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5m Single Color LED Strip Light - Eco Series Tape Light - 12V/24V - IP54 Weatherproof

Part Number: EC-IP54-Color-5m


  • IP54 Weatherproof rated
  • 3M™ adhesive backing for surface mounting
  • 0-100% dimmable
  • Lifetime warranty
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This flexible LED strip light produces brilliant illumination in a wide range of high-quality color tones, and is a top choice for ambient and accent lighting. A strong, ultra-thin silicone spray coating protects against water and debris. Peel-and-stick 3M™ adhesive backing enables fast, easy mounting. Backed by a lifetime warranty.

Product Details:
  • Dependable, industry-standard 3528 SMD LEDs
  • 80+ CRI rating ensures vibrant, natural-looking color tones
  • 18 LEDs/ft
  • 12V input for operation with a vehicle; 24V for longer runs
  • Run 12V strips up to 10m; run 24V strips up to 15m
  • Strip width measures 8mm
  • Lifetime exceeds 50000 hours
  • CE certified and UL listed
  • Lifetime warranty

Warranties & Certifications
Super Bright LEDs, Inc. offers a Lifetime Warranty to protect against manufacturer defects and malfunctions. If you experience failure of an LED or other component not caused by negligence, abuse, unauthorized repair or disassembly, we will replace the product. If the same product is no longer available, a product of equal value may be substituted. Read More
UL Listed
Underwriters Laboratories (UL) LLC is an independent testing agency that works to verify product safety and quality. A UL-Listed label means that product samples have been tested by UL and that the product meets their Standards for Safety requirements.
In order for certain products within controlled categories, such as electrical and electronic devices, to be legally sold in the European Economic Area, they must bear a CE label, which stands for Conformité Européenne (European Conformity). Products with this label meet environmental, health, and safety standards put into place by European legislation.
  • Task Lighting
  • Sign Lighting
  • LED Backlights
  • Accent Lighting
  • Off Grid Lighting
  • Retail
  • Automotive Accent Lighting
  • Coves
  • Under-Cabinets
  • Bias Lighting
  • Display Case
  • Trade Shows
  • TV backlighting
Eco Series:

The Eco Series is the foundation of LED strip lighting, established as the industry standard for linear ambient and accent lighting. Manufactured with dependable 3528 LED chips for efficient lighting performance along with trusted quality. Choose from the widest variety of colors and color temperatures, brightness options, and weatherproof solutions. Brightest strip in the line, Dual Row version available for maximum brightness ideal for task lighting and general illumination.

  • Most affordable LED strip light
  • Available in standard and high density, up to 350 lm/ft
  • Dual Row version - 520 lm/ft
  • 80+ CRI for optimum color rendering
  • 12v for mobile applications; 24v for longer runs (most popular)
  • IP20 for indoor applications; IP54 for weatherproof
  • 5m and 30m contractor reels available

Application images showing use for eco series strips as cove lighting and under a bar.
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LED Color
Max Lumen per Foot
LED Density
Wattage per Foot
IP Rating
Max Run


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Color TemperatureDimensionsLEDs per SegmentWire LengthCurrent Draw
DimmablePower ConsumptionOperating VoltageMinimum Cut LengthColor Temperature
Current Draw Per FootBrightnessMax Run
STW-BRED-B6C-08B5M-24V-Red-6 200.95 A--24 V100mm (3.9in) Red 58 mA/ft-49.2
STW-BGRE-B6C-08B5M-24V-Green-6 200.95 A--24 V100mm (3.9in) Green 58 mA/ft-49.2
STW-BBLU-B6C-08B5M-24V-Blue-6 200.95 A--24 V100mm (3.9in) Blue 58 mA/ft-49.2
STW-BPIN-B6C-08B5M-24V-Pink-6 200.95 A--24 V100mm (3.9in) Pink 58 mA/ft-49.2
STW-BAMB-B6C-08B5M-24V-Amber-6 200.95 A--24 V100mm (3.9in) Amber 58 mA/ft-49.2
STW-BYEL-B6C-08B5M-24V-Yellow-6 200.95 A--24 V100mm (3.9in) Yellow 58 mA/ft-49.2
STW-BULV-B6C-08B5M-24V-UV-6 200.95 A--24 V100mm (3.9in) UV (Blacklight) 58 mA/ft-49.2
STW-BRED-B3C-08B5M-12V-Red-3 191.90 A--12 V50mm (1.97in) Red 116 mA/ft-16.4
STW-BGRE-B3C-08B5M-12V-Green-3 191.90 A--12 V50mm (1.97in) Green 116 mA/ft-16.4
STW-BBLU-B3C-08B5M-12V-Blue-3 191.90 A--12 V50mm (1.97in) Blue 116 mA/ft-16.4
STW-BPIN-B3C-08B5M-12V-Pink-3 191.90 A--12 V50mm (1.97in) Pink 116 mA/ft-16.4
STW-BAMB-B3C-08B5M-12V-Amber-3 191.90 A--12 V50mm (1.97in) Amber 116 mA/ft-16.4
STW-BYEL-B3C-08B5M-12V-Yellow-3 191.90 A--12 V50mm (1.97in) Yellow 116 mA/ft-16.4
STW-BULV-B3C-08B5M-12V-UV-3 191.90 A--12 V50mm (1.97in) UV (Blacklight) 116 mA/ft-16.4
Sample breakdown of part numbers and their meanings for most of our LED strip/tape light lines.
EC-IP54-Color-5m - 5m Single Color LED Strip Light - Eco™ Series Tape Light - 12V/24V - IP54 Weatherproof
5m Single Color LED Strip Light - Eco™ Series Tape Light - 12V/24V - IP54 Weatherproof
EC-IP54-Color-5m - 5m Single Color LED Strip Light - Eco™ Series Tape Light - 12V/24V - IP54 Weatherproof
5m Single Color LED Strip Light - Eco™ Series Tape Light - 12V/24V - IP54 Weatherproof

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Electrical connector design defect!

Outstanding service!!!! Received in 3 days which is unbelievable!!!! Lights are great! BUT the dimmer box wire connectors are junk. They fell apart, had to attempt to reassemble, (lost the tiny spring) finally had to glue wire in the connector. Purchased 2 kits and both box connectors were problems! But after glue set they are excellent. Need to modify!!!!!!!!!

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Light strip worked great!

I purchased this to replace a failed LED strip on my RV. It worked great! I was able to install the tape in the plastic guard where the old one was. I connected it to the leads, hit the light switch, and the blue light appeared. Thanks!

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Awesome product! Very happy with the brightness

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Best LED strips on the Market

Quality is superb, delivery fast and on time. I replaced another brand with super brights and the difference is astounding. Much brighter and the color was natural.

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I’ve ordered from you before and have been totally satisfied, in reference to the most recent order I haven’t used them yet but I’m confident that they’ll be great like last time. Thank you.

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