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MiLight Smartphone or Tablet Wi-Fi LED Controller Hub

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This Wi-Fi Hub allows you to control any compatible LED smart bulbs or fixtures with an Apple (iOS) or Android (version 4.3 and above) smartphone or tablet. This device uses the updated MiLight 3.0 app. The hub must be used with Wi-Fi-compatible LED bulbs or fixtures and can also be used with an RGB, RGBW, or RGB+CCT controller to allow for control of LED strips and other LED lights. Simply plug the Wi-Fi hub into a computer with the included USB cord or into an outlet by using a USB wall adapter, and download the free MiLight 3.0 app on your Apple or Android device. Connect to the Wi-Fi Hub using your device's Wi-Fi settings, and use the app to sync your LED lights (see PDF instructions for details).

This Wi-Fi Hub will work with the new MiLight 3.0 app only, but it is also compatible with any product that was previously controlled by MiLight version 2.0.

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  Parts Included for WIFI-CON 3.0:

 Wi-Fi LED Controller Setup Instructions 

Wi-Fi LED Controller Hub Setup
This Wi-Fi LED Controller Hub is compatible with all of our TC4 series 2.4Ghz RF LED Controllers. After completing this simple setup using just your smartphone or tablet and your existing or new LED lights and Wi-Fi compatible LED controller, you can have complete Wi-Fi control of all of your LED lights in your home.
iOS & Android Instructions:
1.  Download milight 3.0 from the iTunes App Store (iOS fig. 1), or download milight 3.0 from the Google Play Store. (Android fig. 1) Download and install the free app.
ios iOS fig. 1
Android Android fig. 1
2. Open Wi-Fi Settings on phone or tablet. Select Milight3.0-xxxxxx. Close Wi-Fi Settings.
ios iOS fig. 2
Android Android fig. 2
3. Open Mi-Light app and wait for the WIFI-CON to populate in the Device List. WIFI-CON is now ready to use in Stand Alone mode. Continue for Smart Link mode.
ios iOS and Anroid fig. 3
4. Re-open Wi-Fi Settings on phone or tablet. Select your local Wi-Fi network from the list
ios iOS fig 4.
ios Anroid fig. 4
5. Press “RST” on WIFI-CON once to initiate Smart Link Mode. “SYS” indicator will flash slowly and “Link” indicator will flash fast.
6. On the Mi-Light app, press “+” (fig. 6 - Screen 1) to add the WIFI-CON to your network using Smart Link. Enter your network password and press “Start Configuration”. (fig. 6 - Screen 2) WIFI-CON is linked to your network when “Link” indicator is solid and “SYS” indicator is flashing slowly. Exit Configuration by pressing “OK” or “Cancel” and “Back” buttons.
iOS and Android fig 6.
7. Select WIFI-CON from Device List. (fig. 7) To add additional WIFI-CON(s), repeat steps 3~8 after power is applied.
ios iOS and Android fig 7.

Titling a WIFI-CON:
From Device List
From the Device List, swipe WIFI-CON to be titled left. Select “Edit” (fig. 8) and in the “Name:” field enter the new title and press “OK”. (fig. 9)
ios iOS and Android fig 8.
ios iOS and Android fig 9.
From Control Screen
From the Control Screen, press and hold the Zone to renamed. (fig. 10 - Screen 1) A pop up window will appear. Enter the new name and press “OK.” (fig. 10 - Screen 2)
ios iOS and Android fig 10.
WIFI-CON - Smartphone or Tablet Wi-Fi LED Controller Hub - WIFI-CON
Smartphone or Tablet Wi-Fi LED Controller Hub - WIFI-CON

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Allows you to control your lights with your phone

I installed 2 RGB+CCT LED strips controlled by a MiLight controller with remote. I wanted to be able to also control the lights with my phone, so I bought this. It was a bit tricky to set up, but if you follow the directions completely it should work fine. It's stable once you get it installed and the app works pretty well. The app has a timer function to turn on/off the lights, but it would be nice to have more functionality (turn lights on at sunset for example).

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Flaky WiFi connectivity makes the product useless

Not super happy with this thing. I can get it to work in stand-alone mode (which you must do first), but you don't want to stay in this mode, because you have to be disconnected from your normal WiFi to connect to this controller. Obviously no good. So, you go to Smart Setup mode next, so you can get the controller connected to your normal WiFi, after which you can talk to it on your normal WiFi. The problem is, it refuses to connect to my access points. I tried over and over, but no go. I did get it pair to my lights (the instructions weren't super clear on how to do this, but I eventually figured it out - power down the lights, power them back on, and within 3 seconds press the Link button in the app, and the lights will flash. After that, you can control the lights with the app in stand alone mode). So, since this thing won't connect to my Ubiquiti AC access points, it's all but useless to me.

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Response from Super Bright LEDs:

This product will only work on WIFI that uses 2.4 GHz. If your WIFI is running at 5 GHz you must change the setting for this device to operate at 2.4 GHz.

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