how far the light can travel.  This is not just based on lumens only.  A 50W spot light will shine farther than a 50W flood light, even though they will produce roughly the same lumens. The higher the lumen rating, the brighter and further the light reaches. By understanding lumens, you can ensure you select the best lights for your vehicle and get maximum visibility.

The required lumens for off-road driving and power sports depend on various factors, such as the type of vehicle, terrain, and speed at which you're traveling. However, a minimum of 3,000 lumens per light is recommended for off-road driving and power sports. We offer LED off-road lights up to 23,040 lumens. 

If you're traveling at high speeds on rough terrain, you'll need brighter lights to see obstacles and react quickly. Additionally, if you're driving in areas with poor visibility or during nighttime hours, you may need even more lumens for enhanced visibility and to ensure your safety and the safety of others.

While lumens are important when selecting lights for off-road driving and power sports, they're not the only factor. Other factors to consider include the beam pattern, color, construction materials, and overall quality of the lights.

Colors for Off-Road Lights

Full Landscape Kit Example Full Landscape Kit Example

White Light

White LED lights produce extremely bright light, which is essential for off-road and power sports applications. This allows drivers and riders to see further down the trail or track and spot obstacles more easily.

White LEDs for off-road and power sports are brighter than amber lights. This is one of the most significant benefits because white lights can be up to 15% brighter than amber lights due to the lens's color.

Amber Light

Amber-colored LEDs are a popular choice for off-road and power sports vehicles as warning or indicator lights. Drivers typically use amber-colored lights to ensure they are seen by others when driving as a safety precaution.

Landscape Kit Bulb Landscape Kit Bulb

Low Voltage Transformer Low Voltage Transformer

Yellow Light

Yellow light is easier for human eyes to perceive than other colors, making it an excellent choice for off-road and power sports applications where visibility is key. Yellow light can help improve visibility in rain, snow, fog, dust, and other harsh conditions.

Yellow light is less harsh on the eyes than other colors, which can help reduce eye fatigue during extended periods of use. This can be especially important in off-road and power sports applications when operating in low-light conditions for extended periods. Yellow light produces less glare than other colors, improving visibility without strain or discomfort.

Yellow-colored LEDs can be an excellent choice for off-road and power sports applications due to their improved visibility, reduced eye fatigue or glare, and legal compliance in some areas.


The voltage required for off-road LED lights can vary depending on the specific lights you are using. However, most off-road LED lights are designed to operate on a range of voltages, typically between 12 and 24 volts DC.

Check the specifications of your LED lights to ensure that you supply them with the correct voltage. Providing too little voltage can result in dim or flickering lights, while too much voltage can damage the lights and potentially cause a fire hazard.

If you need clarification on the voltage requirements for your specific LED lights, consult our product pages and specification sheets. You can also contact our customer support for guidance. Contact Super Bright LEDs at 866-590-3533, via live chat on our site, or email us anytime. 

LED Light Bars & Light Pod Accessories

Wiring Harnesses

Wiring harnesses for off-road LED lights are a set of wires and connectors that are designed to connect your LED lights to your vehicle's electrical system. They are typically sold as a kit and include everything you need to install your LED lights, including the wiring, fuses, relays, switches, and connectors.

We offer wiring harness options to power and control your lighting. However, additional wiring is required to properly connect your LED light bars or light pods. One of the best offerings we have to control your off road and power sports lights is using a wiring harness for your off-road LED lights makes installation easier and safer. Instead of having to splice wires and figure out which wires go where a wiring harness comes with pre-made connections that are designed to plug into your vehicle's electrical system.

Another advantage of using a wiring harness is that it helps to protect your LED lights from damage due to short circuits or other electrical problems. The harness includes fuses and relays that help to regulate the voltage and protect your lights from damage.

Our wiring harnesses come with switches and relays to make the installation an easy “plug and play” process. When selecting a wiring harness for your off-road LED lights, it's important to confirm that it is compatible with your specific lights and your vehicle's electrical system. Check the voltage requirements of your lights and ensure that the wiring harness can supply the necessary power. Additionally, make sure that the harness comes with all of the components required for your installation.

Our Deutsch (also known as DT) connectors and ATP connectors can work together. Deutsch connectors are standard for off road and power sports lighting, and we offer connectors that can connect multiple lights. ATP connectors are a good choice for larger light bars due to their ability to handle higher current draws. We recommend DT and ATP connectors for 32” light bars and longer ones.

Rocker Switches

A rocker switch is an electrical switch operated by a rocking mechanism. It typically consists of a small rectangular housing containing a spring-loaded lever, or "rocker," that can be pressed down on one side or the other to activate or deactivate an electrical circuit. These are common in off-road vehicles and power sports due to the ability to be controlled with a single touch.

Off-road and power sport rocker switches are typically rated for 12V to 24V DC power and have high amperage ratings ranging from 10 amps to 40 amps or more. They may also feature waterproof or weather-resistant designs to protect against the elements and rugged environments.

Before installing a rocker switch on your off-road or power sports vehicle, it's important to follow proper wiring techniques and ensure the switch is properly grounded and installed. Improper installation can result in electrical shorts, damaging your vehicle’s electrical system, or creating a fire hazard.

We offer a variety of individual switches as well as switch panels with on/off momentary switches. If you're uncomfortable installing a rocker switch, it's best to consult a professional mechanic or electrician with experience with off-road and power sports vehicles.

Mounting Hardware

Due to the high vibrations and rugged environment that off-road and power sports vehicles endure, proper and secure mounting is crucial. Most of our LED light pods and light bars include mounting and installation hardware. 

Mounting LED off-road lights and power sports vehicles can be done in several ways, depending on the type of vehicle and the specific requirements of the LED lights. Here are some mounting options to consider:

Bumper Mount

LED lights can be mounted onto the front or rear bumper of off-road and power sports vehicles. A bumper mount is a popular option for vehicles with a steel bumper.

Roof Mount

LED lights can be mounted on the roof of off-road and power sports vehicles using brackets or roof racks. This option provides a good vantage point and can help illuminate a larger area.

Roll Cage Mount

For vehicles with a roll cage, LED lights can be mounted on the cage using brackets. This option provides a durable and secure mounting location.

Hood or Cowl Mount

LED lights can be mounted on the hood or cowl of off-road and power sports vehicles using brackets. Hood mounts are typically mounted toward the back of the vehicle's hood near the windshield. 

Grille Mount

LED lights can be mounted in front of the grille of the vehicle. This option is popular for vehicles that have a wide front grille and provide ample room for additional lighting. It is preferred due to the relative height of the existing headlights.

When mounting LED off-road lights and power sports vehicles, it is essential to ensure that the lights are properly aimed and adjusted for maximum visibility and safety. It is also important to use high-quality mounting hardware and ensure the lights are securely mounted to prevent them from shifting, becoming loose, or falling off during use.

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