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LED Mini Recessed Lights - 1 Watt - 10 Watt Equivalent - Mini Round Recessed Accent Lights

Part Number: MRLF-1xW-m
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Round Metal w/Translucent Hood (40mm)Round Metal (40mm)Round Plastic (40mm)Round Metal w/ Opaque Hood (40mm)None
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Natural 4000KWarm 2850K
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Mini Round Recessed LED Accent Lights are a great way to add useful safety lighting to steps, stairways and hallways. This LED step light is also perfect for under-cabinet lighting, indoor accent lighting, closet lighting, bar lighting and shelf lighting. The LED has an output of 60 lumens and creates a 45° beam angle for aesthetic accent lighting as well as functional ambient lighting. This low-voltage step light uses very little energy and has 12V AC or 10-24V DC operation. A waterproof polycarbonate housing and shatterproof plastic lens seal all internal components. Flush mounts in a 1.38" hole using mounted retaining clips. The warm white or natural white LED is designed to last 50,000 hours. Select a face plate to match your designs.

3 Years
Super Bright LEDs, Inc. offers a 3-year warranty to protect against manufacturer defects and malfunctions. If you experience failure of an LED or other component not caused by negligence, abuse, unauthorized repair or disassembly, we will replace the product within the warranty period. If the same product is no longer available, a product of equal value may be substituted. Read More
ETL Listed
A product that bears an ETL-Certified label has been evaluated by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) and meets national product safety standards. An ETL certification is accepted in the U.S. and in Canada.
LED Mini Recessed Lights - 1 Watt - 10 Watt Equivalent - Mini Round Recessed Accent Lights - MRLF-1xW-m
  • Step Lighting
  • Deck Lights
  • Entry Way Lighting
  • Pagoda and Gazebo Lighting
  • Backyard Living Space Lights
  • Safety Lighting
  • Outlet Retrofiting: 3.5in. Rectangular J Box

The MRLF-1xW-m has an operating voltage range of 12 VAC, 10~24 VDC
Operating Voltage Range
10~24 VDC or 12 VAC

High Efficiency
High Efficiency
Environment Friendly, Low Energy Draw

MRLF-1xW-m outputs up to 60 lumens
High Output
Outputs 60 Lumens of Light

Sealed Housing
Water and Dust Proof Housing

Color Temperature
Select the Perfect White For Your Application

LEDs in MRLF-1xW-m will last 50000 Hours
Will Outlast Dozens of Incandescent Bulbs


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ImagePart NOLED ColorCCT / Wavelength
Comparable WattagePrice Ea.Lumen Per Dollar
MRLF-1NWNatural 4000K4000 K-$7.957.55 lumen/dollar
MRLF-1WWWarm 2850K2850 K-$7.957.55 lumen/dollar
MRLF-1NW-HTBNatural 4000K4000 K-$12.404.84 lumen/dollar
MRLF-1NW-HTNNatural 4000K4000 K-$12.404.84 lumen/dollar
MRLF-1NW-MTBNatural 4000K4000 K-$12.404.84 lumen/dollar
MRLF-1NW-MTNNatural 4000K4000 K-$12.404.84 lumen/dollar
MRLF-1NW-MTWNatural 4000K4000 K-$12.404.84 lumen/dollar
MRLF-1NW-RTBNatural 4000K4000 K-$9.406.38 lumen/dollar
MRLF-1NW-RTNNatural 4000K4000 K-$9.406.38 lumen/dollar
MRLF-1NW-RTWNatural 4000K4000 K-$9.406.38 lumen/dollar
MRLF-1WW-HTBWarm 2850K2850 K-$12.404.84 lumen/dollar
MRLF-1WW-HTNWarm 2850K2850 K-$12.404.84 lumen/dollar
MRLF-1WW-MTBWarm 2850K2850 K-$12.404.84 lumen/dollar
MRLF-1WW-MTNWarm 2850K2850 K-$12.404.84 lumen/dollar
MRLF-1WW-MTWWarm 2850K2850 K-$12.404.84 lumen/dollar
MRLF-1WW-RTBWarm 2850K2850 K-$9.406.38 lumen/dollar
MRLF-1WW-RTNWarm 2850K2850 K-$9.406.38 lumen/dollar
MRLF-1WW-RTWWarm 2850K2850 K-$9.406.38 lumen/dollar
MRLF-1NW-HTW2Natural 4000K4000 K-$12.404.84 lumen/dollar
MRLF-1WW-HTW2Warm 2850K2850 K-$12.404.84 lumen/dollar
MRLF-1xW-m - LED Mini Recessed Lights - 1 Watt - 1 LED Mini Round Recessed Accent Lights
LED Mini Recessed Lights - 1 Watt - 1 LED Mini Round Recessed Accent Lights

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Surprisingly Bright

These are great little button lights that you can tuck into a small place. The trims are low profile. Easily installed with a forstner bit or hole saw and strategic hiding of the wire. Hope that a 30 lumen model is offered later because sometimes these are too bright depending on the application and they cannot be dimmed. Great little light for a good price. Would be nice if the wire lead was longer. This would allow more installation flexibility.

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Nice auto motive interior accent lights.

I restore/build classic/custom performance cars. I like putting unique interior accent lighting in the cars that are to get update/custom features. These lights work great for that. The only downside is that you have to figure out your own method of panel mounting them. They come with spring steel prongs that are meant to be pushed into a hole for outdoor step lights. If you don't use the optional power supply, they work on 12 VDC. I modified extra trim rings and used them as jam nuts. You will have to buy two trim rings per light to do this.

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What an improvement over factory lighting.

Replaced the step well lights under the dash in my 4X4, what a huge improvement!

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sweet rear running light

Don't let the size of this little gem fool you, this is one bright light. I stuck two of these on the rear of my C Dory-22 Cruiser as running lights (facing horizontal onto the water surface). I do a lot of night fishing for salmon on the great lakes, and I am tired of having a running light blinding me as we troll. The units recess perfectly into the two rear cockpits and the threaded surface cap finishes the install off quite nicely. The two metal pieces coupled with some 5200 do a nice job of holding the units in place. BRAVO for yet another great product, superbright.

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Little but very bright!

Perfect little lights for accent pieces i was building along my fireplace. They are small but very bright. I liked the beam spread and the warm white is consistent across all 6 of the units I purchased. Was very easy to install in 3/4" pine. Though I would probably drill a hole slightly smaller than 1.38" to ensure the metal rim sits tight and doesn't have room to move. All in all a great little light!

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