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Dream-Color Chasing RGB Controller and RF Remote - Dynamic Color-Changing Modes

Part Number: MCB-RGB-DC99
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Controller designed to be used with SWDC-RGB-240 Flexible Light Strips. Controls the mode, pattern length, and speed of 99 dynamic color-changing modes as well as choose 20 static color modes including white mode. Chase patterns can be paused for static single and multi color effects. Includes RF Remote and battery.

2 Years
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Products with a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) label meet all requirements and rules set forth by the FCC and won't cause interference with other electronic devices. According to FCC's website, "The Federal Communications Commission regulates interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and U.S. territories." Products that generate radio frequency (RF) energy, such as RF remote controls and certain LED light bulbs, are tested to ensure that they are within the FCC's guidelines and limits and do not cause harmful interference.
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Parts Include
1. Power Input
The power supply input. and sleeve is negative. Also please make sure the power supply voltage is same as the LED load. The DC jack’s inner pole is positive
2. Signal Output
The control signal output connector to LED load.
3. Mode Adjust
Adjust running mode. Jump to next mode by press ‘MODE+’ or jump to previous mode by press ‘MODE-’.
4. Speed (Brightness) Adjust
Adjust the running speed of dynamic mode or brightness of static color. There are 10 levels for both speed and brightness.
5. Pause / Play
Toggle between Play and Pause mode. It will quit pause and start to play if changing the running mode.
6. Turn On / Standby Turn on or switch to standby mode. The main unit will memorize the current setting. When power on or turn on unit, it will automatically restore to previous status.
7. Unit Length (Static Color) Adjust
Adjust playing unit length at dynamic modes or adjust color at static color mode. At static color mode, press these keys to loop change 20 colors.
8. Program Direct Selecting Keys
User can directly select program by the number and Enter key in this area. For example, if you want program number 58, please press number 5 and 8, then press Enter key to confirm. The program ‘0’ is static color mode. At this mode, user can adjust brightness or color by SPEED and LENGTH keys.
9. Demo Mode
Switch to demo mode. In demo mode, the controller will automatically cycle play 99 dynamic programs.
10. Remote Controller Indicator
This blue indicator will light up when remote controller works. In program direct selecting operation, this indicator will flash slowly until Enter key pressed or no operation for a certain time.
Hints: The remote controller works at radio frequency, the signal can pass through barrier, so it’s not necessary to aim at the controller when operate the remote.
Remote Pairing
The controller and remote is 1 to 1 paired as default. The controller only can be controlled by paired remote. When extra remote is needed or the controller need to be matched to any remote, user can match the remote by following combination operation.
1. Pairing a New Remote
Disconnect the controller power and plug in again after 10 seconds.
Press ‘MODE-’ and ‘LENGTH-’ key at same time in 5 seconds after power on, then release keys and press ‘MODE+’ key in another 5 seconds. The controller can be paired to maximum 5 remotes.
2. Pairing to Any Remote
Disconnect the controller power and plug in again after 10 seconds.
Press ‘MODE-’ and ‘LENGTH-’ key at same time in 5 seconds after power on, then release keys and press ‘DEMO’ key in another 5 seconds.
3. Pairing to One Remote
Unplug controller power and plug in again after 10 seconds.
Press the ‘MODE-’ and ‘LENGTH-’ keys at the same time once within 5 seconds after power is on, then release the keys and press ‘SPEED-’ key once within another 5 seconds.
0 Static color 51 Blue-white-blue open
1 Full color forward flow 52 Blue-white-blue close
2 Full color reverse flow 53 Red-white-red forward
3 Full color open 54 Red-white-red reverse
4 Full color close 55 Red-white-red open
5 6-color forward comet 56 Red-white-red close
6 6-color reverse comet 57 Green-white-green
7 6-color comet open 58 Green-white-green
8 6-color comet close 59 Green-white-green open
9 3-color forward comet 60 Green-white-green close
10 3-color reverse comet 61 Green sway
11 3-color comet open 62 Green sway with stacking
12 3-color comet close 63 Red sway
13 Green sandglass 64 Red sway with grounding
14 Red sandglass 65 Blue sway
15 Blue sandglass 66 Blue sway with
16 3-color sandglass 67 Yellow sway
17 6-color forward flow 68 Yellow sway with stacking
18 6-color reverse flow 69 Purple sway
19 6-color open 70 Purple sway with stacking
20 6-color close 71 Cyan sway
21 3-color forward 72 Cyan sway with stacking
22 3-color reverse 73 3-color sway
23 3-color open 74 3-color sway with stacking
24 3-color close 75 6-color sway
25 Red-purple-red forward 76 6-color sway with stacking
26 Red-purple-red reverse 77 Blue ground white ping-pong
27 Red-purple-red open 78 Green ping-pong
28 Red-purple-red close 79 Green ping-pong with
29 Red-yellow-red forward 80 Red ping-pong
30 Red-yellow-red reverse 81 Red ping-pong with stacking
31 Red-yellow-red open 82 Blue ping-pong
32 Red-yellow-red close 83 Blue ping-pong with stacking
33 Green-yellow-green 84 3-color ping-pong with stacking
34 Green-yellow-green 85 6-color ping-pong with
35 Green-yellow-green open 86 Green drop
36 Green-yellow-green close 87 Green drop with ground
37 Green-cyan-green forward 88 Red drop
38 Green-cyan-green reverse 89 Red drop with ground
39 Green-cyan-green open 90 Blue drop
40 Green-cyan-green close 91 Blue drop with ground
41 Blue-purple-blue forward 92 Blue ground white drop
42 Blue-purple-blue reverse 93 Red ground white drop
43 Blue-purple-blue open 94 Green ground white drop
44 Blue-purple-blue close 95 3-color drop
45 Blue-cyan-blue forward 96 6-color drop
46 Blue-cyan-blue reverse 97 3-color sway
47 Blue-cyan-blue open 98 6-color sway
48 Blue-cyan-blue close 99 6-color jump
49 Blue-white-blue forward
50 Blue-white-blue reverse


Dynamic Program 99 Programs
Dynamic Speed 10 Levels
Dynamic Length 16-500 LEDs
Demo Mode Yes
Static Color 20 Colors
Static Brightness 10 Levels
Working Voltage DC 5-24V
Driving Capacity 800 Pixels
Control Mode RF Wireless Remote
Remote Frequency 433.92MHz
Remote Distance >15 Meters at open area
MCB-RGB-DC99 - Dream-Color Chasing RGB Controller and RF Remote - Dynamic Color-Changing Modes
Dream-Color Chasing RGB Controller and RF Remote - Dynamic Color-Changing Modes



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Simple with great effects

This controller was easy to set up and has a lot of great patterns programmed into it. I used two controlling two different sets of LEDs and it was simple to pair with either different or the same remotes.

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Works great!

Lots of options.

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Great inexpensive controller...RF feature works amazingly well

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Excellent controller for project I had to do. Thank you Super Brite.

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Great Product

Great setup, Would be even better if you Also offered this setup in 5v as well

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