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Durable plastic Flange available for Hideaway Strobe Lights. Available in silver or black. Includes foam rubber gasket and screws for mounting.


Material Plastic
Type Flange Mounts
Package Weight: 0.4oz (0.01kg)
Package Dimensions: 2.25" (6cm) x 0.55" (1cm) x 1.94" (5cm)
All specifications are subject to change without notice.
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ImagePart NOBeam Angle
CCT / Wavelength
IntensityChannelsPriceLumen Per Dollar
MSTRB-OTx - Mini Strobe Light Flange Mount
Mini Strobe Light Flange Mount


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Good ........but.............

Decent quality but if you use this it has to be used to mount and hold the strobe in place. You can't mount the strobe then put this over it. The pins on the inside of the flange go in the screw holes that would mount the strobe without the flange.

Also the strobe body sticks out about 1/8" below the level of the flange housing. Why ??? IDK. After mounting on the bottom of my airplane I filled the gap with some expensive aircraft grade sealant. The little strobe is excellent though. Does what, and even more, than the $1300 Aveo strobe on the top of the airplane does.

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