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Weatherproof PAR36 LED Landscape Light Bulb - 60 Watt Equivalent - Screw-Pin LED Flood Bulb - 670 Lumens

Part Number: PAR36-x9W-160-LAN
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Cool 5000KNatural 4200KWarm 3000K
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PAR36 LED bulbs provide flood lighting that is perfect for outdoor and landscape lighting applications, such as well lights, architectural lights, path lights, gazebo lights, and security lights that accept PAR36 bulbs with G53 screw-pin bases. This sealed-beam LED flood light bulb emits up to 670 lumens of natural white, warm white, cool white, amber, or green illumination in a wide 160° beam pattern. A parabolic dome lens with diffusing optics reduces glare and eliminates the appearance of a sharp contrast between illuminated and non-illuminated areas. This energy-efficient LED bulb is capable of being driven at 9 watts but typically consumes no more than 7.3 watts of power; an incandescent bulb with comparable light output would consume 60 watts. The weatherproof LED flood light bulb has 12V AC/DC operation and is designed to last 42 times longer than incandescent bulbs. Also available in a spot light.

3 Years
Super Bright LEDs, Inc. offers a 3-year warranty to protect against manufacturer defects and malfunctions. If you experience failure of an LED or other component not caused by negligence, abuse, unauthorized repair or disassembly, we will replace the product within the warranty period. If the same product is no longer available, a product of equal value may be substituted. Read More
In order for certain products within controlled categories, such as electrical and electronic devices, to be legally sold in the European Economic Area, they must bear a CE label, which stands for Conformité Européenne (European Conformity). Products with this label meet environmental, health, and safety standards put into place by European legislation.
Weatherproof PAR36 LED Landscape Light Bulb - 60 Watt Equivalent - Screw-Pin LED Flood Bulb - 670 Lumens - PAR36-x9W-160-LAN
Well Lights
Architectural Lights
Path Lights
Gazebo Lights
Security Lights that Accept PAR36 Bulbs with G53 Screw-pin Bases

12-Volt AC/DC Operation
Designed for Low Voltage Applications

LEDs will Outlast Halogen Fixtures

High Output
Up to 670 Lumens of Natural White Light

PAR36-x9W-160-LAN has light output comparable to 60 Watt Incandescent
Comparable Output
Bright as a 60 Watt Halogen Bulb

Wide Beam
160° Flood Light Pattern

Sealed Housing
Weatherproof Housing Helps Keep Dust and Water Out


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Part NOLED ColorIntensityCCT / Wavelength
Current Draw @ Operating Voltage
Price Ea.Product WeightLumen Per Dollar
PAR36-WW9W-160Warm 3000K570 lm3000 K0.61 A$14.95-38.13 lumen/dollar
PAR36-NW9W-160Natural 4200K670 lm4200 K0.57 A$14.95-44.82 lumen/dollar
PAR36-G9W-160Green290 lm510 nm0.61 A$14.95-19.4 lumen/dollar
PAR36-A9W-160Amber430 lm619 nm0.61 A$14.95-28.76 lumen/dollar
PAR36-R9W-160Red115 lm633 nm0.48 A$14.95-7.69 lumen/dollar
PAR36-B9W-160Blue37 lm440 nm0.63 A$14.95-2.47 lumen/dollar
PAR36-A9W-160-6PKAmber430 lm619 nm0.61 A$84.95-30.37 lumen/dollar
PAR36-B9W-160-6PKBlue37 lm440 nm0.63 A$84.95-2.61 lumen/dollar
PAR36-G9W-160-6PKGreen290 lm510 nm0.61 A$84.95-20.48 lumen/dollar
PAR36-NW9W-160-6PKNatural 4200K670 lm4200 K0.57 A$84.95-47.32 lumen/dollar
PAR36-R9W-160-6PKRed115 lm633 nm0.48 A$84.95-8.12 lumen/dollar
PAR36-WW9W-160-6PKWarm 3000K570 lm3000 K0.61 A$84.95-40.26 lumen/dollar
PAR36-CW9W-160Cool 5000K670 lm5000 K0.59 A$14.95-44.82 lumen/dollar
PAR36-CW9W-160-6PKCool 5000K670 lm5000 K0.59 A$84.95-47.32 lumen/dollar
PAR36-x9W-160-LAN - Weatherproof PAR36 LED Bulb - 70 Watt Equivalent - Bi-Pin LED Flood Bulb
Weatherproof PAR36 LED Bulb - 70 Watt Equivalent - Bi-Pin LED Flood Bulb


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I purchased 12 of these PAR36-NW9W-160 bulbs to replace the regular PAR36 units that I have had over the years for my landscape lighting. These new bulbs are amazing, as they not only put out considerably more light than the bulbs they replaced, but due to their efficiency they will allow me to add some additional lights to the same converter. I am very pleased with this purchase.

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Great Improvement

I bought these as replacements for my antique John Deer 110 Garden Tractor's factory bug eyed headlights. The old bulbs still worked but drew a load on the tractor's electrical system. The factory wiring was undersized for the load and had burnt in several places. These bulbs are a direct replacement fit requiring not fixture or wiring modifications and put out MUCH more light and with a better spread at that. They put a much lower electrical load on the tractor and look similar to the original bulbs. I have non-existent night vision and could barely see with the old bulbs. These let me see a lot better. I am very happy with the results of the gamble I took on fit (no direct cross-reference). The web sight for SuperBrightLeds gave enough dimensional info. I felt it was worth a shot. Very happy with this vendor. Multiple orders, no mistakes, and high quality product at a fair price.

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Very pleased - Good Quality

I purchased two bulbs to go into the aftermarket passing light housing on my 1996 Yamaha Royalstar (12 volt DC system). The lights fit without problems, they have connections so you can use screw fittings or knife blade type wire connectors. The LEDs are very bright but not blinding. I burn them in the day or night to make my bike noticed like the stock lights. They do not bother oncoming traffic or when I am behind someone. They use less voltage so I have more power going into my charging circuit. They give a short flood beam of about 170 degrees in front and do a good job of lighting up the sides of the road. I live in a mountainous rural region, very few or not street lights. These lights are well made, so far I am very happy, they have made riding at night a joy instead of a terror! I have about 300 miles with them so far. I would recommend to a friend!

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Great LED Lights

I purchased these lights to go in my Gravely lawn and garden tractor. They fit perfectly, hooked up to my wiring harness, and are amazing lights. So glad I bought them.

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Great light and great power savings.

Used on an RV for exterior flood lights. Replaced 2 Wagner h7614 50watt bulbs, exact form factor and connectors. I will be getting 2 more to replace the rear lesser used lights. Impressive flood throw.
When boon-docking every amp and watt counts these take the stress out of running batteries down fast.

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