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9007 LED Headlight/Fog Light Conversion Kit with Aluminum Finned Heat Sinks - 6,000 Lumens/Set

Part Number: 9007-HLV6
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  • Flexible vented aluminum fins for excellent heat dissipation
  • 6,000 Lumens of cool white (6500K) light/set
  • Can Bus compatible
  • Lifetime warranty
$89.88 per Pair
Volume price as low as $80.89
Orders ship on or before  Thursday 02/20/2020
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Increase your safety and visibility with this 9007 LED headlight/fog light kit. The dual-intensity LED headlight bulbs emit 6,000 lumens of cool white illumination per set (3,000 lumens each). They feature flexible, vented aluminum fins for excellent heat dissipation and increased longevity. Fins can be bent and rotated on the bulb's base for a better fit in tight spaces. The compact bulbs last 13 times longer than halogen bulbs and 3 times longer than HID bulbs. LED arrays in each bulb are designed to mimic the filament in halogen bulbs—creating a closely matched beam style. Each headlight bulb has 2 rows of LEDs that are activated individually for high- or low-beam settings. Only 1 row of LEDs is in use at any given time, and intensity is the same for both sets. These waterproof, CAN Bus compatible bulbs operate within a wide 9-32 VDC range. The long-lasting kit includes 2 LED headlight bulbs with 9007 plugs and hardware to adjust fins. Price per kit.

Important Notes - Please read before purchasing:
  1. High-Power LED Headlights generate a lot of heat, which can be damaging to its circuitry. All SBL Headlight Bulbs come with heatsinking options that will protect and extend the life of your headlights. This means that LED Headlights require extra space behind the headlamp in order to function properly. Be sure to check this area under your hood before ordering.
Warranties & Certifications
Super Bright LEDs, Inc. offers a Lifetime Warranty to protect against manufacturer defects and malfunctions. If you experience failure of an LED or other component not caused by negligence, abuse, unauthorized repair or disassembly, we will replace the product. If the same product is no longer available, a product of equal value may be substituted. Read More
In order for certain products within controlled categories, such as electrical and electronic devices, to be legally sold in the European Economic Area, they must bear a CE label, which stands for Conformité Européenne (European Conformity). Products with this label meet environmental, health, and safety standards put into place by European legislation.
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High-Power LED Headlights generate heat, which can be damaging to their circuitry. All SBL headlight bulbs come with heat sinking options that will protect and extend the life of your headlights. This means that LED headlights require extra space behind the headlamp. Because they lack bulky fans and braided heat sinks, HLV6 headlights don't require as much space as other LED headlight bulbs, but a mounting area is required for their external drivers. Be sure to check this area under your hood before ordering to ensure that adequate space is available.
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9007-HLV6 - LED Headlight Kit - 9007 LED Headlight Conversion Kit with Aluminum Finned Heat Sinks
LED Headlight Kit - 9007 LED Headlight Conversion Kit with Aluminum Finned Heat Sinks



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9007's that work (plus) at last!

For some time I have been purchasing and returning LED headlight bulbs, mostly related to focus issues like performing as floods instead of spots. Illuminating the sides of the road and producing dark holes straight ahead, etc. The poor reviews on many on-line products I have found, corroborate my findings, even lights from SBL.

Super Brights new bulb P/N 9007-HLV6 is what 9007 bulb users have been waiting for! When I received them, I confirmed the LED cells were configured in the proper relationship to match the optics of the 9007 tandem filaments. Best of all, when installed….performance at last!

My ford F-250 Fresnel lenses have an awesome pattern in both high and low beam. Also tested in a 2000 Ford Escort with reflector lenses, again great pattern both high and low with nice dense controlled beams with excellent cutoff. I have converted our Ford Escorts (1990-1996 generation) to 9007 configurations (very easy BTW) and tried the new 9007-HLV6 in her car. AWESOME! They work, nice clean beams high and low, excellent cutoff, beautiful color temp, blows the ones in my car away. Easily 80% better. These bulbs also produce the expected and measurable high/ low differential that has been missing in all designs, in other words, yes there is a high and a low beam!

These are fabulous bulbs, my neighbor saw them and wants some, so I am ordering today for him and the rest of my cars. Placing an order today for 6 more sets. WELL DONE (and overdue) a milestone in aftermarket LED headlights!

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Eureka someone finally got the design right!

I too have been trying many different LED headlight upgrades from various manufacturers, my most recent set was from PUTCO and cost almost 3 time what these do, and like others have posted, I too had problems with focus, mostly with high beam being a useless flood light, these light solve that problem with the CORRECT light array positioning for both low & high beam, they also produce a Very impressive amount of light. I would've given a 5 star rating but there is one small deficiency with them, that being they do have a slight flicker to them while in normal operation, almost as if they are picking up on the slight voltage fluctuations of the electrical system, I also purchased a set of the H11 fitment for my wife's Escape and have the same fluctuating light output, don't misunderstand me though, these lights are really impressive, enough so that I think the slight flicker is something I can live with just fine.

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Great product

Great product. Huge improvement from my OEM light bulbs. Only modification required was to cut the lock ring to mount between the back of the bulb and the base of the heat sink (ID of the lock ring not big enough to go over the heat sink and cooling fins). Was a 15 second cut with a normal hand saw in a bench vise. Customer service is great. I ordered 2 upgrade kits, not realizing there's two bulbs (one car's worth) in a kit, so I ended up with an extra kit. Sent an email to customer service over the holiday weekend and by Monday morning there was a RMA and postage paid return instructions. Dropped it in the box, mailed it back and a few days later, the credit showed up on my card. Can't be happier. Will buy from again.

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Let there be light

Great lights. Only 2 small issues. working with the fins in a small space is a bit difficult, & had to remove bezels to put retainer ring on & got on 180* out. So got everything back together in a bear of a headlight bucket only to have 1 work properly & the other to work opposite ( go to high beam 1 went up & 1 went down) Although not lights fault except could be made to only go on 1 way. If I was paying someone to install would have had an extra labor charge. But back to my initial response.... GREAT LIGHTS

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EASY installation. No extra wiring or cutting anything at all, simple plug and play! Very bright and clean looking. Absolutely love these headlights! Look forward to buying more products from here!

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