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8ft T8/T12 LED Tube - 2 4-foot Sections - 36W - 4860 Lumens - Dual End Ballast Bypass Type B - 75W Equivalent - 5000K

Part Number: T12B-xK36W-8S


  • Type B bypass ballast dual ended wiring
  • 2-piece 4’ tubes seamlessly connect
  • Designed for economical shipping and install
  • Adapts to G13, FA8, or R17D fixture bases with included adapters
  • Replaces 75W fluorescents
  • UL Classified, 5 year warranty
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Replacing fluorescent tubes with easier and safer construction, T8/T12 LED Type B Tube is designed for convenience. This LED light comes in two manageable 4’ sections that quick connect together, instead of a long breakable 8’ tube, and secures with a magnetic clamp for additional support. It is dual ended with multiple base adapters, conveniently installing in old fixtures and bypassing the ballast. Frosted shatterproof lens emits comfortable, smooth illumination, while aluminum frame is both durable and lightweight. Upgrade warehouse and office lighting with this flicker-free, energy efficient tube.

Product Details:
  • Type A also available
  • Dual ended, single-pin FA8 base
  • G13 base with included FA8 and R17D adapters
  • Rated for open or enclosed fixtures
  • Frosted polycarbonate lens
  • 5000K color temperature
  • 50,000 hour (L70) rated life
  • UL Classified in compliance with UL 1598C
  • Rated for dry/damp locations (IP20)
  • 5-year warranty

5 Years
Super Bright LEDs, Inc. offers a 5-year warranty to protect against manufacturer defects and malfunctions. If you experience failure of an LED or other component not caused by negligence, abuse, unauthorized repair or disassembly, we will replace the product within the warranty period. If the same product is no longer available, a product of equal value may be substituted. Read More
UL Classified
Underwriters Laboratories (UL) LLC is an independent testing agency that works to verify product safety and quality. UL tests specific properties of product samples to ensure that they adhere to applicable UL requirements, Standards for Safety, and other national and international organization's standards.
  • Factories
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Commercial Complexes
  • Industrial Facilities

T12B-xK36W-8S Supported Electrical Configurations

Connection Types

Type B Dual-End LED Tube Lights can be placed into unmodified sockets and simply need to be oriented to match the existing polarity of the fixture.

Dual Ended

Electrically connected on both ends of the tube, with one end connecting to line and one to neutral. This type can use shunted or non-shunted sockets. As with the original bulbs these are replacing, one end of the tube connects to L and the opposite end to N—one end should not be connected to both.

Ballast Compatibility

Bypassing ballast is required for Dual-End Type B LED Tube Light installations and will not function if connection to the ballast is left intact. This is a popular solution when relamping, due to the likelihood of an eventual ballast failure.

How To Wire:

Socket Wiring

When installing Type B Dual-End LED Tube Lights in a fixture which previously had a fluorescent tube light you can simply install the light leaving the sockets in a shunted or non-shunted configuration.


Both contacts in the same socket (tombstone) are connected/bridged and are the same polarity—either L or N.


Contacts in the same socket (tombstone) are split, but can be either the same polarity or opposing polarity depending on the way the socket (tombstone) is wired.

Determining Shunted or Non-Shunted

Below are some typical examples of how shunted or non-shunted sockets might look. You should always check the socket terminals with a multimeter before installing bulbs or rewiring. If the two sides of a socket have continuity, then the socket is shunted regardless of appearance.

Need To Wire Differently?

LED tubes lights can be wired with or without ballast, and from either end depending on the tube type.


T12B-xK36W-8S - 8ft T8/T12 LED Tube - 36W - 4860 Lumens - Dual End Ballast Bypass Type B - 75W Equivalent - 5000K
8ft T8/T12 LED Tube - 36W - 4860 Lumens - Dual End Ballast Bypass Type B - 75W Equivalent - 5000K


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These are Super Bright, For Sure!

Can bulbs be too bright? Maybe! I needed to replace some 8' flr bulbs in a closet with a horribly loud, buzzing ballast. I was able to quickly and easily remove the ballast and rewire the dual-bulb fixture. However, I found that having TWO of these in a small 12'x3' closet is simply overkill. Luckily, I opted to wire the two bulbs in parallel (hot to both bulbs on the same end, then tie the neutral wire to both far ends), so I can easily remove one of the bulbs.

Next up: my boiler room has four 8' flr bulbs, and my storage/work room has another ten, so I've got a lot more rewiring to do, but I'll keep doing them in parallel. It would be great if there were a lower-wattage option (maybe 30W), which would also save a bit of electricity, too (without looking funny when leaving one bulb out of each fixture), but we're pressing forward.

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Great upgrade to old ballast style, florescent fixtures.
Easy to install and are very bright !
Beats the update I did to one prior unit..with LED disk lights !

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Super Bright LEDs you lit up my life!

I have two 8' fluorescent lights in my garage and the ballast went bad in one and I was planning to replace that ballast when a friend suggested converting it to LED. I am so glad I listened to my friend, the conversion was super easy and the light that the LED tube provides is fantastic!
The light from the LED is so good that I can't wait for the other Fluorescent to go bad as well!
I don't know about you, but I love it when a product really is as good as the seller claims.
Thank you Super Bright LEDs!

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Exceeded expectations.

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Great bulb for the price made well

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