Waterproof Color Chasing LED Light Strips with Multi Color LEDs - 16.40ft (5m) Copper Finish Outdoor LED Tape Light with 10 SMDs/ft., 3 Chip RGB SMD LED 5050

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Dynamic color chasing, sequencing, changing, and also static color modes available on the Dream-Color Controller and RGB Strip, individually addressable LEDs allow for sequencing modes. Silicone Encased waterproof flexible LED light strip with 160 high power 5050SMD RGB LEDs programmable for chasing patterns. 5 meter (16.45 ft) waterproof flexible light strips. For use with your existing RGB-DC83 Controller only; this controller has been discontinued. 5VDC operation. Uses HL1606S controller IC. Dimmable - See compatible LED dimmers.

Super Bright LEDs, Inc. offers a 5-year warranty to protect against manufacturer defects and malfunctions. If you experience failure of an LED or other component not caused by negligence, abuse, unauthorized repair or disassembly, we will replace the product within the warranty period. If the same product is no longer available, a product of equal value may be substituted. Read More
flexible light strips
  • Sign LED Lights
  • Retail LED Lights
  • Boat LED lighting
  • Party lighting
  • Color chasing LED accent lights
  • Entertainment center LED lights
  • Trade show lighting
  • 160 5050SMD RGB LEDs
  • 100 Degree beam pattern
  • IP67 Waterproof Rating
  • Dynamic color chasing, sequencing, changing
  • Dimmable - See our Dimmer Selection
  • Static color modes
  • Silicone Encased
This product should be installed using the attached connectors and cannot be soldered.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Supply voltage for Controller is 12 Volts DC, power with included 12VDC Power Supply, do not exceed
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Supply voltage for SWDC-RGB series Light Strips is 5 Volts DC, 12 Volts will destroy the SWDC-RGB series LED Strip
  • Connect according to the drawing on the Specifications.
  • + (plus) and - (minus) #IC buttons will only work when unit is off.
  • Each Controller has a handheld Remote matched to it and will only work with it's matched remote. One remote cannot operate multiple controllers.
  • Controller can control a maximum of 30 meters of our Flexible RGB LED Strip. Over 30 meters, the Strips have to connect with an amplifier to reinforce the transmission of signal.
  • Do not exceed 80% of Power Supply capacity when calculating Power Supply size to use in your system.
  • Strip can be trimmed down to length by cutting it every 2 LEDs. If this is done waterproofing accessories are required on end that was cut.


Addressable LEDs per Segment 2
Beam Angle 100 degree
Connection Type Pigtail
Current Draw[1] 2445mA
Current Draw per Foot 149mA
Dimmable Yes
IP Rating Waterproof IP67
LED Lifetime 40000 Hours
Number of LEDs in Unit 160 LEDs
LED Type 5050 SMD
Total Length 196.9in (16.40ft)
Lumen 400 Lumen
Lumen Per Foot 24 lm/ft
Lumen Per LED 2.5
Max Run[2] 1
MCD per Foot 10854
MCD Per LED 1114
Millicandela[3] 178200mcd
Price Per Foot 8.49
Segment Length 2.46in
SMD Density 10 SMDs/ft.
Special Features Sequencing Effect
Strip Width 14mm (0.55in)
Suitable for Vehicles No
Total Power Consumption 12.2 Watts
Type Flexible Light Strips
Operating Voltage Range 5 VDC
Wattage per Foot 0.8 Watts
Wavelength 470 nm, 525 nm, 626 nm
Wire Length 14in(35.5cm)
Package Weight: 1lb 2.8oz (0.53kg)
Package Dimensions: 7.8" (20cm) x 2.77" (7cm) x 2.77" (7cm)
All specifications are subject to change without notice.
1. Current Draw is used to size fuses and wire for a circuit. Current draw is the amount of energy consumed by an LED or LEDs in an electrical circuit at a specific voltage, measured in amps (A) or milliamps (mA).
2. Max Run (or maximum run) is used to specify the total number of strips that can run in series without experiencing dimming due to voltage drop. When Max Run is reached, power wires for additional devices must be 'home run' directly back to the power source, starting a new run.
3. Millicandela is a unit of measurement for the light output of LEDs. Candela is one of the seven base units of the International System of Units. It is a unit of Luminous Intensity (I), or Light Power per Steradian (SR), while steradian is a unit of 3D cone angle with which the projected area of 1 steradian over a sphere with a 1m radius, is 1 square meter. One thousand millicandela equals one candela or approximately one candle power.
Program Modes
Program Mode Description Program Mode Description
1 All color wave forward direction 2 All color wave backward direction
3 All color center out wave 4 All color center in wave
5 Three color forward direction wave 6 Three color backward direction wave
7 Three color center out wave 8 Three color center in wave
9 Many color wave forward direction 10 Many color wave backward direction
11 Many color wave center out 12 Many color wave center in
13 Six color trail forward direction 14 Six color trail backward direction
15 Six color trail center out 16 Six color trail center in
17 Three base color trail forward direction 18 Three base color trail backward direction
19 Three base color trail center out 20 Three base color trail center in
21 Six color instant change 22 Three base color instant change
23 Three mixing color instant change 24 Six color instant change change forward direction
25 Six color instant change change backward direction 26 Six color instant change center out
27 Six color instant change center in 28 Three base color instant change forward direction
29 Three base color instant change backward direction 30 Three base color instant change center out
31 Three base color instant change center in 32 Six color sequence forward direction
33 Six color sequence backward direction 34 Three base color sequence forward direction
35 Three base color sequence forward direction 36 Six color sequence center out
37 Six color sequence center in 38 Three base color sequence center out
39 Three base color sequence center in 40 Change color red-purple-red forward direction
41 Change color red-purple-red backward direction 42 Change color red-purple-red center out
43 Change color red-purple-red center in 44 Change color red-yellow-red forward direction
45 Change color red-yellow-red backward direction 46 Change color red-yellow-red center out
47 Change color red-yellow-red center in 48 Change color red-green-red forward direction
49 Change color red-green-red backward direction 50 Change color red-green-red backward direction
51 Change color red-green-red center in 52 Change color red-blue-red forward direction
53 Change color red-blue-red backward direction 54 Change color red-blue-red center out
55 Change color red-blue-red center in 56 Change color green-cyan-green forward direction
57 Change color green-cyan-green backward direction 58 Change color green-cyan-green center out
59 Change color green-cyan-green center in 60 Change color green-blue-green forward direction
61 Change color green-blue-green backward direction 62 Change color green-blue-green center out
63 Change color green-blue-green center in 64 Change color red-white-red forward direction
65 Change color red-white-red backward direction 66 Change color red-white-red center out
67 Change color red-white-red center in 68 Change color green-white-green forward direction
69 Change color green-white-green backward direction 70 Change color green-white-green center out
71 Change color green-white-green center in 72 Change color blue-white-blue forward direction
73 Change color blue-white-blue backward direction 74 Change color blue-white-blue center out
75 Change color blue-white-blue center in 76 Six color fade in and fade out forward direction
77 Six color fade in and fade out backward direction 78 Six color fade in and fade out center out
79 Six color fade in and fade out center in 80 Three color fade in and fade out forward direction
81 Three color fade in and fade out backward direction 82 Three base color fade in and fade out center out
83 Three base color fade in and fade out center in
SWDC-RGB160-2 - Waterproof Color Chasing LED Light Strips with Multi Color LEDs - 16.40ft (5m) Copper Finish Outdoor LED

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