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3528 White High-CRI LED Strip Light - Slim LED Tape Light w/ Plug-and-Play LC2 Connectors - 12V - IP20 - 110 Lumens/ft

Part Number: NFLS-SS-x-LC2
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Product Details

  • High CRI - Shows colors accurately
  • 12V
  • 3M™ Adhesive backing & plug-and-play connectors
  • Can be cut every 1"
  • 5-Year warranty
  • 0-100% Dimmable
Select LED Color:
Cool 5700KCool 5000KNatural 4000KWarm 2700K
Select Length:
19.7in (1.64ft)39.4in (3.28ft)196.9in (16.40ft)
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This 12V flexible LED light strip emits 110 lumens of cool, natural, or warm white illumination per foot. With a high CRI (color-rendering index) of up to 93, light from the LEDs will show the true colors of any object or surrounding. The 1.64', 3.28', or 16.4' LED tape light can be easily cut into separate 3-LED segments and installed with its peel-and-stick 3M™ adhesive backing. Attached plug-and-play LC2 locking connectors let you quickly power and join multiple strips. This strip is designed to last 30,000 hours. It's great for retail shops, jewelry cases, supermarkets, food and meat cases, museums, galleries, videography, under-cabinet lighting, or any indoor application where presentation, appearance, and depth of color are critical.

5 Years
Super Bright LEDs, Inc. offers a 5-year warranty to protect against manufacturer defects and malfunctions. If you experience failure of an LED or other component not caused by negligence, abuse, unauthorized repair or disassembly, we will replace the product within the warranty period. If the same product is no longer available, a product of equal value may be substituted. Read More
UL Listed
Underwriters Laboratories (UL) LLC is an independent testing agency that works to verify product safety and quality. A UL-Listed label means that product samples have been tested by UL and that the product meets their Standards for Safety requirements.
ISA Approved
Products that have an International Solid-State Lighting Alliance (ISA) label are approved as quality, energy-efficient LED lights that help to create a sustainable society.
3528 White High-CRI LED Strip Light - Slim LED Tape Light w/ Plug-and-Play LC2 Connectors - 12V - IP20 - 110 Lumens/ft - NFLS-SS-x-LC2
LED Backlights
Accent Lighting
Off Grid Lighting
Cove LED Lighting
Under-Cabinet Lighting
Bias Lighting
LED Display Case Lighting
Trade Show Lighting

Voltage Range
Operating Voltage Range
9~14.8 VDC

LEDs in NFLS-SS-x-LC2 will last 30000 Hours
LEDs In Strip Light Will Last 30000 Hours or More

Light Strip Can Be Dimmed For Varying Levels of Intensity

90 +Color Rendering Index
All Versions of This Product Have a CRI of 90 or Higher

Cut Into Strips
Cut Into Strips
Can Be Easily Cut Into 3-LED Segments

Adhesive Backing
Adhesive Backing
Easy Install - Peel-And-Stick Backing


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Part NONumber of LEDs in UnitTotal LengthLED ColorCCT / Wavelength
IntensityRadiant PowerCurrent Draw @ Operating Voltage
Power ConsumptionMax Run
PriceOperating Temperature
NFLS-SS-WW450-LC2450196.9 Warm 2700K2700 K1805 lm-1.57 A18.8 W292$46.88-
NFLS-SS-NW450-LC2450196.9 Natural 4000K4000 K1805 lm-1.57 A18.8 W293$46.88-
NFLS-SS-CW450-LC2450196.9 Cool 5700K5700 K1805 lm-1.57 A18.8 W292$46.88-
NFLS-SS-CW45-LC24519.7 Cool 5000K5000 K180 lm-0.30 A3.6 W2090$6.95-
NFLS-SS-NW45-LC24519.7 Natural 4000K4000 K180 lm-0.28 A3.5 W2090$6.95-
NFLS-SS-WW45-LC24519.7 Warm 2700K2700 K180 lm-0.28 A3.4 W2092(Discontinued)-
NFLS-SS-CW90-LC29039.4 Cool 5700K5700 K360 lm-0.55 A6.6 W1088(Discontinued)-
NFLS-SS-NW90-LC29039.4 Natural 4000K4000 K360 lm-0.55 A6.6 W1088$11.95-
NFLS-SS-WW90-LC29039.4 Warm 2700K2700 K360 lm-0.28 A6.6 W1092$11.95-
 Product Documentation
NFLS-SS-x450-LC2 - LED Light Strips Reel - 16.4ft (5m) Super Slim High Density LED Tape Light with 27 SMDs/ft., 1 Chip S
LED Light Strips Reel - 16.4ft (5m) Super Slim High Density LED Tape Light with 27 SMDs/ft., 1 Chip SMD LED 3528 with LC2 Connector

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Very high CRI, good quality, but max run of 1

I have installed two variants of this led strip (warm white and cool white). Both are appropriately labeled -- the warm is a pretty warm white that looks pretty natural, and the cool white is a very blue-white (but not inappropriately so; 5800k is probably accurate). I'm very happy with those aspects of the system. My only challenge is that as of today (September 2016) under "Specifications" it suggests a Max Run of 2 (that you should be able to connect two 5m strips together without seeing a noticeable drop-off in brightness). I set up my system to have runs of two strips, connected with the built-in plugs. The second strips is noticeably darker. This is true across four runs of two strips each (a total of 8 strings): in each case, the second strips in a run is significantly darker. It is immediately visible with the naked eye. If using this system, I'd strongly recommend a max run of 1 5m string.

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Great light, good product.

I used these strips to build my own photography light panel. So far their output is great and everything I got in my own built "kit" was pretty simple and easy. Unfortunately on 2 separate strips the contacts were either not held on tight or were weak because i had to cut and re-solder myself. It could've been due to bending the strip or it could've just been a week point, either way, i just cut off roughly an inch and a half or so, re-soldered my wires and they worked fine.

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Great for under-shelf lighting

I used these warm white LEDs for lighting a bookcase, positioning them on the bottoms of the shelves. The results were great; the right brightness level, and a nice warm color temperature. Installation was straightforward. The main challenge I encountered was that I had to cut the long roll into small segments to fit under the shelves, and soldering leads to the very small solder pads on the segments was a bit difficult using the 18 gauge wire I initially tried. It was somewhat easier when I switched to a smaller gauge wire.

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Great Unless Cut

This is a great product when used as is. The issue lies when the tape is cut into smaller strips (at the appropriate cut locations). The connectors and the tape often do not make good contact and then the lights will not work. We ended up having to purchase extra unbroken rolls to complete our undercabinet lighting project.

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Very Happy - Great Warm White Color

We used these in a walk in pantry under the lip of each shelf. Very happy with the Warm White color, very natural feeling. It took about a strip in a half (approx. 22') for each shelf as it wrapped around the room so I used a full roll and then half of the next row with small wire crimps (not soldering since each strip had a connecter on each end that I cut off).

Note that 5mm wide is very tiny. I mostly was able to keep it flat and wrap the tape to the underside lip. 3M tape system is good. I used the 3M wipes to prep the surface. One pack lasted only for 1.5 reels. I think it is mostly xylene.

Again, Very Happy

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