Vollong 10W White High Power Linear COB LED

Part Number: VL-H03W5501080D20

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  • 5500K
  • 800 Lumens
  • 170 Degree Viewing Angle
  • 71 CRI
  • 122,000mcd
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Vollong High Power 10 Watt Linear Chips On Board (COB) LED. 5,500 color temperature Cool White LED with a color temperature of 5,500K, up to 800 lumen with 170 degree viewing angle.

Important Notes - Please read before purchasing:
  1. Component LEDs are sensitive electronic devices and require some knowledge of electronic circuits to operate them. These products cannot be returned after the package has been opened.
  2. All high powered component LEDs must be used in conjunction with an appropriate heat sink (not included).


Color Temperature 5500 K
Continuous Forward Current (IF) 800mA
Emitting Color Cool 5500K
Forward Voltage (VF)[1] 10V
LED Brand Vollong
LED Junction Temperature (Tj) 120
LED Package COB
Lumen 700 Lumen
Maximum Forward Voltage 13V
Millicandela[2] 122000mcd
Operating Temperature -20~+80 °C
Peak Forward Current (IFM)[3] 1100mA
Power Dissipation (Pv) 10W
Reverse Current (IR)[4] 100mA
Reverse Voltage (VR) 5V
Storage Temperature (Tstg) -30~+100 °C
Thermal Resistance 12 °C/W
Total Power Consumption 10 Watts
Type Linear COB
Viewing Angle 170 degree
Package Weight: 0.3oz (0.01kg)
Package Dimensions: 4.72" (12cm) x 0.2" (1cm) x 0.2" (1cm)
absolute maximum ratings: (Tamb=25°C)
All specifications are subject to change without notice.
1. IF = 20mA
2. Millicandela is a unit of measurement for the light output of LEDs. Candela is one of the seven base units of the International System of Units. It is a unit of Luminous Intensity (I), or Light Power per Steradian (SR), while steradian is a unit of 3D cone angle with which the projected area of 1 steradian over a sphere with a 1m radius, is 1 square meter. One thousand millicandela equals one candela or approximately one candle power.
3. (1/10th duty cycle, 0.1ms pulse width)
4. (VR = 5V)
Characteristics - Part: VL-H03W5501080D20
Absolute Maximum Ratings @ Ta=25°C
Power Dissipation -- 10 W
Peak Forward Current (1/10 Duty Cycle,0.1ms Pulse Width) IF(peak) 1100 mA
Continuous Forward Current IF 800 mA
Maximum LED Junction Temperature Tj 120 °C
Reverse Voltage VR 5 V
Operating temperature range Topr -20~+80 °C
Storage Temperature Range Tstg -30~+100 °C
Thermal Management Specifications
Maximum LED Junction Temperature Tj 120 °C
Thermal resistance RθJC 12 °C/W
Suggested cooling area (sides exposed to open air) -- 800-1200 cm2
Flux Characteristics (Tj = 25°C)
Color Lumen CCT Range CRI
Cool White 700 5000-6500K 71
Viewing Angle 2θ1/2 IF=750mA 165 170 180 degrees
Forward Voltage VF IF=800mA -- 10 13 V
Reverse Current IR VR=5V -- 100 -- uA
Lead Soldering Temp: 300°C for 3.5 seconds
VL-H03W5501080D20 - Vollong 10W White High Power Linear COB LED
Vollong 10W White High Power Linear COB LED



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