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Wall Mount Touch Color RGB Controller - Dynamic Color-Changing Modes - 3 Amps/Channel

Part Number: LDWM-RGB3-TC
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Universal Red/Green/Blue (RGB) LED Touch Controller & Dimmer combo designed to fit in standard wall switch boxes. Can control any 12~24VDC LED products using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). Color selection wheel provides thousands of color options or 17 dynamic color-changing modes with speed, dimming and ON/OFF controls. Maximum load is 3 amps per channel, 9 amps total.

Important Notes - Please read before purchasing:
  1. Do not use amplifier until max run of RGB Controller or RGB Amplifier is met.
Warranties & Certifications
2 Years
Super Bright LEDs, Inc. offers a 2-year warranty to protect against manufacturer defects and malfunctions. If you experience failure of an LED or other component not caused by negligence, abuse, unauthorized repair or disassembly, we will replace the product within the warranty period. If the same product is no longer available, a product of equal value may be substituted. Read More
Parts Include

 Installation Instructions 

Pre-Test & Configure
  • Remove strip from reel and make connections to power supply and controller (see Method 1 diagram).
  • Turn on strip using the included remote controller to ensure proper operation of the strip, power supply, controller, and remote.
  • Choose suitable location for the power supply and controller. Use in dry locations only.
  • Before adhesive backed are installed ensure all installation surfaces are clean and dry.
Wall Mounting
  • Pry cover off of LDWM-RGB3-TC controller to expose included mounting screws, secured in slots on face of controller.
  • Use screw terminals to securely connect 12V wires from 12V power supply. See Wiring: Method 1
  • WARNING: DO NOT connect controller or strips directly to 120 VAC power. This controller requires a 12 or 24 VDC power supply.
  • Connect the red, green, blue, and black (V+) wires from RGB strip to the 12V output screw terminals. See Wiring: Method 1.
  • Use included mounting screws to install the LDWM-RGB3-TC controller in an existing or new construction single gang wall box or mud ring.
  • Snap cover back on controller.
Wall Controller
wall controller
Mounting LED Strips
Begin to remove strip's backing while adhering to desired mounting surface. Press firmly to secure strips to surface.
  • DO NOT connect controller or strips directly to 120 VAC power. This controller requires a 12 or 24 VDC power supply.
  • DO NOT exeed max load of 9 Amps, overloading the controller may cause overheating, shorting, and possibly failure of controller.
  • Be sure the power supply is not plugged into an outlet before connecting or disconnecting any of the systems components.
  • DO NOT expose the controller and light strip to direct or indirect moisture.
  • Always observe proper polarity when connecting power and load.
wiring method 1

Wiring Method

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Modes List
Mode Function Dim Speed
1 Static Red
2 Static Green
3 Static Blue
4 Static Yellow
5 Static Purple
6 Static Cyan
7 Static White
8 3-Color instant change
9 7-Color instant change
10 Red fade on/off
11 Green fade on/off
12 Blue fade on/off
13 Yellow fade on/off
14 Purple fade on/off
15 Cyan fade on/off
16 White fade on/off
17 3-Color crossfade
18 7-Color crossfade
19 Red/Green fade
20 Green/Blue fade
21 3-Color fade
22 7-Color fade
23 Random


LDWM-RGB3-TC - Wall Mount Touch Color RGB Controller - Dynamic Color-Changing Modes - 3 Amps/Channel
Wall Mount Touch Color RGB Controller - Dynamic Color-Changing Modes - 3 Amps/Channel



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Complex but adaptable

Unit has many options for cycling, speed and dimming control of LED colors, but learning curve for understanding the button functions is steep. Instructions are a bit opaque until you experiment. There is no way to know which option you have chosen other than to watch the LED changes. A simple numerical readout for option number would be most helpful.

Unit is designed for 3-color (4-wire) use but I connected 3 separate wires, Red, Blue and White (connected to the Green terminal).

Better documentation in the specifications would help, but TS folks answered my questions.

I have used unit for only a couple of days so cannot gauge reliability. Seems to be well made.

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Great control unit

Very simple to install and it feels like it's well made. It is a little tedious changing modes but after a few times it's easy enough to find which mode you're in. It would be nice if the cover plate weren't so oversized and bulky but it's a minor complaint.

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very user friendly and easy to install

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