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LED Recessed Light Engine - 75 Watt Equivalent - 1,150 Lumens

Part Number: RLFM-x12W-x
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This LED recessed light engine is designed for living room lighting, basement lighting, office lighting, kitchen lighting, bathroom lighting, and other downlighting applications. Use the light engine with one of many trim options in different shapes and styles. This LED recessed light emits up to 1,150 lumens of cool, natural, or warm white illumination. Using a multifaceted reflector, the LED light engine emits a 38° or 60° beam of soft-edged light, which eliminates sharp contrast between illuminated and non-illuminated surfaces. Easily install the LED fixture in a 2.88" to 3.13" hole with spring retaining clips on trim. A UL-Recognized constant-current driver is included, and the LED light operates within a wide 100-240 VAC range.

Warranties & Certifications
2 Years
Super Bright LEDs, Inc. offers a 2-year warranty to protect against manufacturer defects and malfunctions. If you experience failure of an LED or other component not caused by negligence, abuse, unauthorized repair or disassembly, we will replace the product within the warranty period. If the same product is no longer available, a product of equal value may be substituted. Read More
UL Recognized
Underwriters Laboratories (UL) LLC is an independent testing agency that works to verify product safety and quality. A UL-Recognized label ensures that a product component, such as a power supply or LED light strip, has been tested and verified as safe to use in a UL-Listed product. UL-Listed product samples are tested by UL and meet their Standards for Safety requirements.
RLFM series Modular LED Engines
  • LED Bathroom Lighting
  • Trunk Light
  • Closet Lighting
  • Office LED Lighting
  • Engine Lighting
  • LED Kitchen Lighting
  • Living Room LED Lighting
  • Pot Lights


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Part NOLED ColorWater Resistance
Intensity per LEDIntensityBeam Angle
CCT / Wavelength
Price Ea.Product WeightLumen Per Dollar
RLFM-WW12-38Warm 3100K--970 lm38 °-3100 79(Discontinued)-38.99 lumen/dollar
RLFM-WW12-60Warm 3100K--1070 lm60 °-3100 78$6.88-155.52 lumen/dollar
RLFM-NW12-38Natural 4100K--1150 lm38 °-4100 78(Discontinued)-46.22 lumen/dollar
RLFM-NW12-60Natural 4100K--1150 lm60 °-4100 78(Discontinued)-46.22 lumen/dollar
RLFM-CW12-38Cool 5000K--1070 lm38 °-5000 70(Discontinued)-43.01 lumen/dollar
RLFM-CW12-60Cool 5000K--1070 lm60 °-5000 70(Discontinued)-43.01 lumen/dollar
RLFM-CW12-38-75RCool 5000K--1070 lm38 °-5000 70(Discontinued)-37.2 lumen/dollar
RLFM-CW12-60-75RCool 5000K--1070 lm60 °-5000 70(Discontinued)-37.2 lumen/dollar
RLFM-NW12-38-75RNatural 4100K--1150 lm38 °-4100 78(Discontinued)-39.99 lumen/dollar
RLFM-NW12-60-75RNatural 4100K--1150 lm60 °-4100 78(Discontinued)-39.99 lumen/dollar
RLFM-WW12-38-75RWarm 3100K--970 lm38 °-3100 79(Discontinued)-33.73 lumen/dollar
RLFM-WW12-60-75RWarm 3100K--1070 lm60 °-3100 78(Discontinued)-37.2 lumen/dollar
RLFM-CW12-38-90RCool 5000K--1070 lm38 °-5000 70(Discontinued)-35.95 lumen/dollar
RLFM-CW12-60-90RCool 5000K--1070 lm60 °-5000 70(Discontinued)-35.95 lumen/dollar
RLFM-NW12-38-90RNatural 4100K--1150 lm38 °-4100 78(Discontinued)-38.64 lumen/dollar
RLFM-NW12-60-90RNatural 4100K--1150 lm60 °-4100 78(Discontinued)-38.64 lumen/dollar
RLFM-WW12-38-90RWarm 3100K--970 lm38 °-3100 79(Discontinued)-32.59 lumen/dollar
RLFM-WW12-60-90RWarm 3100K--1070 lm60 °-3100 78(Discontinued)-35.95 lumen/dollar
RLFM-CW12-38-90RDCool 5000K--1070 lm38 °-5000 70(Discontinued)-37.2 lumen/dollar
RLFM-CW12-60-90RDCool 5000K--1070 lm60 °-5000 70(Discontinued)-37.2 lumen/dollar
RLFM-NW12-38-90RDNatural 4100K--1150 lm38 °-4100 78(Discontinued)-39.99 lumen/dollar
RLFM-NW12-60-90RDNatural 4100K--1150 lm60 °-4100 78(Discontinued)-39.99 lumen/dollar
RLFM-WW12-38-90RDWarm 3100K--970 lm38 °-3100 79(Discontinued)-33.73 lumen/dollar
RLFM-WW12-60-90RDWarm 3100K--1070 lm60 °-3100 78(Discontinued)-37.2 lumen/dollar
RLFM-CW12-38-90SCool 5000K--1070 lm38 °-5000 70(Discontinued)-35.95 lumen/dollar
RLFM-CW12-60-90SCool 5000K--1070 lm60 °-5000 70(Discontinued)-35.95 lumen/dollar
RLFM-NW12-38-90SNatural 4100K--1150 lm38 °-4100 78(Discontinued)-38.64 lumen/dollar
RLFM-NW12-60-90SNatural 4100K--1150 lm60 °-4100 78(Discontinued)-38.64 lumen/dollar
RLFM-WW12-38-90SWarm 3100K--970 lm38 °-3100 79(Discontinued)-32.59 lumen/dollar
RLFM-WW12-60-90SWarm 3100K--1070 lm60 °-3100 78(Discontinued)-135.79 lumen/dollar
RLFM-CW12-38-90SDCool 5000K--1070 lm38 °-5000 70(Discontinued)-37.2 lumen/dollar
RLFM-CW12-60-90SDCool 5000K--1070 lm60 °-5000 70(Discontinued)-37.2 lumen/dollar
RLFM-NW12-38-90SDNatural 4100K--1150 lm38 °-4100 78(Discontinued)-39.99 lumen/dollar
RLFM-NW12-60-90SDNatural 4100K--1150 lm60 °-4100 78(Discontinued)-39.99 lumen/dollar
RLFM-WW12-38-90SDWarm 3100K--970 lm38 °-3100 79(Discontinued)-33.73 lumen/dollar
RLFM-WW12-60-90SDWarm 3100K--1070 lm60 °-3100 78$7.88-135.79 lumen/dollar
RLFM-CW12-38-98SCool 5000K--1070 lm38 °-5000 70(Discontinued)-31.69 lumen/dollar
RLFM-CW12-60-98SCool 5000K--1070 lm60 °-5000 70(Discontinued)-31.69 lumen/dollar
RLFM-NW12-38-98SNatural 4100K--1150 lm38 °-4100 78(Discontinued)-34.06 lumen/dollar
RLFM-NW12-60-98SNatural 4100K--1150 lm60 °-4100 78(Discontinued)-34.06 lumen/dollar
RLFM-WW12-38-98SWarm 3100K--970 lm38 °-3100 79(Discontinued)-28.73 lumen/dollar
RLFM-WW12-60-98SWarm 3100K--1070 lm60 °-3100 78(Discontinued)-31.69 lumen/dollar
RLFM-CW12-38-D98SCool 5000K--1070 lm38 °-5000 70(Discontinued)-16.55 lumen/dollar
RLFM-CW12-60-D98SCool 5000K--1070 lm60 °-5000 70(Discontinued)-16.55 lumen/dollar
RLFM-NW12-38-D98SNatural 4100K--1150 lm38 °-4100 78(Discontinued)-17.79 lumen/dollar
RLFM-NW12-60-D98SNatural 4100K--1150 lm60 °-4100 78(Discontinued)-17.79 lumen/dollar
RLFM-WW12-38-D98SWarm 3100K--970 lm38 °-3100 79(Discontinued)-15.01 lumen/dollar
RLFM-WW12-60-D98SWarm 3100K--1070 lm60 °-3100 78$13.88-77.09 lumen/dollar
RLFM-x12W-x - LED Recessed Light Engines for Modular Downlights - 12 Watt COB LED
LED Recessed Light Engines for Modular Downlights - 12 Watt COB LED



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Awesome lights

Got 4 of these to use as aimable downlights in my bedroom. Attached them with wireless switches and am really happy with the quantity and quality of the lights.

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Creative application

These lights are a great value as well as very universal they where purchased to Illuminate a sandblasting cabinet and work perfectly!

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Reviewed On

LED Light Engine

Great light engine, fantastic price, VERY bright!

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Light engine install

The light and transformer are very well designed. The wire connection to the house wiring (14/2 Romex) is very poorly thought out. The transformer for each light needs to include or recommend a code approved box to safely enclose the 120 volt AC electrical connection. I mounted each transformer (4) in a 2"X4" metal electrical box with a metal top plate. The 14/2 was connected the 2"X4" metal box with a standard Romex connector. The low voltage output exited the box with a plastic strain relief connector. Four of the 1/2" knockouts on the sides of the electrical box were bent inward to allow for ventilation.

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