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MiBoxer Smartphone or Tablet Wi-Fi LED Controller Hub

Part Number: WIFI-CON2
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Wi-Fi Hub allows you to control any compatible LED smart bulbs or fixtures with an Apple (iOS) or Android (version 4.3 and above) smartphone or tablet. This device uses the updated MiBoxer app. The hub must be used with Wi-Fi-compatible LED bulbs or fixtures and can also be used with an RGB, RGBW, or RGB+CCT controller to allow for control of LED strips and other LED lights. Simply plug the Wi-Fi hub into a computer with the included USB cord or into an outlet by using a USB wall adapter, and download the free MiBoxer app on your Apple or Android device. Connect to the Wi-Fi Hub using your device's Wi-Fi settings, and use the app to sync your LED lights (see PDF instructions for details).

Please note: MiBoxer and MiLight are compatible smart technology brands. Products under these names are able to work interchangeably with each other. This Wi-Fi Hub will work with the new MiLight 3.0 app only, but it is also compatible with any product that was previously controlled by MiLight version 2.0.

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WIFI-CON2 - MiBoxer Smartphone or Tablet Wi-Fi LED Controller Hub
MiBoxer Smartphone or Tablet Wi-Fi LED Controller Hub



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Dependent on a server in China...

This new Wi-Fi gateway "works" - but everything is routed through an external server in China.

If MiBoxer ever goes out of business, or the server is ever blocked or unavailable, your lights will not work via Alexa or even via the iPhone or Android app.

You also have to trust that the tunnel from your home network to MiBoxer is never used for any nefarious purposes beyond just adjusting the lights. But the actual details are hidden, so there is no way to know.

Older versions of this Wi-Fi Gateway worked locally without a need for an external connection, and they could be integrated into more advanced home automation systems. The new gateway design is completely locked down, and will ONLY work through the MiBoxer service.

This makes the whole MiBoxer product lineup suspect to me, and not something I am eager to invest in long-term. I hope they change direction and improve this!

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Nice box. Lousy instructions

Using this simply exchanges using the IR remote control for your lights to using a remote control app on your phone to control your lights. Although it does give you the option to control the lights when away from home.
Be aware that the included instructions are horrible and that the app they say to download and use may not be the correct one to connect to the wifi box you just purchased.
I went through three mi-light apps in the app store before finding the correct version.
Also, "turn of(sic) your lights" doesn't make a whole lot of sense, not does it explain how to link the lights/controller to the app. You do not simply turn-off the lights.
You need to UNPLUG the light controller, then plug them back in and immediately press the LINK button on the phone app.
I'm glad I made the purchase. Not so glad having to spend a few extra hours searching for help on the internet.

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Extensive Review you should read before buying

Once you figure out what app to use (the instructions are horrible), it's pretty easy to add new lights and configure. You will need to program them immediately when the light is turned on. If you plan to do landscaping light, it's easiest to pick a fixture that you can access easily and program each of your bulbs there, label them, then go install.

As far as the box itself, the signal is extremely weak overall and I have not figure out a way to amplify. I'm unable to control all of my landscape lights and even though this is RF, it seems to not connect to lights that are out of direct line of sight (another side of a wall, behind a thick plant). The only work around is having multiple units and connecting some of your lights to one and the rest to the other. Keep in mind the box is not waterproof and to connect to exterior lights, it will need to be outside. Plan accordingly on the install, under an awning, vacuum seal in in a small plastic bag, etc. Need a better option...

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You must have an internet connection for this one to work- it will not provide its own network as some state this MiBoxer requires internet just to connect to the boxes - I ordered the milight older version that produces its own network and it works much easier in areas where you don’t have WiFi - with WiFi this controller works flawlessly- unfortunately I was using the controller for a neighborhood sign backlight and no WiFi was available rendering this thing worthless and another cost to buy the older version

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it did as advertised.

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