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1 Watt XLamp LED

Part Number: XPEx
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XLamp LEDs. LED package mounted on 20mm diameter Star PCB heatsinks. Up to 100 lumen with up to wide 130 degree viewing angle.

Important Notes - Please read before purchasing:
  1. Component LEDs are sensitive electronic devices and require some knowledge of electronic circuits to operate them. These products cannot be returned after the package has been opened.
  2. All high powered component LEDs must be used in conjunction with an appropriate heat sink (not included).


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Part NOColor TemperatureCCT / Wavelength
Viewing AngleForward Voltage @ 150mAForward Voltage @ 350mAForward Voltage @ 400mAForward Voltage @ 500mAForward Voltage @ 700mAForward Voltage @ 1000mAContinuous Forward Current (IF)Peak Forward Current (IFM)
Thermal Resistance
Temperature Coefficient of VoltageAmbient Operating TemperatureStorage Temperature (Tstg)Price Ea.
XPEWHT-L1-0000-00C01Cool 7000K7000 45000 mcd100 lm115 °-3.2 V--3.4 V3.5 V1000 mA-9 °C/W-4.0 mV/°C--(Discontinued)
XPEWHT-L1-0000-009E7Warm 3000K3000 36000 mcd81 lm115 °-3.2 V--3.4 V3.5 V1000 mA-9 °C/W-4.0 mV/°C--(Discontinued)
XPEROY-L1-0000-00901Royal Blue460 nm--115 °-3.2 V---3.5 V1000 mA-9 °C/W-3.3 mV/°C--(Discontinued)
XPEBLU-L1-0000-00Y02Blue475 nm14000 mcd31 lm100 °-3.2 V---3.5 V1000 mA-9 °C/W-3.3 mV/°C--(Discontinued)
XPEGRN-L1-0000-00A01Green527 nm39000 mcd88 lm100 °-3.4 V---3.8 V1000 mA-15 °C/W-3.8 mV/°C--(Discontinued)
XPERED-L1-0000-00301Red625 nm21000 mcd46 lm100 °-2.1 V--2.3 V-700 mA-10 °C/W-1.8 mV/°C--(Discontinued)
XPERDO-L1-R250-00402Red-Orange615 nm25000 mcd57 lm130 °-2.1 V--2.3 V-700 mA-10 °C/W-1.8 mV/°C--(Discontinued)
XPEAMB-L1-0000-00301Amber590 nm21000 mcd46 lm100 °-2.1 V-2.3 V--500 mA-10 °C/W-1.2 mV/°C--(Discontinued)
 Product Documentation
Part Number: XPEx
Cree XLamp XP-E LEDs Characteristics
PARAMETER UNIT Typical Maximum
Thermal resistance, junction to solder point - white, royal blue, blue °C/W 9 --
Thermal Resistance, junction to solder point - green °C/W 15 --
Thermal Resistance, junction to solder point - amber, red, red-orange °C/W 10 --
Viewing Angle (FWHM) - white Degrees 115 --
Viewing Angle (FWHM) - royal blue, blue, green, red, red-orange, amber Degrees 115 --
Temperature coefficient of voltage - white mV/°C -4.0 --
Temperature coefficient of voltage - royal blue, blue mV/°C -3.3 --
Temperature coefficient of voltage - green mV/°C -3.8 --
Temperature coefficient of voltage - red-orange, red mV/°C -1.8 --
Temperature coefficient of voltage - amber mV/°C -1.2 --
ESD Classification (HBM per Mil-Std-883D) -- Class 2 --
DC Forward Current - white, royal blue, blue, green mA -- 1000
DC Forward Current - red-orange, red mA -- 700
DC Forward Current - amber mA -- 500
Reverse Voltage V -- 5
Forward Voltage (@ 350 mA) - royal blue, blue, white V 3.2 3.9
Forward voltage (@ 350 mA) - green V 3.4 3.9
Forward voltage (@ 350 mA) - red-orange, red, amber V 2.1 2.5
Forward voltage (@ 500 mA) - amber V 2.3 --
Forward voltage (@ 700 mA) - white V 3.4 --
Forward voltage (@ 700 mA) - red-orange, red V 2.3 --
Forward Voltage (@ 1000 mA) - green V 3.8 --
Forward Voltage (@ 1000 mA) - white, royal blue, blue V 3.5
LED Junction Temperature °C -- 150
Flux Characteristics (TJ = 25°C) - White
Color CCT Range Lumens
Cool White 7000K 100
Soldering Characteristics
Profile Feature Lead-Based Solder Lead-Free Solder
Average Ramp-Up Rate (Tsmax to Tp) 3°C/second max. 3°C/second max.
Preheat: Temperature Min (Tsmin) 100°C 150°C
Preheat: Temperature Min (Tsmin) 150°C 200°C
Preheat: Time (tsmin to tsmax) 60-120 seconds 60-180 seconds
Time Maintained Above: Temperature (TL) 183° 217°C
Time Maintained Above: Time (tL) 60-150 seconds 60-150 seconds
Peak/Classification Temperature (Tp) 215°C 260°C
Time Within 5°C of Actual Peak Temperature (tp) 10-30 seconds 20-40 seconds
Ramp-Down Rate 6°C/second max. 6°C/second max
Time 25°C to Peak Temperature 6 minutes max. 8 minutes max.
Note: All temperatures refer to topside of the package, measured on the package body surface.
XPEx - XPE series Cree LED
XPE series Cree LED

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Art and praticality...

Wow this light really met my expectations, and even went a bit further. Looking forward to working more with this LED.

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Technical Level
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First of all I do not buy many of anything at a time, but their customer service is still top notch and extremely respectful to me. I get a real technician who can answer real questions.

I do by all sorts of LED's including these for all sorts of applications. The rest of my review pertains to these as well as other LEDs.

I deal with color wavelengths all the time, and what they list is exactly what you get. I have also never had an LED fail on me yet or dead out of the package.

These are robust as I have dropped them or knocked them off my work table many times. The efficiency of power to light is awesome. Super is a relative term, but I am very happy with these and will continue to use them into the foreseeable future.

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