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40W PAR30 LED Light Bulb - LED Spotlight/Flood Light - 4000 Lumens

Part Number: PAR30-x40W-x
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PAR30 LED bulbs provide glare-free spot or flood lighting for household, landscape, commercial, and industrial applications with weatherproof housings. The LED bulbs are perfect for emergency lights, track lights, recessed lights, security lights, display lights, or can lights that accept PAR30 bulbs with E26/E27 medium screw bases. This LED spotlight/flood light bulb has 30 LEDs that produce up to 4,000 lumens. The LEDs emit a narrow 36° or wide 100° beam pattern of natural white (4000K) illumination. And with a high CRI (color-rendering index) of up to 84, light from the LEDs show the true colors of any object or surrounding. This energy-efficient LED bulb uses only 42 watts of power; an incandescent bulb with comparable light output would consume 400-405 watts. The PAR30 bulb has a vented housing that allows for cool internal operating temperature and a life span of 35,000 hours—29 times longer than incandescent bulbs. Operates within a wide 100-240V AC range. Price per bulb.

Warranties & Certifications
2 Years
Super Bright LEDs, Inc. offers a 2-year warranty to protect against manufacturer defects and malfunctions. If you experience failure of an LED or other component not caused by negligence, abuse, unauthorized repair or disassembly, we will replace the product within the warranty period. If the same product is no longer available, a product of equal value may be substituted. Read More
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Part NOLED ColorLED Wattage
Total Power Consumption
Intensity per LEDIntensityBeam Angle
CCT / Wavelength
Current Draw @ Operating Voltage
Luminous Efficacy
Price Ea.Product WeightLumen Per DollarBallast Compatibility
PAR30-NW40W-36Natural 4000K---4000 lm36 °-4000 0.34 A95 lm/W$27.95-143.11 lumen/dollar-
PAR30-WW40W-36Warm 2800K---2500 lm36 °-2800 0.34 A-(Discontinued)-109.27 lumen/dollar-
PAR30-WW40W-180Warm 2800K---2900 lm100 °-2800 0.34 A-(Discontinued)-104.02 lumen/dollar-
PAR30-NW40W-180Natural 4000K---3300 lm100 °-4000 0.35 A79 lm/W$27.95-118.07 lumen/dollar-
PAR30-NW40W-180-6PKNatural 4000K---2800 lm100 °-4000 0.34 A79 lm/W$159.95-105.03 lumen/dollar-
PAR30-NW40W-36-6PKNatural 4000K---4000 lm36 °-4000 0.34 A95 lm/W$159.95-150.05 lumen/dollar-
PAR30-WW40W-180-6PKWarm 2800K---2900 lm100 °-2800 0.34 A-(Discontinued)-104.27 lumen/dollar-
PAR30-WW40W-36-6PKWarm 2800K---2500 lm36 °-2800 0.34 A-(Discontinued)-83.39 lumen/dollar-
PAR30-W40W - PAR30 LED Bulb, 40W
PAR30 LED Bulb, 40W



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Fantastic replacement for 100 to 250 watt floods!

I replaced eleven 250 watt floods and six 100 watt floods with these and then added three more to brighten up the optical area of our optometry office. Ended up replacing about 3,300 watts of halogen incandescents with about 800 watts of LED bulbs. It cut about $150 off my electric bill in the first month after replacing just the first eleven 250 watt bulbs. I figured that my investment in these bulbs will pay for themselves in 5 months and then save about $2,000 per year. I'm also happy to not have to climb up high to change them as frequently now.

They are much brighter and don't generate nearly the same level of heat. The patients like the better lighting so they can see frames better as well.

I would think this will also save on air conditioning bills in the summer time.

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Really is 400w tungsten equiv.

I got 8 of these since 2 of them replace a 1000w light.
they are right on 4000k and the fan is just barely audible.
They are as described at 4000 lumens I tested them against the 1000w mole fresnel light and these for the money are amazing and lightweight.

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Great natural light

I had an electrician install 30, PAR30 LED Bulb - 40 Watt LED Spotlight Bulb/Flood Light Bulb - Natural White 36 Degree. I did the geometry in advance as the lamps
were in 6 rows of 5. There rows varied in height at 22', 24' or 26' . The room was 42' x 72'. This is a multi-purpose room for a church. The new LED's provide great improvement for reading, etc. over the old Par30, 300 watt incandescent lamps. We also used extenders to get the lamps closer to the opening of each can. 2 per can.
There were old wall dimmers for each row(6). The electrician had to replace them with simple off/on wall switch so we did not have any flickering. The new lamps have transformed the room. Coverage is even and light much brighter. Everyone is thrilled with the results.

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If you love lots of light, this bulb is bright. Lit up the whole yard.

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bright lights

Very bright. We chose the widest angle and they spread light everywhere. Very pleased with this light.

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