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18W T8 Hybrid LED Tube - 2,070 Lumens - 4ft - Ballast Compatible/Single End Ballast Bypass Type A/B - 32W Equivalent - 5000K/4000K/3500K

Part Number: T8AB-xK18S-GF


  • Replaces 4' F32T8 fluorescent tubes
  • Plug-and-play/ballast-bypass type A/B
  • Mercury-free, instant-on
  • UL and DLC Listed
  • 5-Year warranty
Select Color Options:
Cool 5000K
Natural 4000K
Warm 3500K
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$8.95 ea. (per Bulb)
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These Hybrid LED T8 tubes are the long-lasting alternatives to F32T8 fluorescent tube lights. The 4' ballast-compatible/ballast-bypass tube light bulb can be used in direct-wire fluorescent fixtures or to replace T8 tubes in ballasted fixtures. It emits 2,070 lumens of cool, natural, or warm white illumination. Unlike fluorescent lights, this LED T8 tube turns on instantly—even in cold weather—and is simple to dispose of because it contains no harmful mercury. The single-ended LED light uses just 18 watts of power—significantly less than the 32 watts of an equivalent fluorescent tube light. With a life expectancy 5 times as long as fluorescent tubes, the LED T8 tube reduces costly repairs, disposal fees, and the need for replacements. Price per bulb, 4-pack, 25-pack, or 50-pack. It's perfect for basements, offices, schools, hospitals, factories, and more.

5 Years
Super Bright LEDs, Inc. offers a 5-year warranty to protect against manufacturer defects and malfunctions. If you experience failure of an LED or other component not caused by negligence, abuse, unauthorized repair or disassembly, we will replace the product within the warranty period. If the same product is no longer available, a product of equal value may be substituted. Read More
The DesignLights Consortium® (DLC®) partners with energy-efficiency groups and utility companies to establish a set of standards for commercial LED light fixtures. The product is tested and must meet quality, energy-efficiency, and performance requirements to be added to the DLC's Qualified Products List. For more information, click here. To view all of our DLC® listed products, click here
UL Listed
Underwriters Laboratories (UL) LLC is an independent testing agency that works to verify product safety and quality. A UL-Listed label means that product samples have been tested by UL and that the product meets their Standards for Safety requirements.
  • Factories
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Commercial Complexes
  • Industrial Facilities

T8AB-xK18S-GF Supported Electrical Configurations

Connection Types

Type A/B Hybrid LED Tube Lights are a versatile option. They can be connected as a true plug-n-play replacement for a flourescent tube light using a Dual-End Type A configuration, or they can be wired as a ballast bypassed Single-Ended Type B Tube Light.

Single Ended (Type B Configuration)

Electrically connected from one end of the tube, one pin connecting to line and one to neutral. This type requires non-shunted sockets and rewiring

Dual Ended (Type A Configuration)

Electrically connected on both ends of the tube, with one end connecting to line and one to neutral. This type can use shunted or non-shunted sockets. As with the original bulbs these are replacing, one end of the tube connects to L and the opposite end to N—one end should not be connected to both.

Ballast Compatibility

Type A/B LED Tube Lights offer wiring options for using existing in-line ballast, or bypassing the ballast. The Dual-End Type A configuraiton allows the light to be powered on using the existing ballast, the Single-Ended Type B configuration allows the ballast to be bypassed entirely.

How To Wire Dual-End Type A:
How To Wire Single-End Type B:

Socket Wiring

The shunting configuration for Type A/B Hybrid Tube Lights is dependent on if you want to use the light in a Dual-End Type A configuration, or a Dual-End Type B configuration.

Shunted (Type A Dual-End)

Both contacts in the same socket (tombstone) are connected/bridged and are the same polarity—either L or N.

Non-Shunted (Type A Dual-End, Type B Single-End)

Contacts in the same socket (tombstone) are split, but can be either the same polarity or opposing polarity depending on the way the socket (tombstone) is wired. A non-shunted socket is required for single end Type B installations.

Determining Shunted or Non-Shunted

Below are some typical examples of how shunted or non-shunted sockets might look. You should always check the socket terminals with a multimeter before installing bulbs or rewiring. If the two sides of a socket have continuity, then the socket is shunted regardless of appearance.

Need To Wire Differently?

LED tubes lights can be wired with or without ballast, and from either end depending on the tube type.


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Part NOColor Temperature
LED QuantityLED Wattage
Intensity per LEDMilliwatt
CCT / Wavelength
Price Ea.Product WeightLumen Per DollarIP Rating
-T8AB-35K18S-GFWarm 3500K ----3500 K(Discontinued)-231.28 lumen/dollar-
-T8AB-40K18S-GFNatural 4000K ----4000 K$8.95-231.28 lumen/dollar-
-T8AB-50K18S-GFCool 5000K ----5000 K(Discontinued)-231.28 lumen/dollar-
-T8AB-35K18S-GF-4PKWarm 3500K ----3500 K(Discontinued)-232.58 lumen/dollar-
-T8AB-35K18S-GF-25PKWarm 3500K ----3500 K(Discontinued)-237.44 lumen/dollar-
-T8AB-40K18S-GF-4PKNatural 4000K ----4000 K(Discontinued)-232.58 lumen/dollar-
-T8AB-40K18S-GF-25PKNatural 4000K ----4000 K(Discontinued)-237.44 lumen/dollar-
-T8AB-50K18S-GF-4PKCool 5000K ----5000 K(Discontinued)-232.58 lumen/dollar-
-T8AB-50K18S-GF-25PKCool 5000K ----5000 K(Discontinued)-237.44 lumen/dollar-
-T8AB-40K18S-GF-50PKNatural 4000K ----4000 K(Discontinued)-243.56 lumen/dollar-
-T8AB-35K18S-GF-50PKWarm 3500K ----3500 K(Discontinued)-243.56 lumen/dollar-
-T8AB-50K18S-GF-50PKCool 5000K ----5000 K(Discontinued)-243.56 lumen/dollar-
T8AB-xK18S-GF - DLC Listed T8 LED Tube - 32W Equivalent - Ballast Bypass/Ballast Compatible F32T8 Type A/B - 2070 Lumens
DLC Listed T8 LED Tube - 32W Equivalent - Ballast Bypass/Ballast Compatible F32T8 Type A/B - 2070 Lumens


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Happy with lights so far.

Very happy with purchase. I bought the 3500k bulbs, which were perfect for some of the rooms, but I wish I would have got the 4000 too, but that's on me...
Bypassing the ballast was easy, took 15 minutes per fixture. I'll buy more as needed.

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I am very pleased so far. It was easy to modify my old fixtures to work with the new bulbs. I just cut out the ooold ballasts and directly connected the new bulb fixtures. What do I do with the old , probably PCB containing, ballasts?

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Technical Level
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good long lasting bulb

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Technical Level
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I hope LED's live up to the hype

Purchased 150 light tubes over 4 months and all but one worked. Current draw is half of the T8 florescents they replaced. They seem brighter even though the rated light output is slightly less than Florescent tubes. I do need to do more research but I do know that LED's are capable of putting out a pure frequency of light. Whereas the light coming from incandescent or florescent is a frequency band. a narrow band but a band and not a pure frequency of light. This may explain why they appear brighter. My hope is to get the 30,000+ hours of operation. That would put it out to 20+ years before they need changed.

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Technical Level
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All 4 tubes arrived shattered in spite of being well packaged.
Customer service immediately sent replacements that work well.

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