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BA9s LED Landscape Light Bulb - 1 LED - BA9s Retrofit - 4 Lumens

Part Number: BA9s-x-x-xVAC-LAN
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Single10-Pack 20-Pack
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Cool 7000KWarm 3200K
Select Volts:
12V AC/DC120 VAC
Select Beam Angle:
 90 degree  120 degree 
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LED BA9s bulbs are commonly used in numerous industrial applications such as indicator lights and control panels. This BA9s single-contact LED bulb replaces a variety of traditional bulbs including 1445 and 17053 bulbs. It has 1 LED that emits a 90° or wide 120° viewing angle. Produces up to 8.5 lumens at 3200K or 7000K. 9-mm Miniature bayonet base for easy plug-and-play installation—just twist to lock in place. The energy-efficient bulb has 12V AC/DC operation as well as 120V AC operation and is designed to last 30,000 hours—25 times longer than incandescents. Available in cool white, warm white, blue, green, amber and red. Not sold in pairs. Price per bulb.

Important Notes - Please read before purchasing:
  1. Non-Weatherproof, Indoor use only unless contained within weatherproof housing or used in conjunction with weatherproofing products
Warranties & Certifications
In order for certain products within controlled categories, such as electrical and electronic devices, to be legally sold in the European Economic Area, they must bear a CE label, which stands for Conformité Européenne (European Conformity). Products with this label meet environmental, health, and safety standards put into place by European legislation.
  • LED Map Lights
  • Dashboard Lights
  • Footwell Lights
  • Instrument Cluster Lights
  • Instrument Panel Lights
  • Gauge Lights
  • LED Vanity Lights
  • Indicator Lights


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Part NOCCT / Wavelength
Beam Angle
Current Draw @ Operating Voltage
Operating VoltagePrice Ea.Product Weight
BA9S-W-90-120VAC7000 K-0.6 lm90 °0.01A120 V$0.98-
BA9S-R-120-120VAC626 nm-0.2 lm120 °0.01A120 V$0.98-
BA9S-A-120-120VAC592 nm-0.1 lm120 °0.01A120 V$0.98-
BA9S-W-120-120VAC7000 K-0.6 lm120 °0.01A120 V$0.98-
BA9S-G-120-120VAC525 nm-1 lm120 °0.01A120 V$0.98-
BA9S-B-120-120VAC473 nm-0.2 lm120 °0.01A120 V$0.98-
BA9S-R-90-12VAC626 nm-1.5 lm90 °0.02A12 V$0.98-
BA9S-R-120-12VAC626 nm-1.5 lm120 °0.02A12 V$0.98-
BA9S-A-90-12VAC592 nm-1.5 lm90 °0.02A12 V$0.98-
BA9S-A-120-12VAC592 nm-1.5 lm120 °0.02A12 V$0.98-
BA9S-W-90-12VAC7000 K-3 lm90 °0.02A12 V$0.98-
BA9S-W-120-12VAC7000 K-3 lm120 °0.02A12 V$0.98-
BA9S-B-90-12VAC473 nm-1 lm90 °0.02A12 V$0.98-
BA9S-B-120-12VAC473 nm-1 lm120 °0.02A12 V$0.98-
BA9S-G-90-12VAC525 nm-4 lm90 °0.02A12 V$0.98-
BA9S-G-120-12VAC525 nm-4 lm120 °0.02A12 V$0.98-
BA9S-WW-90-12VAC3200 K-3.5 lm90 °0.02A12 V$0.98-
BA9S-WW-120-12VAC3200 K-3.5 lm120 °0.02A12 V$0.98-
BA9S-A-120-120VAC-10PK592 nm-0.1 lm120 °0.01A120 V$9.31-
BA9S-A-120-120VAC-20PK592 nm-0.1 lm120 °0.01A120 V$18.25-
BA9S-A-120-12VAC-10PK592 nm-1.5 lm120 °0.02A12 V$9.31-
BA9S-A-120-12VAC-20PK592 nm-1.5 lm120 °0.02A12 V$18.25-
BA9S-A-90-12VAC-10PK592 nm-1.5 lm90 °0.02A12 V$9.31-
BA9S-A-90-12VAC-20PK592 nm-1.5 lm90 °0.02A12 V$18.25-
BA9S-B-120-120VAC-10PK473 nm-0.2 lm120 °0.01A120 V$9.31-
BA9S-B-120-120VAC-20PK473 nm-0.2 lm120 °0.01A120 V$18.25-
BA9S-B-120-12VAC-10PK473 nm-1 lm120 °0.02A12 V$9.31-
BA9S-B-120-12VAC-20PK473 nm-1 lm120 °0.02A12 V$18.25-
BA9S-B-90-12VAC-10PK473 nm-1 lm90 °0.02A12 V$9.31-
BA9S-B-90-12VAC-20PK473 nm-1 lm90 °0.02A12 V$18.25-
BA9S-G-120-120VAC-10PK525 nm-1 lm120 °0.01A120 V$9.31-
BA9S-G-120-120VAC-20PK525 nm-1 lm120 °0.01A120 V$18.25-
BA9S-G-120-12VAC-10PK525 nm-4 lm120 °0.02A12 V$9.31-
BA9S-G-120-12VAC-20PK525 nm-4 lm120 °0.02A12 V$18.25-
BA9S-G-90-12VAC-10PK525 nm-4 lm90 °0.02A12 V$9.31-
BA9S-G-90-12VAC-20PK525 nm-4 lm90 °0.02A12 V$18.25-
BA9S-R-120-120VAC-10PK626 nm-0.2 lm120 °0.01A120 V$9.31-
BA9S-R-120-120VAC-20PK626 nm-0.2 lm120 °0.01A120 V$18.25-
BA9S-R-120-12VAC-10PK626 nm-1.5 lm120 °0.02A12 V$9.31-
BA9S-R-120-12VAC-20PK626 nm-1.5 lm120 °0.02A12 V$18.25-
BA9S-R-90-12VAC-10PK626 nm-1.5 lm90 °0.02A12 V$9.31-
BA9S-R-90-12VAC-20PK626 nm-1.5 lm90 °0.02A12 V$18.25-
BA9S-W-120-120VAC-10PK7000 K-0.6 lm120 °0.01A120 V$9.31-
BA9S-W-120-120VAC-20PK7000 K-0.6 lm120 °0.01A120 V$18.25-
BA9S-W-120-12VAC-10PK7000 K-3 lm120 °0.02A12 V$9.31-
BA9S-W-120-12VAC-20PK7000 K-3 lm120 °0.02A12 V$18.25-
BA9S-W-90-120VAC-10PK7000 K-0.6 lm90 °0.01A120 V$9.31-
BA9S-W-90-120VAC-20PK7000 K-0.6 lm90 °0.01A120 V$18.25-
BA9S-W-90-12VAC-10PK7000 K-3 lm90 °0.02A12 V$9.31-
BA9S-W-90-12VAC-20PK7000 K-3 lm90 °0.02A12 V$18.25-
BA9S-WW-120-12VAC-10PK3200 K-3.5 lm120 °0.02A12 V$9.31-
BA9S-WW-120-12VAC-20PK3200 K-3.5 lm120 °0.02A12 V$18.25-
BA9S-WW-90-12VAC-10PK3200 K-3.5 lm90 °0.02A12 V$9.31-
BA9S-WW-90-12VAC-20PK3200 K-3.5 lm90 °0.02A12 V$18.25-
BA9s-x-x-xVAC-LAN - BA9s LED Bulb - 1 LED - BA9s Retrofit
BA9s LED Bulb - 1 LED - BA9s Retrofit



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Great Product

have a whole set of Stewart Warner gauges in my hot rod. These blue led's really makes these gauges come alive, but not over the top. fast shipping and perfect packaging! I already have my next order planned. What a difference!

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Industrial control panel

Bought these to use in the control panels in my department at work. They work great, no difference compared to regular bulbs. These are easy to install in indicator lights, but hard to install in the deeper sockets of pushbuttons. Pushing and twisting on the smooth top presents a challenge. For those I recommend these BA9S-G4-90-12VAC I have seen no performance difference between the two yet.

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BMW motorcycle parking lamp

Worked and fit perfect. The polarity was correct the first time. Really make the battery last much longer.

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Marinette instrument lights

I replaced incodesent bulbs to LED'S for two reasons, low power draw, viturally no heat. This is important on a boat. I am in the process of switching out the navigation lights to LED'S

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Looks Good In Blue

I outlined my motorcycle's speedometer & tachometer numerals with phosphorescent paint, and installed these LED bulbs to illuminate them. I first tried the Ultraviolet LED bulb sold by Superbright but those were not bright enough for easy reading in the varying light conditions on a motorcycle.

The Blue, 90 degree LEDs provide good, strong light which does not dazzle like the original white light incandescent bulbs did, and the glow in the dark paint lights up the numerals very nicely.

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