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LuxBar Diffused Lens Cover

Part Number: LB-DF-Lx
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5.9in (0.49ft)11.8in (0.98ft)23.6in (1.97ft)35.4in (2.95ft)47.2in (3.94ft)
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Diffused Lens Cover for LBFA LuxBar series Light Fixtures. Available in 5.9in (15cm), 11.8in (30cm), 23.6in (60cm), 35.4in (90cm), 47.2in (120cm) lengths. This adhesive lens cover can be easily applied to the existing lens.

We offer a range of LuxBar specific mounting and wiring options to meet a large range of needs. This flexible system of mountings clips, cables, and connectors will allow you all the flexibility you need to get the most from your Linear Light Bar Fixture.

Warranties & Certifications
2 Years
Super Bright LEDs, Inc. offers a 2-year warranty to protect against manufacturer defects and malfunctions. If you experience failure of an LED or other component not caused by negligence, abuse, unauthorized repair or disassembly, we will replace the product within the warranty period. If the same product is no longer available, a product of equal value may be substituted. Read More
Product Option Part Number
1. Direct Connect Jumper - LBFA-I
2. LuxBar Interconnect Jumper 9.8in (25cm) LBFA-I25
19.7in (50cm) LBFA-I50
39.4in (100cm) LBFA-I100
59.1in (150cm) LBFA-I150
72.1in (183cm) LBFA-I183
3. Right Angle Jumper - LBFA-IU
4. LuxBar Power Connectors 11.8in (30cm) Flat Pin LBFA-P30
19.7in (50cm) Right Angle LBFA-PRA30
19.7in (50cm) Flat Pin LBFA-P50
39.4in (100cm) Flat Pin LBFA-P100
5. LuxBar Pigtail Power Connector - LBFA-PPT
6. LuxBar Power Switches, 11.8in (30cm) Straight Plug - LBFA-SW30
7. LuxBar Power Switches, 72.1in (183cm) Right Angle Plug - LBFA-SW183
8. Cable Joiner for Interconnect Jumpers Cable to Cable Joiner LBFA-JCC
Multiple Interconnect Cable Joiner LBFA-MCJ
9. Flat Type Mounting Clip (including screw) - LBFA-MC1
10. Angled Type Mounting Clip (including screw) - LBFA-MC2
11. Aimable Clip Mounting Clip (including screw) - LBFA-MC3
12. Bar to Bar Back Clip - LBFA-BC1
13. LuxBar Diffused Lens Cover 15cm(5.9in) LB-DF-L142
30cm(11.8in) LB-DF-L288
60cm(23.6in) LB-DF-L588
90cm(35.5in) LB-DF-L888
120cm(47.2in) LB-DF-L1188
14. LuxBar PIR Motion Sensor - LBFA-PIR


LB-DF-Lx - LuxBar Diffused Lens Cover
LuxBar Diffused Lens Cover



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Sticks on to the clear lens, doesn't replace it

The Luxbars come with a clear plastic lens already installed. This diffuser comes with adhesive on one side; it sticks *on top of* the lens that is already there, instead of replacing it. This works OK; it's just not apparent from the pictures on the site. It also means that you can't easily go back to the clear lens only if you decide you don't like the diffuser.

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Pleased with results

I used several of these lens covers in multiple lengths. They are approximately 1 mm thick and stiff enough to easily align and apply. Each one was about 1/4 inch too long, but simple to cut to exact length with a utility knife. I like how bright the LED strips are, so initially I was concerned these diffusers would reduce the light too much, however that is not a problem, the overall light output is essentially the same. These were installed on under-cabinet lights, so it remains to be seen if the adhesive will stand the tests of gravity and time.

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Ron M
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Great under the counter / cabinet LED

There are only two improvements I suggest: 1) include a on/off switch (inline or not) and 2) improve the power connector plug so as the prongs are not so delicate. I’d also like to recommend Super Bright LEDs it is a very good company to do business with!

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