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Single Color LED Module - Linear Constant Current Sign Module w/ 3 SMD LEDs - 48 Lumens

Part Number: LSMCC-x3X3-LP
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Cool 7000K
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These single-color LED light modules provide consistent illumination for channel letters, sign lighting, under-cabinet lighting, store window lighting, display case lighting, and more! Modules are available in 25 packs or as singles that are stranded together upon purchase. Strands are wired together with 3.33" spacing between each module (up to 50 modules per strand). The 20-gauge wire is polarity sensitive; black striped wire is negative, and white wire is positive. Each LED module has 3 LEDs and emits up to 48 lumens. LEDs emit a wide 120° beam pattern that is best suited for illuminating up to 9" wide channel letters that are as shallow as 3". The low-profile PVC module is injection molded with a 0.13" screw hole for mounting in extreme cold or heat. Double-sided 3M adhesive foam tape is also included for secure mounting. The weatherproof module is constant-current driven with 12V DC operation and is designed to last 50,000 hours. Available in cool white, blue, green, yellow, and red colors.

5 Years
Super Bright LEDs, Inc. offers a 5-year warranty to protect against manufacturer defects and malfunctions. If you experience failure of an LED or other component not caused by negligence, abuse, unauthorized repair or disassembly, we will replace the product within the warranty period. If the same product is no longer available, a product of equal value may be substituted. Read More
UL Recognized
Underwriters Laboratories (UL) LLC is an independent testing agency that works to verify product safety and quality. A UL-Recognized label ensures that a product component, such as a power supply or LED light strip, has been tested and verified as safe to use in a UL-Listed product. UL-Listed product samples are tested by UL and meet their Standards for Safety requirements.
ISA Approved
Products that have an International Solid-State Lighting Alliance (ISA) label are approved as quality, energy-efficient LED lights that help to create a sustainable society.
Single Color LED Module - Linear Constant Current Sign Module w/ 3 SMD LEDs - 48 Lumens - LSMCC-x3X3-LP
LED Sign Lighting
Channel Lights
Cove LED Lighting
Edge Lit Signs
Trade Show Lighting

The LSMCC-x3X3-LP has an operating voltage range of 11~14 VDC
Operating Voltage Range
11~14 VDC

Beam Type
This product is constant-current driven to maximize lifetime. A constant-current driver is used to regulate the amount of current that is supplied to an LED or LED array. If current is not regulated, LED brightness can fluctuate and life span can be shortened. The constant-current driver is used for LEDs or light fixtures that require a stable output current and operate within a range of voltages.
Built-In Constant Current Driver
Ensures Constant Brightness with No Flickering or Dimming

Highly Visible
48 Lumens of Cool White Light

Light Can Be Dimmed For Varying Levels of Intensity

Sealed Housing
Water and Dust Proof Housing

LEDs in LSMCC-x3X3-LP will last 50000 Hours
Will Outlast Dozens of Incandescent Bulbs


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Max Module Run
CCT / Wavelength
Efficacy Per ModuleLumen Per ModuleCurrent Draw Per ModulePriceLumen Per Dollar
LSMCC-CW3X3-LP-507000 K-48 Lm/Module0.06 A(Discontinued)48.98 lumen/dollar
LSMCC-G3X3-LP-50520 nm-33 Lm/Module0.06 A(Discontinued)33.67 lumen/dollar
LSMCC-R3X3-LP-50630 nm-13.5 Lm/Module0.06 A(Discontinued)10.47 lumen/dollar
LSMCC-Y3X3-LP-50597 nm-13.5 Lm/Module0.06 A(Discontinued)10.47 lumen/dollar
LSMCC-B3X3-LP-50470 nm-6 Lm/Module0.06 A(Discontinued)6.12 lumen/dollar
LSMCC-B3X3-LP-25PK-1470 nm-6 Lm/Module0.06/1.25 A$22.886.56 lumen/dollar
LSMCC-CW3X3-LP-25PK-17000 K-48 Lm/Module0.06/1.25 A(Discontinued)52.45 lumen/dollar
LSMCC-G3X3-LP-25PK-1520 nm-33 Lm/Module0.06/1.25 A$19.8841.5 lumen/dollar
LSMCC-R3X3-LP-25PK-1630 nm-13.5 Lm/Module0.06/1.25 A(Discontinued)11.27 lumen/dollar
LSMCC-Y3X3-LP-25PK-1597 nm-13.5 Lm/Module0.06/1.25 A(Discontinued)11.27 lumen/dollar
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Channel Letter Can Depth vs. Optimal Face Luminous Consistency

Channel Letter Can Depth vs. Optimal Face Luminous Consistency
LSMCC-x3X3-LP - LSMCC series Constant Current SMD LED Sign Module
LSMCC series Constant Current SMD LED Sign Module
LSMCC-x3X3-LP - LSMCC series Constant Current SMD LED Sign Module
LSMCC series Constant Current SMD LED Sign Module

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Not good exposed to the weather

These are nice and bright and are awesome for pickup truck running board courtesy lights but don't last out in the weather. They all of the sudden dim and then die. Have had to replace twice now in 14 months. In the truck bed (with bed cover) they are great and hold up because they are protected from the weather. I wish these really were "weatherproof" because they give off a really nice light. The second set I sealed the wires where they enter the light module with silicone but that didn't seem to help. Any suggestions??

LED Light Staff Response

Thank you for your review of the LSMCC-B3X3-LP. Feedback is very important to us.
The product you purchased is a IP65 rating which is the lowest weather resistant rating we carry. We will replace them under terms of warranty but alternately would suggest the LSMCC-B3X3 which has a IP67 and should hold up better in your application. If you will let us know if you would like replacements of you current model or of the higher IP product,we will be glad to exchange them for you.

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These have a million uses!

I work at night quite often and inside of the van it's hard to find parts, tools, etc. in the dark. I bought some of these modules to light up the interior of the van and WOW what a difference. They run on 12VDC and are a breeze to install. They provide an abundance of clean white light to make working at night not so tough anymore. Great product!

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Did everything I wanted them to do. Used 6 sets of these lights in blue to mark a stucture on the ice and could easily see from 3 miles away. Great product at a good price.

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    Craig Gilbert CET
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Incredible Output

Could not believe how much light these put out. I used them to build a door indicator system and wow! I used 4 different colors and now I don't even need to be anywhere near the doors to know if they are open, closed, locked or unlocked. I can see it from a long ways off. Saves time from having to go and check, and I know if the areas are secure.

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Great for suplementary light

I am using these LEDs in a project with a choreographer. We want the dancers to be able to light each other from up close in addition to the light on them from onstage. The choreographer and I love that we can do that with these lights which are bright enough to show up on a body from extremely far away.

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