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LED Strip Lights - 12V LED Tape Light with LC2 Connector - 375 Lumens/ft.

Part Number: NFLS-X3-LC2
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Cool 6500K
Natural 4000K
Warm 3000K
UV (Blacklight)
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1.64ft (0.5m)
3.3ft (1m)
16.4ft (5m)
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This flexible LED light strip is great for cabinet lighting, under-cabinet lighting, toe-kick lighting, cove lighting, task lighting, bookshelf lighting, showcase lighting, cupboard lighting, bias lighting, or for other indoor applications where space is limited. Using up to 300 LEDs, the flexible light strip emits up to 375 lumens of powerful illumination per foot. The 1-5/8', 3-1/4', or 16-1/2' LED light strip is available with a white backing and can be easily cut into 3-LED segments and installed with its peel-and-stick adhesive backing. Attached LC2 locking connectors let you easily power and join multiple strips. Designed to last 30,000 hours, the single-color light strip operates within a 9-14.8V DC range and is available in cool white, natural white, warm white, UV (blacklight), blue, green, yellow, amber, and red. See compatible LED dimmers. Also available in a 24 VDC version (natural white and warm white) for longer continuous runs.

Important Notes - Please read before purchasing:
  1. Non-Weatherproof, Indoor use only unless contained within weatherproof housing or used in conjunction with weatherproofing products
  2. Cutting connector will not void warranty
5 Years
Super Bright LEDs, Inc. offers a 5-year warranty to protect against manufacturer defects and malfunctions. If you experience failure of an LED or other component not caused by negligence, abuse, unauthorized repair or disassembly, we will replace the product within the warranty period. If the same product is no longer available, a product of equal value may be substituted. Read More
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  • Sign Lighting
  • LED Backlights
  • Accent Lighting
  • Off Grid Lighting
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  • Automotive Accent Lighting
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Color Temperature
CCT / Wavelength
Intensity Per FootCurrent Draw per Foot
Wattage per Foot
Natural 4000K 4000 375 lm/ft274 mA/ft3.3 W/ft
Red 626 nm-335 mA/ft4 W/ft
Blue 470 nm-169 mA/ft2 W/ft
Warm 3000K 3000 380 lm/ft292 mA/ft3.5 W/ft
Cool 6500K 6500 375 lm/ft292 mA/ft3.5 W/ft
Amber 610 nm-237 mA/ft2.9 W/ft
Yellow 605 nm-335 mA/ft4 W/ft
UV 400 nm-305 mA/ft3.7 W/ft
Green 525 nm-292 mA/ft3.5 W/ft
Part NOLengthNumber of LEDs in UnitCCT / Wavelength
IntensityMax Run
Current Draw
Power ConsumptionWattage per FootPrice
NFLS-NW60X3-WHT-LC239.4 604000 1230 lm5 730.90 A5.4/10.8 W3.3 W/ft(Discontinued)
NFLS-WW60X3-WHT-LC239.4 603000 1260 lm5 630.96 A11.61 W3.5 W/ft(Discontinued)
NFLS-R60X3-WHT-LC239.4 60626 nm-5 -1.10 A13.2 W4 W/ft(Discontinued)
NFLS-R300X3-WHT-LC2196.8 300626 nm-1 -5.50 A66 W4 W/ft(Discontinued)
NFLS-B300X3-WHT-LC2196.8 300470 nm-1 -2.77 A33 W2 W/ft(Discontinued)
NFLS-NW300X3-WHT-LC2196.8 3004000 6150 lm1 734.50 A54 W3.3 W/ft(Discontinued)
NFLS-UV300X3-WHT-LC2196.8 300400 nm-1 -5.00 A60 W3.7 W/ft(Discontinued)
NFLS-CW30X3-WHT-LC219.7 306500 615 lm10 790.48 A5.8 W3.5 W/ft(Discontinued)
NFLS-NW30X3-WHT-LC219.7 304000 615 lm10 730.45 A5.4 W3.3 W/ft(Discontinued)
NFLS-WW30X3-WHT-LC219.7 303000 623 lm10 630.48 A5.8 W3.5 W/ft(Discontinued)
NFLS-B30X3-WHT-LC219.7 30470 nm-10 -0.28 A3.3 W2 W/ft(Discontinued)
NFLS-G30X3-WHT-LC219.7 30525 nm-10 -0.48 A5.8 W3.5 W/ft(Discontinued)
NFLS-UV30X3-WHT-LC219.7 30400 nm-10 -0.50 A6 W3.7 W/ft(Discontinued)
NFLS-CW300X3-WHT-LC2196.8 3006500 6150 lm1 794.80 A58 W3.5 W/ft(Discontinued)
NFLS-WW300X3-WHT-LC2196.8 3003000 6240 lm1 634.80 A58 W3.5 W/ft(Discontinued)
NFLS-CW60X3-WHT-LC239.4 606500 1230 lm5 790.96 A11.5 W3.5 W/ft(Discontinued)
NFLS-A300X3-WHT-LC2196.8 300610 nm-1 -3.90 A47 W2.9 W/ft(Discontinued)
NFLS-Y30X3-WHT-LC219.7 30605 nm-10 -0.55 A6.6 W4 W/ft(Discontinued)
NFLS-A30X3-WHT-LC219.7 30610 nm-10 -0.39 A4.7 W2.9 W/ft(Discontinued)
NFLS-Y300X3-WHT-LC2196.8 300605 nm-1 -5.50 A66 W4 W/ft$39.88
NFLS-UV60X3-WHT-LC239.4 60400 nm-5 -1.00 A12 W3.7 W/ft(Discontinued)
NFLS-G60X3-WHT-LC239.4 60525 nm-5 -0.96 A11.5 W3.5 W/ft(Discontinued)
NFLS-G300X3-WHT-LC2196.8 300525 nm-1 -4.80 A58 W3.5 W/ft(Discontinued)
NFLS-B60X3-WHT-LC239.4 60470 nm-5 -0.55 A12 W2 W/ft(Discontinued)
NFLS-R30X3-WHT-LC219.7 30626 nm-10 -0.55 A6.6 W4 W/ft(Discontinued)
NFLS-X3-LC2 - LED Light Strips - LED Tape Light with 18 SMDs/ft., 3 Chip SMD LED 5050 with LC2 Connector
LED Light Strips - LED Tape Light with 18 SMDs/ft., 3 Chip SMD LED 5050 with LC2 Connector

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Perfect cabinet lights

The 39.4" strip fit perfectly inside a kitchen cabinet that I converted into a wine rack. The LED tape is positioned so that the lights are invisible but illuminate the wine bottles nicely. I also used a small dimmer which comes with remote control and a small "Mean Well" DC power supply. Wired it all up so that the wiring and power supply are hidden from view. Every thing works as expected and the warm white light color is perfect. I like this product and plan to order more for some other projects around the house.

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Perfert for my application

Installed in my Ford Transit Connect Wagon for interior lighting by soldering to a bulb adapter. Less wattage and more light.

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LED light strip

works great, puts out a lot of light

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High light output, clean white light

I used this to illuminate my safe, and it works fantastically. I chopped it up into 20 sections each between 2 and 6 inches, and wired them together using the 10mm clamp on pigtail adapters sold here. The 4000k 'natural white' light really is a pure white output, without any blue or orange hues, and is perfect for 'sterile' illumination, like on a work surface or interior of a safe, and the 1m length outputs about 1,000 total lumens, which is enough to provide the perfect amount of clear, bright light in the safe without being overpowering. And it works great using a 12v 8xAA battery power supply, also sold here. Only gripe is that I had to use a blade to scrape the sticky backing off the contacts between segments on a few pieces, as it was too thick to allow electrical contact to the clamp-on pigtails. Not a big issue. Overall very pleased. I think I'd go with the warm white for normal household use, but the 4k is great for my purposes.

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Technical Level
Part Number
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Excellent Product.

I installed these in the toe kicks and as under cabinet lights in a new kitchen remodel project. I'm very satisfied. The lights are bright and smaller, which is a good thing, than I expected. The adhesive sticks very well with only a cleaning of the mounting service with alcohol. I'm still waiting on counter tops and back splashes to be installed. When complete, I'll upload pictures.

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