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MiBoxer WiFi Smart Multi Zone RGBW Controller with Touch Remote - 6 Amps/Channel

Part Number: LDRF-RGBW6-MZ
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Universal Red/Green/Blue/White (RGBW) LED WiFi Compatible Controller & Dimmer with hand held RF Touch Color Remote (Requires 2 "AAA" batteries -- Not Included). Can control up to four separate "zones" of RGBW lights to be linked and controlled by one wireless remote. Synchronization function allows a single remote to operate one or multiple controllers (User configurable). Color selection wheel provides thousands of color options, selectable pure white mode and 9 dynamic color-changing modes with speed, brightness and ON/OFF controls (White and RGB channels cannot be used simultaneously). Maximum load is 6 amps per channel, 10 amps total. Must be paired with Wi-Fi LED Controller Hub (WIFI-CON -- Sold separately) for adjusting all controller functions using a Smartphone or tablet running Android or iOS using free MiBoxer app.

Please note: MiLight and MiBoxer are compatible smart technology brands. Products under these names are able to work interchangeably with each other.

Super Bright LEDs, Inc. offers a Lifetime Warranty to protect against manufacturer defects and malfunctions. If you experience failure of an LED or other component not caused by negligence, abuse, unauthorized repair or disassembly, we will replace the product. If the same product is no longer available, a product of equal value may be substituted. Read More
Products with a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) label meet all requirements and rules set forth by the FCC and won't cause interference with other electronic devices. According to FCC's website, "The Federal Communications Commission regulates interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and U.S. territories." Products that generate radio frequency (RF) energy, such as RF remote controls and certain LED light bulbs, are tested to ensure that they are within the FCC's guidelines and limits and do not cause harmful interference.
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 Installation And Usage Guide 

Wireless Remote
1. Master On(-)/Off(O)
A master On(-)/Off(O) control for all zone-linked RGB(W) light strips. Also activates the “Master” function, which allows the remote to control the RGB(W) light strips of all zones. If a zone is currently active, pressing the master On(-) button restores the “Master” function to the remote.
2. Color Selection Ring
Directly selects color along a circular spectrum. To obtain white light only, keep the “Zone On” (|) button depressed until the light changes to a steady bright white.
3. Selection LED Indicator
Flashes once to indicate when a command has been selected.
4. Brightness Touch Slider - Increase(Right Side)/Decrease(Left Side)
Increases(right side) or decreases(left side) the brightness level. Changing the active mode resets the brightness level to full.
5. Mode Start/Scroll(M)
Modes feature different color combinations, light transitions, and patterns, with 9 distinct modes. This button initiates the Mode function and scrolls through the modes in ascending order.
6. Mode Speed - Increase(S+)/Decrease(S-)
Increases (S+)/decreases(S-) the tempo of the mode pattern currently active.
7. Zone On(|)/Off(O) - Zones 1-4
Allows up to four “zones” (i.e. channels) of RGB(W) light strips to be separately linked and controlled by the remote. Pressing one of the Zone On(|) buttons activates that zone; commands will affect only lights in that zone. Once linked to a zone, lights remain linked until they are unlinked. Steadily depressing the Zone On(|) button restores the lights in that zone to white
Modes List
Mode Description
1 Six Color Fade In/Out Red, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue and Purple fade in and out in a continuous repeating cycle.
2 White Fade In/Out White fades in and out continuously.
3 RGBW Fade In/Out Red, Green, Blue and White fade in and out in a continuous repeating cycle.
4 Seven Color Flash Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Cyan and White cycle in set pattern with flashing transitions.
5 Disco Random Pattern Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Cyan and White cycle at random with flashing transitions.
6 Red Fade In/Out with 3 Flashes Red increases to full brightness then flashes 3 times.
7 Green Fade In/Out with 3 Flashes Green increases to full brightness then flashes 3 times.
8 Blue Fade In/Out with 3 Flashes Blue increases to full brightness then flashes 3 times.
9 All Pattern Mode All 8 patterns above cycle through and repeat.
Set-Up Instructions
1. Install 2 AAA batteries (not included) in the wireless remote.
1. Make sure power to the controller is disconnected.
2. Using a small flathead screwdriver, loosen the five clamp screws on the underside of the controller.
3. Matching light strip wires to the labeled slots on the end of the controller, insert wires and tighten clamp screws, as shown below.
4. Turn power on and wait until RGB(W) light strip illuminates. If no illumination occurs, check light strips and wiring connections.
5. The RGB(W) light strip is ready for linking to the wireless remote.
  • DO NOT use with wall dimmers, relays or other control circuits.
  • DO NOT install with power applied to controller.
  • DO NOT expose the remote or controller to direct or indirect moisture.
Linking Lights to Remote Zones
RGB(W) light strips are controlled exclusively by the multi-zone RF remote via the controller
Linking a Light to the Remote
1.  Switch off the main power supply to the light.
2.  Restore power and within 3 seconds, choosing one of the “Zone On” (|) buttons, depress the button until the light begins flashing. It will flash white 2 times, indicating that the light is now linked to that numbered zone and can be controlled via the remote.
Activating a Zone
To activate a specific zone, depress the “Zone On” (|) button. The zone is now active and remote commands will only affect lights linked to that zone.
Unlinking a Light to the Remote
1.  Determine which zone the light is linked to. This can be done by testing the Zone On/Off controls for each zone on the remote.
2.  Switch off the main power supply to the light.
3.  Restore power and within 3 seconds, depress one of the “Zone On” (|) buttons until the light flashes 10 times, indicating that the light has been unlinked.
An unlimited number of RGB(W) light strips can be linked to a zone. All the lights linked to that zone will display the commands entered on the wireless remote. Conversely, a single RGB(W) light strip can be linked to multiple remotes. When the light is unlinked, it will be unlinked to all remotes. Note: The wireless remote operates using radio frequency. The remote controller’s use is not restricted by normal obstructions such as walls, doors, etc. Once programmed they can be installed anywhere in range of the remote (up to 65 ft. or 20m).
LDRF-RGBW6-MZ - Smartphone or Tablet WiFi Compatible RGB+White Multi Zone Controller w/ RF Remote
Smartphone or Tablet WiFi Compatible RGB+White Multi Zone Controller w/ RF Remote

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Mark O.
Technical Level
Part Number
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Great product

I bought this controller along with 2 extra zones the WIFICON and 200watt transformer. Very simple to setup. The controller works flawlessly. The Colorwheel and dimmer controls are sensitive to the touch. The remote is a perfect size and allow for easy thumb use to control everything. Love it.

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Technical Level
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Works great.

Product arrived quickly and works as advertised. And a couple of improvements would be to combine the input voltage so that there doesn’t have to be two separate connections since they are both supposed to use the same voltage. In addition, rather than requiring a remote, it would be nice to be able to set up the unit and turn it on without having to purchase a remote.Although the base unit might not be accessible, it would be nice to be able to control it from the unit. It would also be nice to have individual sliders for each of the four LED circuits.

Helpful? Yes (0) No (0)

Technical Level
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Reviewed On

Great quality, just a little confusing to operate

This is a high quality product, as all products seem to be, but the controller is more confusing than the other version I have. My other controller cannot do multiple zones so it seems much more straight forward. Still, this one works well, has great reception, and was easy to sync up.

Helpful? Yes (0) No (0)

Technical Level
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Great for simple setups! static & fading

My go to for simple setup & color fading. Has easily handled Utility demand factor changes throughout the day. As in..its rated up to 24v but if your driver raises above that at any given point (say 36v) it survives! Other controllers have failed on me resulting in call backs. I like the wifi expandable option but controlling your leds with your phone coolness drops after about 2 weeks & sometimes your phone will kick the remote out of pair..#callback to re-pair the remote for free!

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Technical Level
Part Number
Reviewed On

Great product, instructions are wrong for remote!

Love it so far, however the instructions for the remote were wrong! To get my remote to pair with my LED strip, I had to do the following:

Turn Off LED Strip
Put Batteries in Remote
Turn On LED Strip
Tap On Button (|) THREE TIMES for Specified Zone

LED Strip is now paired successfully. The instructions say to HOLD DOWN the ON button, which is false. It took me forever to find instructions online that worked!

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