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Cool 6500KNatural 4000KWarm 3250K
RedUV (Blacklight)YellowAmberGreenBlue
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19.7in (1.64ft)39.4in (3.28ft)196.9in (16.40ft)
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This flexible LED light strip is great for cabinet lighting, under-cabinet lighting, toe-kick lighting, cove lighting, task lighting, bookshelf lighting, showcase lighting, cupboard lighting, bias lighting, or for other indoor applications where space is limited. Using up to 300 LEDs, the flexible light strip emits up to 380 lumens of powerful illumination per foot. The 1-5/8', 3-1/4', or 16-1/2' LED light strip is available with a white backing and can be easily cut into 3-LED segments and installed with its peel-and-stick adhesive backing. Attached LC2 locking connectors let you easily power and join multiple strips. Designed to last 30,000 hours, the single-color light strip operates within a 9-14.8V DC range and is available in cool white, natural white, warm white, UV (blacklight), blue, green, yellow, amber, and red. See compatible LED dimmers. Also available in a 24 VDC version (natural white and warm white) for longer continuous runs.

Important Notes - Please read before purchasing:
  1. Non-Weatherproof, Indoor use only unless contained within weatherproof housing or used in conjunction with weatherproofing products
  2. Cutting connector will not void warranty
Super Bright LEDs, Inc. offers a 5-year warranty to protect against manufacturer defects and malfunctions. If you experience failure of an LED or other component not caused by negligence, abuse, unauthorized repair or disassembly, we will replace the product within the warranty period. If the same product is no longer available, a product of equal value may be substituted. Read More
Underwriters Laboratories (UL) LLC is an independent testing agency that works to verify product safety and quality. A UL-Listed label means that product samples have been tested by UL and that the product meets their Standards for Safety requirements.
Products that have an International Solid-State Lighting Alliance (ISA) label are approved as quality, energy-efficient LED lights that help to create a sustainable society.

RoHS stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances. Certain materials used in electronics and electrical products have been deemed hazardous to people and the environment and, therefore, must be limited. For a product to be RoHS compliant, testing must be performed and documented to show limited or no use of cadmium, hexavalent chromium, lead, mercury, polybrominated biphenyls, and polybrominated diphenyl ethers.

Download our statement regarding RoHS.

LED Strip Lights - 12V LED Tape Light with LC2 Connector - 380 Lumens/ft. - NFLS-X3-LC2
Task Lighting LED Sign Lighting
LED Backlights Accent Lighting
Off Grid Lighting Retail Lighting
Automotive Accent Lighting Cove LED Lighting
Under-Cabinet Lighting Bias Lighting
LED Display Case Lighting Trade Show Lighting

Voltage Range
Operating Voltage Range
9-14.8V DC

Light Strip Can Be Dimmed For Varying Levels of Intensity

High Output
Generates Up To 6,600 Lumens of Cool White Light

Will Outlast Dozens of Incandescent Bulbs

Cut Into Strips
Cut Into Strips
Can Be Easily Cut Into 3-LED Segments

Adhesive Backing
Adhesive Backing
Easy Install - Peel-And-Stick Backing

LED Light Strips offer an easy and highly effective way to provide the utmost in efficient, attractive accent lighting in a variety of settings and applications. Here is how LED Light Strips can be readied for mounting in three easy steps:
I.  Cut along the light strip tape wherever a dashed line divides two sets of positive and negative connection points.
step 1
II.  Peel away a portion of the light strip adhesive backing at one end. With the solderless clamp open, slide the strip end all the way into the solderless clamp. Close the hinged clamp.
step 2
III.  Remove the remaining adhesive backing and attach the light strip to the desired surface.
step 3
LED Light Strip Handling
  • Do not stare directly into LED lights when illuminated.
  • Always disconnect power supply before cutting/connecting LED Light Strips.
  • Do not expose LED Light Strips` to direct or indirect moisture.
  • Do not crimp light strip tape, attempt to bend light strips width-wise, or length-wise to a radius less than 15mm
Power Supply
  • Do not connect LED Light Strips directly to 120 VAC power.
  • Apply power to test LED Light Strips before mounting.
  • Do not connect more than one 16.5 section of light strips to the included power supply. Overloading the included power supply may cause overheating, shorting, and possibly fire.
Flexible LED Light Strips are highly versatile and can provide a superior lighting solution in a variety of applications. To maximize the lighting benefits of LED Light Strips, a few planning/design steps are recommended as the first phase in the installation process.
Some general questions to ask in determining which installation design best suits your lighting needs are:
  • Where will your power supply be located?
  • How will you switch your LED lighting on and off?
  • What is the best layout configuration for your installation?
  • How will you run your wiring to your LED strip lighting?
Flexible LED Light Strips are designed to provide indirect, accent-style lighting. Be sure to install your LED lighting out of direct sight.
Mounting Options
Once you have determined your final mounting position, clean the surface to assure the self-adhesive backing will adhere properly. The mounting surface needs to be smooth, dry, and free from oils and waxes. Although LED Light Strips can be installed in curved and irregular spaces, avoid sharp bends or bending on the solder joints as you could damage the light strip. If an LED is inadvertently damaged and fails to light, the remaining LEDs will continue to operate.
The backing tape on LED Light Strips is coated with a strong adhesive that is intended for a single application only. Apply only when a lighting location is fully determined.
Once you have chosen a lighting configuration and finished making necessary connections, installing Light Strips can be as simple as applying them to the desired surface. However, it is recommended to first try different installation options to achieve the most attractive results from your lighting system.
Below, some typical installation techniques for different applications are represented with some general guidelines to observe.
Cabinet Top Lighting
Under Cabinet Lighting
Cove / Crown Molding Lighting
The information and illustrations below offer recommendations for choosing a general design for your application.
I.   Light strip On/Off is controlled by a wall mounted switch
II.  Light strip On/Off/Brightness is controlled by an LED dimmer
III.  Light strip On/Off/Brightness is controlled by an LED dimmer
IV.  Light strip On/Off/Brightness is controlled by 4 a wireless LED dimmer and signal receiver.
V.  Light strip is powered directly by a 12V battery, for applications like boats, RVs, etc.
Power Supply Options (for Straight Run and Centerfeed/Loop Back Layouts)
LED Light Strip power requirements are based on several factors, including the light strip layout and the length limitations of light strip-type lighting. Refer to the guide below for choosing a power supply. It is recommended to choose a power supply option in excess of your needs, since LED Light Strips cannot be overloaded.
*The LED power requirements below are based on 100% full power brightness levels and do not represent every possible installation scenario.
Maximum Length of LED Light Strip Based on Layout Type and Power Supply
Power Supply Straight Run Center Feed / Loop Back
6 Watt 3.3 ft (1.0m) Not recommended
15 Watt 10.5 ft (3.2m) 9.0 ft (2.75m)
30 Watt 24.0 ft (7.3m)* 20.0 ft (6.0m)
60 Watt 24.0 ft (7.3m)* 48.0 ft (14.6m)
*These are the maximum recommendable strip lengths in straight run configurations. Longer lengths are typically subject to voltage drop.
Power Supply Options (for Array Layouts)
The total watts used in an array layout depend on the wattage requirement of each array leg and overall voltage drop within your connection wires. A leg can be a single LED strip or series of strips connected end-to-end.
Calculate the wattage for each leg by multiplying watts per foot by the length of LED lighting in the leg. Include only the lengths of LED tape in your calculation, not the connecting wires. Add each leg’s wattage requirement together, and referring to the chart below, determine the total watts needed to power your array and select the appropriate power supply.
Power Supply Options (for Array Layouts)
Length of leg (LED tape light only) Watts used per foot
1 to 5 ft. 1.8 watts/ft.
6 to 10 ft. 1.6 watts/ft.
11 to 15 ft. 1.4 watts/ft.
Important factors to consider when designing your lighting system are:
  • The total lighting wattage your installation will require.
  • The length and size of wiring needed to connect LED light strips to the power supply.
Use the chart below as a reference to minimize voltage drop.
 Voltage Drop
Voltage drop is the normal loss of voltage that occurs as power flows along a wire connection in low voltage systems, and increases as the length of a wire connection is increased. Wire length and thickness as well as total light wattage influence the amount of voltage drop.
Recommended Maximum Wire Lengths - Power Supply to Light Strips
22 AWG Wire
Light Strip (Length in Ft.) Wire Length (Max Length in Ft.)
12 10
24 8
36 6
48 4
18 AWG Wire
Light Strip (Length in Ft.) Wire Length (Max Length in Ft.)
12 20
24 16
36 12
48 8
Layout Options
I.  Light strips are powered in a continuous Straight run. Strips that are furthest from the power supply are more likely to exhibit voltage drop.
II.  Light strips are powered from a spliced Centerfeed connection. This type of layout tends to produce more consistent brightness and color between strips.
III.  Light strips are powered from a single looped Loopback connection, which also produces more consistent results. Often used for room perimeter and cove.
IV.  In the Array option, light strip legs are individually powered. Total wattage should be determined so as not to overload power supply.
Cutting, Connecting & Wiring
LED Light Strips can be cut in 5cm lengths, each containing 3 LEDs. Lengths are marked at cutting intervals by lines lying between sets of soldering points, as indicated in the illustration below.
Using Solderless Clamps/Soldering
There are multiple options for connecting LED Light Strips. The procedure at right illustrates how to connect strips using solderless clamps.
Though solderless clamping is generally easier to perform than soldering contacts, in some circumstances, soldering contacts may be necessary. For procedures such as soldering and splicing, it recommended that you are already familiar with basic wiring skills.
Using Light Strip Interconnects
Another option for quick, easy and flexible connection between LED Light Strips is the Light Strip Interconnect, shown at right.
Interconnects are a useful option in applications where you want to easily join light strips over separated surfaces, such as between kitchen cabinets.
Lengthening Wiring
For longer wiring needs between LED Light Strips, another option is to splice in longer lengths of wiring between two solderless clamps, as shown at right.
Wiring lengths can be increased up to 10 ft., using 22-18 AWG wiring.
length wiring
  • Make sure your power supply is turned on and receiving power.
  • Confirm you have maintained correct polarity (+ to + and - to -) when joining LED Light Strips as well as when connecting to the 12V power supply.
  • Check all tape light connections and any switch or dimmer connections from the power supply to the LED Light Strips. Consider testing with a multimeter to ensure light strip is receiving 12V power.
  • Check connections to the part of the Light Strip that is not lit.
  • Confirm you have maintained correct polarity (+ to + and - to -) when joining LED Light Strips as well as when connecting to the 12V power supply.
  • If only 1 LED series is out, cut out and remove the damaged 3-LED group and splice together LED Light Strips or replace with new 3-LED section.
Your power supply is not adequate for the length of LED Light Strips you are powering. Install a higher wattage power supply or reduce watts used by shortening the lengths of your LED Light Strips.
  • This is the result of voltage drop. Decrease the length of the 12V power feed wires or use thicker power feed wires between the 12V power supply and the lighting strips.
  • Use shorter lengths of LED Light Strips. Refer to layout options in these guidelines. Consider a different layout.


Beam Angle 180 degree
Connection Type LC2 Connector, LC2 Female, LC2 Male
Dimmable Yes
IP Rating Non-Weatherproof
LED Lifetime 30000 Hours
LED Type 5050 SMD
LEDs per Segment 3
Length per Segment 5cm (1.97in)
Polarity Sensitive Yes
Segment Length 1.97in
SMD Density 18 SMDs/ft.
Special Features Plug and Play
Standards And Certifications ISA Approved, RoHS Compliant, UL Listed
Strip Width 10mm (0.39in)
Suitable for Vehicles Yes
Type Flexible Light Strips
UL File Number E357850
Volts 9~14.8 VDC
Wire Length 20.5in(52.07cm)
All specifications are subject to change without notice.
Swipe left to see additional specifications
Emitting ColorCCT / Wavelength
Intensity Per FootWattage Per Foot
Natural 4000K4000 K380 lm/ft3.3 W
Red626 nm54864 mcd/ft-
Blue470 nm32918 mcd/ft2 W
Warm 3250K3250 K380 lm/ft3.5 W
Cool 6500K6500 K360 lm/ft3.5 W
Amber610 nm54864 mcd/ft2.9 W
Yellow605 nm57000 mcd/ft-
UV400 nm57000 mcd/ft3.7 W
Green525 nm100584 mcd/ft3.5 W
Part NOLengthNumber of LEDs in UnitCCT / Wavelength
IntensityMax Run
Current Draw
Power ConsumptionWattage Per FootPriceLumen Per Dollar
NFLS-NW60X3-WHT-LC239.4 in604000 K1260 lm573900 mA5.4 /10.8 W3.3 W$18.9566.49 lumen/dollar
NFLS-WW60X3-WHT-LC239.4 in603250 K1260 lm563960 mA11.61 W3.5 W$18.9566.49 lumen/dollar
NFLS-R60X3-WHT-LC239.4 in60626 nm-5-1100 mA13.2 W-$18.95-
NFLS-R300X3-WHT-LC2196.9 in300626 nm-1-5500 mA66 W-$89.95-
NFLS-B300X3-WHT-LC2196.9 in300470 nm-1-2770 mA33 W2 W$89.95-
NFLS-NW300X3-WHT-LC2196.9 in3004000 K6300 lm1734500 mA54 W3.3 W$89.9570.04 lumen/dollar
NFLS-UV300X3-WHT-LC2196.9 in300400 nm-1-5000 mA60 W3.7 W$89.95-
NFLS-CW30X3-WHT-LC219.7 in306500 K660 lm1079480 mA5.8 W3.5 W$9.9566.33 lumen/dollar
NFLS-NW30X3-WHT-LC219.7 in304000 K623 lm1073450 mA5.4 W3.3 W$9.9562.61 lumen/dollar
NFLS-WW30X3-WHT-LC219.7 in303250 K623 lm1063480 mA5.8 W3.5 W$9.9562.61 lumen/dollar
NFLS-B30X3-WHT-LC219.7 in30470 nm-10-277 mA3.3 W2 W$9.95-
NFLS-G30X3-WHT-LC219.7 in30525 nm-10-480 mA5.8 W3.5 W$9.95-
NFLS-UV30X3-WHT-LC219.7 in30400 nm-10-500 mA6 W3.7 W$9.95-
NFLS-CW300X3-WHT-LC2196.9 in3006500 K6600 lm1794800 mA58 W3.5 W$89.9573.37 lumen/dollar
NFLS-WW300X3-WHT-LC2196.9 in3003250 K6240 lm1634800 mA58 W3.5 W$89.9569.37 lumen/dollar
NFLS-CW60X3-WHT-LC239.4 in606500 K1320 lm579960 mA11.5 W3.5 W$18.9569.66 lumen/dollar
NFLS-A300X3-WHT-LC2196.9 in300610 nm-1-3900 mA47 W2.9 W$89.95-
NFLS-Y30X3-WHT-LC219.7 in30605 nm-10-550 mA6.6 W-$9.95-
NFLS-A30X3-WHT-LC219.7 in30610 nm-10-390 mA4.7 W2.9 W$9.95-
NFLS-Y300X3-WHT-LC2196.9 in300605 nm-1-5500 mA66 W-$89.95-
NFLS-UV60X3-WHT-LC239.4 in60400 nm-5-1000 mA12 W3.7 W$19.95-
NFLS-G60X3-WHT-LC239.4 in60525 nm-5-960 mA11.5 W3.5 W$18.95-
NFLS-G300X3-WHT-LC2196.9 in300525 nm-1-4800 mA58 W3.5 W$89.95-
NFLS-B60X3-WHT-LC239.4 in60470 nm-5-554 mA12 W2 W$18.95-

Maximum Flexibility Precaution

Maximum Flexibility Precaution
NFLS-X3-LC2 - LED Light Strips - LED Tape Light with 18 SMDs/ft., 3 Chip SMD LED 5050 with LC2 Connector

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Perfect cabinet lights

The 39.4" strip fit perfectly inside a kitchen cabinet that I converted into a wine rack. The LED tape is positioned so that the lights are invisible but illuminate the wine bottles nicely. I also used a small dimmer which comes with remote control and a small "Mean Well" DC power supply. Wired it all up so that the wiring and power supply are hidden from view. Every thing works as expected and the warm white light color is perfect. I like this product and plan to order more for some other projects around the house.

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Perfert for my application

Installed in my Ford Transit Connect Wagon for interior lighting by soldering to a bulb adapter. Less wattage and more light.

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LED light strip

works great, puts out a lot of light

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Firebird gets lit up

I used this to improve the taillights on my 1967 Pontiac Firebird. The stock taillights are wide, but narrow in height and not much light was coming thru them with stock or led bulbs. So I bought these types of led strips in white and red and made my own lighting inserts and now the taillights are very bright and easy for the lousy drivers behind me to see.

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High light output, clean white light

I used this to illuminate my safe, and it works fantastically. I chopped it up into 20 sections each between 2 and 6 inches, and wired them together using the 10mm clamp on pigtail adapters sold here. The 4000k 'natural white' light really is a pure white output, without any blue or orange hues, and is perfect for 'sterile' illumination, like on a work surface or interior of a safe, and the 1m length outputs about 1,000 total lumens, which is enough to provide the perfect amount of clear, bright light in the safe without being overpowering. And it works great using a 12v 8xAA battery power supply, also sold here. Only gripe is that I had to use a blade to scrape the sticky backing off the contacts between segments on a few pieces, as it was too thick to allow electrical contact to the clamp-on pigtails. Not a big issue. Overall very pleased. I think I'd go with the warm white for normal household use, but the 4k is great for my purposes.

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