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LED Light Strips - Copper Finish LED Tape Light with 18 SMDs/ft., 3 Chip SMD LED 5050

Part Number: NFLS-X3-DI
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Cool 6500KCool 5600KWarm 3250K
RedUV (Blacklight)YellowAmberGreenBlue
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19.7in (1.64ft)196.9in (16.40ft)
$24.88 ea.
Volume price as low as $19.90
Orders ship on or before  Thursday 04/25/2019

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NFLS-X3 series flexible LED light strip with High Power 3-chip 5050SMD LEDs.Available in 5 meter (197 in), 1 meter (39.3 in), and 1/2 meter (19.5 in) lengths with copper finish. Non-weatherproof flexible light strips with adhesive backing, can be cut into 3-LED segments. 12VDC operation. Available in Standard Density. Dimmable - See compatible LED dimmers.

Warranties & Certifications
5 Years
Super Bright LEDs, Inc. offers a 5-year warranty to protect against manufacturer defects and malfunctions. If you experience failure of an LED or other component not caused by negligence, abuse, unauthorized repair or disassembly, we will replace the product within the warranty period. If the same product is no longer available, a product of equal value may be substituted. Read More
UL Listed
Underwriters Laboratories (UL) LLC is an independent testing agency that works to verify product safety and quality. A UL-Listed label means that product samples have been tested by UL and that the product meets their Standards for Safety requirements.
ISA Approved
Products that have an International Solid-State Lighting Alliance (ISA) label are approved as quality, energy-efficient LED lights that help to create a sustainable society.


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Part NONumber of LEDs in UnitTotal LengthLED ColorCCT / Wavelength
Lumen Per FootBrightness
Current Draw Per FootMax Run
Current Draw
Wattage TotalPrice Ea.Operating Temperature
NFLS-CW300X3-DI300196.9 Cool 6500K6500 K360 lm/ft6600 lm292 mA/ft14.80 A3.5 W/ft8057 W$24.88-
NFLS-NW300X3-DI300196.9 Cool 5600K5600 K380 lm/ft5610 lm274 mA/ft14.50 A3.3 W/ft7354 W(Discontinued)-
NFLS-WW300X3-DI300196.9 Warm 3250K3250 K380 lm/ft6240 lm292 mA/ft14.80 A3.5 W/ft6258 W(Discontinued)-
NFLS-B300X3-DI300196.9 Blue470 nm32918 mcd/ft540000 mcd292 mA/ft14.80 A3.5 W/ft-48 W(Discontinued)-
NFLS-G300X3-DI300196.9 Green525 nm100584 mcd/ft1650000 mcd292 mA/ft14.80 A3.5 W/ft-58 W(Discontinued)-
NFLS-R300X3-DI300196.9 Red626 nm54864 mcd/ft900000 mcd335 mA/ft15.50 A4 W/ft-66 W$24.88-
NFLS-A300X3-DI300196.9 Amber610 nm54864 mcd/ft900000 mcd335 mA/ft15.50 A4 W/ft-66 W(Discontinued)-
NFLS-CW30X3-DI3019.7 Cool 6500K6500 K360 lm/ft660 lm29 mA/ft100.48 A3.5 W/ft-5.8 W(Discontinued)-
NFLS-NW30X3-DI3019.7 Cool 5600K5600 K380 lm/ft623 lm274 mA/ft100.45 A3.3 W/ft-5.4 W(Discontinued)-
NFLS-WW30X3-DI3019.7 Warm 3250K3250 K380 lm/ft623 lm292 mA/ft100.48 A3.5 W/ft-5.8 W(Discontinued)-
NFLS-B30X3-DI3019.7 Blue470 nm32918 mcd/ft54000 mcd292 mA/ft100.48 A3.5 W/ft-4.8 W(Discontinued)-
NFLS-R30X3-DI3019.7 Red626 nm54864 mcd/ft90000 mcd335 mA/ft100.55 A4 W/ft-6.6 W(Discontinued)-
NFLS-G30X3-DI3019.7 Green525 nm100584 mcd/ft165000 mcd292 mA/ft100.48 A3.5 W/ft-5.8 W(Discontinued)-
NFLS-Y30X33019.7 Yellow605 nm57000 mcd/ft90000 mcd335 mA/ft100.55 A4 W/ft-6.6 W(Discontinued)-
NFLS-UV30X3-DI3019.7 UV440 nm57000 mcd/ft-305 mA/ft100.50 A3.7 W/ft-6 W(Discontinued)-
NFLS-Y300X3-DI300196.9 Yellow605 nm57000 mcd/ft900000 mcd335 mA/ft15.50 A4 W/ft-66 W(Discontinued)-
NFLS-A30X3-DI3019.7 Amber610 nm54864 mcd/ft90000 mcd335 mA/ft100.55 A4 W/ft-6.6 W(Discontinued)-
NFLS-UV300X3-DI300196.9 UV440 nm57000 mcd/ft-305 mA/ft15.00 A3.7 W/ft-60 W(Discontinued)-

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Flexible - In More Ways Than One!

This LED strip light product lets me light up small spaces with plenty of light, yet its weight is negligible. I can cut the strip into 3-device segments, or I can use the whole thing at once. The adhesive backing is a nice plus.

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Great alternative RV Lighting

My wife and I decided we would upgrade our RV lighting. However, after reviewing the limited selections available and the cost for one single fixture, we determined that the best solution was to retrofit the lighting we had with LED's. I researched a number of options before deciding to modify the fixtures we have with the LED light strips. Our hope was that it would be a simple project and also refresh the look of our RV lighting. The installation process was very easy, though no instructions came with the connectors and couplings. We had to work a bit to remove the tape from the ends in order for the connectors to work correctly, but it went well. The next step was to position the strips in the proper place, which was simple. All our lights are updated now. The look is great and the light is much better. It's a great alternative for RV lighting! We would highly recommend!

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Good Match

We were looking for a strip that would allow us to convert a 4’ two tube AC operated flourencent fixture to AC/DC operation in an older mobile communication van. We removed all the guts and put in two strips with a small 12vdc 8 amp power brick. One switch controlled one strip on and off and the other selected AC or DC operation. The project is not yet completed. If we find two strips in each fixture is insufficient, we will add two more. The level of brightness and color matched our needs. Nice product, good price and fast shipping.

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Good and Bright

Bought these to install in the closets of our RV. Coupled with a PLS-3A IR switch
and a BPS-12VDC-AA AA Battery Power Supply, these are great for that purpose!

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