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15W T8 LED Tube - 1730 Lumens - 4ft - Dual End Ballast Bypass Type B - 32W Equivalent - 5000K/4000K/3500K

Part Number: T8BD-xK15S-GF


  • Replaces 4’ 32W fluorescent tube lights
  • Shatter-resistant coating; perfect for food service applications
  • Emits 1730 lumens; available in 5000K, 4000K, or 3500K
  • UL listed and DLC certified
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Cool 5000K
Natural 4000K
Warm 3500K
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Replace traditional fluorescent bulbs with these 4’ dual-ended ballast-bypass LED T8 bulbs to receive long-lasting, high-quality illumination. Designed for direct-wire ballast-bypass installation, these bulbs are compatible with both shunted and non-shunted tombstones. Manufactured without mercury for safe, inexpensive disposal. Long lifespan slashes maintenance and replacement costs.

Product Details:
  • A top choice for commercial, retail, and healthcare applications
  • Replaces F32T8 32W fluorescent bulbs
  • Dual-end ballast bypass type B
  • Emits 1730 lumens
  • 15W total power consumption
  • Available in warm, natural, or cool white light
  • 120-277 VAC input
  • Lifetime exceeds 50000 hours
  • UL listed and DLC certified
  • Five-year warranty

5 Years
Super Bright LEDs, Inc. offers a 5-year warranty to protect against manufacturer defects and malfunctions. If you experience failure of an LED or other component not caused by negligence, abuse, unauthorized repair or disassembly, we will replace the product within the warranty period. If the same product is no longer available, a product of equal value may be substituted. Read More
The DesignLights Consortium® (DLC®) partners with energy-efficiency groups and utility companies to establish a set of standards for commercial LED light fixtures. The product is tested and must meet quality, energy-efficiency, and performance requirements to be added to the DLC's Qualified Products List. For more information, click here. To view all of our DLC® listed products, click here
UL Listed
Underwriters Laboratories (UL) LLC is an independent testing agency that works to verify product safety and quality. A UL-Listed label means that product samples have been tested by UL and that the product meets their Standards for Safety requirements.
  • Factories
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Commercial Complexes
  • Industrial Facilities

T8BD-xK15S-GF Supported Electrical Configurations

Connection Types

Type B Dual-End LED Tube Lights can be placed into unmodified sockets and simply need to be oriented to match the existing polarity of the fixture.

Dual Ended

Electrically connected on both ends of the tube, with one end connecting to line and one to neutral. This type can use shunted or non-shunted sockets. As with the original bulbs these are replacing, one end of the tube connects to L and the opposite end to N—one end should not be connected to both.

Ballast Compatibility

Bypassing ballast is required for Dual-End Type B LED Tube Light installations and will not function if connection to the ballast is left intact. This is a popular solution when relamping, due to the likelihood of an eventual ballast failure.

How To Wire:

Socket Wiring

When installing Type B Dual-End LED Tube Lights in a fixture which previously had a fluorescent tube light you can simply install the light leaving the sockets in a shunted or non-shunted configuration.


Both contacts in the same socket (tombstone) are connected/bridged and are the same polarity—either L or N.


Contacts in the same socket (tombstone) are split, but can be either the same polarity or opposing polarity depending on the way the socket (tombstone) is wired.

Determining Shunted or Non-Shunted

Below are some typical examples of how shunted or non-shunted sockets might look. You should always check the socket terminals with a multimeter before installing bulbs or rewiring. If the two sides of a socket have continuity, then the socket is shunted regardless of appearance.

Need To Wire Differently?

LED tubes lights can be wired with or without ballast, and from either end depending on the tube type.


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Part NOColor Temperature
LED QuantityLED Wattage
Intensity per LEDMilliwatt
CCT / Wavelength
Price Ea.Product WeightLumen Per Dollar
-T8BD-40K15S-GFNatural 4000K ----4000 $5.95-290.76 lumen/dollar
-T8BD-50K15S-GFCool 5000K ----5000 $5.95-290.76 lumen/dollar
-T8BD-40K15S-GF-4PKNatural 4000K ----4000 $23.60-293.22 lumen/dollar
-T8BD-50K15S-GF-4PKCool 5000K ----5000 (Discontinued)-293.22 lumen/dollar
-T8BD-40K15S-GF-25PKNatural 4000K ----4000 $143.95-300.45 lumen/dollar
-T8BD-50K15S-GF-25PKCool 5000K ----5000 (Discontinued)-300.45 lumen/dollar
-T8BD-40K15S-GF-50PKNatural 4000K ----4000 $276.95-312.33 lumen/dollar
-T8BD-50K15S-GF-50PKCool 5000K ----5000 (Discontinued)-312.33 lumen/dollar
-T8BD-35K15S-GFWarm 3500K ----3500 $5.95-290.76 lumen/dollar
-T8BD-35K15S-GF-50PKWarm 3500K ----3500 $276.95-312.33 lumen/dollar
-T8BD-35K15S-GF-4PKWarm 3500K ----3500 $23.60-293.22 lumen/dollar
-T8BD-35K15S-GF-25PKWarm 3500K ----3500 $143.95-300.45 lumen/dollar
T8BD-xK15S-GF - 15W T8 LED Tube - 1,730 Lumens - 4ft - Dual End Ballast Bypass Type B - 32W Equivalent - 5000K/4000K
15W T8 LED Tube - 1,730 Lumens - 4ft - Dual End Ballast Bypass Type B - 32W Equivalent - 5000K/4000K


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Ripped out my old ballasts and just went direct hot to the tombstones at one end and ground to the other. Checked the connections and put these in bingo. Bright and instant light. No hesitation and no wondering about polarity is nice.

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Easy fix or upgrade from fluorescent tubes

I bought the 4000K tubes to fix my closet light and to proactively update my laundry room light. Removing the ballast and rewiring the sockets was as simple as cutting the ballast wires, stripping the wire ends, and using a wire nut on each side to make the connections. The LED tubes went in just like the old tubes, and they work great. Less than 10 minutes per light fixture to update. Highly recommended!

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These LED lights put out great lighting for my small kitchen area! Thanks

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4' LED Lights

Good lights. Fair price. As advertised.

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